Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Chris Matthews Challenges a Man with a Gun

William Kostric is the man carrying the gun at the Portsmouth, NH Town Hall meeting today with Barack Obama in attendance. Obama was speaking at the Portsmouth High School and Kostric was publicly and peaceably protesting with others at the LDS church next door. Police said Kostric and Obama never came close to one another, but kept close surveillance on both men without saying which man was the greater threat.

Chris Matthews interviewed Kostric tonight on the MSNBC program HARDBALL. Asking his usual stupid questions intended to elicit angry replies did not seem to rattle Kostric who kept his cool throughout the 8 minute grilling. Mathews, however, lost his cool midway into the interview when he sensed he had a bumpkin rube on the ropes...

You Tube Aug 11, 2009

DOH! Matthews quickly learned he was not dealing with a man unschooled in American history and political thought, i.e., a Democrat. At about 4:45, Matthews begins tripping over himself to agree with Mr. Kostric. In the lightening round that followed, Kostric answered each rapid fire question easily and succinctly. He even was right about the income tax; Lincoln started the income tax, called the Victory Tax, to finance the Civil War. The Constitution was amended to include the income tax under Wilson, as Matthews said.

Matthews asked, "What are you doing to help this debate?"

Kostric replied, "Clearly, I'm not advocating violence. Clearly, no violence took place today... I'm advocating an informed society, an armed society, a polite society. That's all there is to it. John Lott has a great study, University of Chicago, "More Guns, Less Crime"... people should read it."

Eventually, Matthews caves and says, "I think you speak in a different way than most people... they associate a gun with violence and... force, but you say you're not interested in using force... bringing a show of force to a political debate was not meant as a violent act?"

Kostric: "Not at all."

Matthews: "It was meant as a what?"

Kostric: "It's just another point, if you don't exercise your rights, you will lose them."

Matthews: "Do you think if there were a thousand people today there, all armed, that would have been a safer crowd?"

K: "Absolutely."

M: "If everybody had a gun?"

K: "Absolutely."

Chris Matthews was humbled by what he took for a rube and had his clock cleaned by an educated man who values his freedom, liberty, and rights, a man well versed in his history.

If this post seems fishy, please notify the White House via flag@whitehouse.gov immediately.

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Mike's America said...

Did Chrissy Wallace get this worked up over the Union thugs who DID commit violence at the Town Hall meeting in St. Louis last week?

One of them also called the black conservative they beat up using the "N" word.

Did Chrissy get in a lather about that?

My guess is that he didn't mention the incident AT ALL. Or if he did, he blamed the conservatives for showing up and daring to express their views.

Anonymous said...

Seeing Matthews get his head handed to him sends a tingle up MY leg. Don

Anonymous said...

Oops. got my Chrises mixed up.

Indigo Red said...

Easy there, Don.

No, you got your Chris' right. It was Chris Matthews who said he felt a tingle run up his leg when he heard Obama speak.

Mike miswrote Chris Wallace. It's an age thing. Folks our age are more familiar with Wallace than Matthews.

And, ironically, my secret code word is "copel", a varient of Kopel.