Thursday, August 13, 2009

Gitmo Terrorists May Go Home to Michiganistan

Federal and state officials are considering Standish, Michigan maximum security prison as the new lock-up for Guantanamo detainees. Standish is about 145 miles, 2 hrs, north of Detroit and Dearbornistan.

Dearborn, Michigan is called the Muslim capital in the United States because there are more Muslims there than anywhere else in America. Sharia law is openly practiced in many areas with impunity often with the acquiescence of city officials as happened last June 21st at the Dearborn Arab Festival as documented by the good guys at Answering Muslims blog.

If Obama closes Gitmo and sends the terrorists to Standish, he might as well be sending them home. Putting Muslim terrorists in the midst of jihadis in America is only inviting prison breaks and an impossible recapture scenario.

Two commenters in the Bay City News are fairly typical,

squatch66 on 08/03/09 at 12:32PM
Lets see, there is already a multimillion dollar facility in cuba, at a secure military base that is run by trained military military police to deal with these very violent and dangerous people. Lets close that down and spend millions to build something else to do the same job. And we wonder why the country is going broke. Good job Obama. Can't wait to see how much we are about to save on health care using the same money saving tactics.

nbritcher on 08/03/09 at 6:43PM
Standish Michigan....just two hours from Detroit Michigan, which has the largest Arab population in the world (outside the middle east,) its a known major financial support center and a lucrative recruiting area for international terrorist groups: Hizballah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Egyptian Brotherhood, Al-Gama’at, Al-Islamiyya, and Al Qaeda.....sounds like a GREAT IDEA!!!
It's an Obama idea. Of couse, it's a GREAT IDEA!!!

If this post seems fishy, please notify the White House via immediately.

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