Sunday, August 30, 2009

Portrait of a Molecule

For the first time in human history, mankind has looked at of an actual molecule and its five atoms - pentacene. This is as big an achievement as any other great advances of knowledge at any time in our histories - reading and writing, new lands discovery, sliced bread, beer and pretzels, circumnavigation of Earth, harnessing fire, terrestrial and space flight, medicine... you name it, this is as big. Maybe bigger.
It may look like a piece of honeycomb, but this lattice-shaped image is the first ever close-up view of a single molecule.

Scientists from IBM used an atomic force microscope (AFM) to reveal the chemical bonds within a molecule.

'This is the first time that all the atoms in a molecule have been imaged,' lead researcher Leo Gross said.


The team from IBM Research Zurich said the results could have a huge impact of the field of nanotechnology, which seeks to understand and control some of the smallest objects known to mankind.

Eventually we want to investigate using molecules for molecular electronics,' Mr Gross said.

'We want to use molecules as wires or logic switches or elements.'
These are the intrepid explorers who risked failure and the possibility of having to do the work all over again in their search for a single molecule photo -

The fearless IBM research team standing behind the atomic force microscope is from left to right: Nikolaj Moll, Reto Schlittler, Gerhard Meyer, Fabian Mohn, and Leo Gross. Photo by Michael Lowry Image courtesy of IBM Research - Zurich

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