Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Sen Boxer Dismisses Healthcare Protesters for Being Well Dressed

The Obama and H.R. 3200 healthcare plan is bad for the citizens of America, bad for patients, bad for physicians and healthcare workers who's incomes will be circumscribed, bad for the elderly and handicapped who will be encouraged and pressured to early demise, and bad for the entire private insurance industry and all the affilated businesses putting many thousands of decent people out of work. It doesn't matter how well dressed and organized the protesters, the plan is still bad.

We may be well dressed, Senator, but, we are intelligent.

I didn't know Ronald Reagan, Senator. I didn't work with Ronald Reagan. Still, Senator, you are no Ronald Reagan. You are, Senator, a West Coast Liberal Elite who did not provide your restaurant workers the same pay benefits you demand other businesses pay. You, Senator, are a hypocrite and no more worthy of respect than any other white collar criminal grasping at funds not belonging to you.

If this post seems fishy, please notify the White House via immediately.

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Indigo Rose said...

You know, Barbara Boxer is a California transplant... she was born in New York, and lived in New York, until the 70's.
No wonder she cannot connect with Californians.
Perhaps people ought to be hollering, "Go Back to New York"!

Anonymous said...

Babs is right, so I sat around in my boxers when I turned my felf in to the white house for saying something fishy. Don