Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ted Kennedy Dead

Edward Moore "Ted" Kennedy, the least of the Kennedy brothers, John and Robert, died tonight after a long illness with a brain tumor. Forty years after leaving Mary Jo Kopechne to drown July 18, 1969 on Martha Vineyard's Chappaquiddick Island, Ted Kennedy died peacefully at his home in Hyannis Port.

Ted Kennedy, senior Democrat Senator with strong socialist leanings from Massachusetts, attended a party on the island that night for a group of women known as The Boiler Room Girls. After drinking a large quantify of alcohol, Kennedy was driving Miss Kopechne home when he drove the car off the bridge and into a canal. Kennedy extricated himself from the vehicle and rather than running to a nearby house with a burning porch light, Kennedy chose to swim to the mainland. He then proceeded to his own home and went to bed.

Later the next day, after the body of the 28 year old Kopechne had been found, Ted Kennedy called police to report the car accident several hours after he awakened and made several phone calls. Kennedy pleaded guilty to leaving the scene of an accident, was sentenced to two months in jail, suspended. He lived forty years as an unconvicted murderer and Democrat Party hero.

Again, Edward Moore "Ted" Kennedy (born February 22, 1932, is dead, dead, dead August 25, 2009.

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Louise said...

He lived waaaaay too long.

Anonymous said...

The louse finally did something I approve of. Don

Always On Watch said...

Indigo Red,
I stumbled across this retrospective on Kennedy's death. Not a whitewash!

Meanwhile, the media go on and on and on about how wonderful the Admiral of Chappaquiddick was. Pfffft.

I admit that I'm going to be interested to see Joan Kennedy's reaction. The breakup of that marriage was ugly. He broke her heart with all his womanizing.

Always On Watch said...

He lived forty years as an unconvicted murderer and Democrat Party hero.

I would add this word: undeservedly.

Indigo Red said...

Very much agreed, Louise. Far better people died far too young.

I've never approved of anything Ted did or said, even when I was a Democrat. Like you, this is the first act I approve.

AOW, that retrospective is excellent. Thank you. Undeserved admiration is endemic to Liberals.

derek demos said...

This is terrible. Did I miss something? She was probably rapped and then left to drown and die. The Kennedys are notorious for coming such crimes. Hate to say it, but it’s true.

Indigo Red said...

Derek, I wrote that Kopechne drown because that is the common conception and because her family didn't allow and autopsy. Now, was that one of the phone calls Teddy made to discourage an autopsy in order to cover his crime? We'll never be certain, but that is part of the Kennedy way of doing things. Money does buy more than happiness.

However, the police diver who pulled her body from the car said the body was very light compared to other drowning victims he'd experienced. Most drowned bodies are heavy with water in the lungs and stomach. The lightness of Kopechne's body indicated to the police diver that she had suffocated in an air pocket.

Ted had intimated that he was driving her home. But, other party goers said the two were headed for a private beach. As both the island exit and beach are in the same direction along the same road from the party house, again we'll never be sure.

Your conclusion that the Kennedy's can buy their way out of trouble is more than reasonable and is more than probable. Unfortunately, it cannot be proved.