Saturday, August 15, 2009

Reagan Aimed For Stars, Obama Aims For Swamp

Ronald Reagan, not yet Governor of California, was invited to speak to the 1964 Republican National Convention held in San Francisco, California. Lyndon Johnson, a Democrat from Texas, was the sitting President running for his first elected term as president after assuming office Nov. 22, 1963 when then-President John Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. Senator Barry Goldwater, an Arizona Republican, was running against the socialist policies of the Great Society and the War on Poverty favoring the energy and abilities of private citizens and enterprise to work out the nations problems.

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Ronald Reagan had been a long time Democrat until that election. The arguments and actions of Democrats in support of social justice convinced Reagan the Democrat party was solidly opposed to the traditional American way of life. And despite all the evidence of the failure of their do-gooder policies, such failure only convinced Liberal Democrats they weren't doing enough. Just one more tax dollar would solve any problem and when that didn't work add another million dollars for surely that will make everything work. When that still didn't work, today's Democrats are promising billions and trillions more tax dollars will solve all social ills that have yet to be solved despite the train loads of treasure already thrown down the rabbit hole of social and economic justice. President Bush left office with an unconscionable $440 billion debt from his eight years in office. In just the first six months of his administration, Obama increased the debt to a pornographic $4,300,000,000,000, that's 4.3 trillion tax dollars.

Private citizen Reagan warned of the encroaching socialism from the Democrat party in 1964. It's here today in living color and full-throated glory, from the redefinition of words to gangland style intimidation. The nation chose the empty promises of the Democrat Lyndon Johnson and his Great Society by portraying Goldwater as a trigger happy war monger all the while conducting a bloody war in southeast Asia we know as the Vietnam War, a war that lasted more than a decade and killed 54,000 Americans.

Freedom was at stake then, is still at stake today and the forces of totalitarianism are winning. The nation chose Johnson then and Obama now. Two do-gooders with a decided socialist bent. We didn't solve poverty with The Great Society and all the money thrown at the problem then and we won't solve society's ills with government takeovers of private enterprise companies today.

"From the swamp to the stars," Reagan said. This past week NASA was told another Moon mission was not going to happen while the proposed Health Care/Insurance Reform program threatens to swamp this nation in socialist debt for generations. As a nation, we didn't listen to Reagan's warning 45 years ago. We damned well better listen now.

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Anonymous said...

Reagan tripled the national debt, but he did make up great stories about Cadillac driving welfare queens!