Friday, July 31, 2009

Obama Bungles Post Racial Beer Parlay

Obama is again found wanting in the simple manners department.

(President Barack Obama, Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. and Sergeant James Crowley walk from the Oval Office to the Rose Garden of the White House, July 30, 2009. Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

According to Professor Henry Louis Gates, the man lending him an arm to lean on, Cambridge Police Sergeant James Crowley, is a racist of the first order. Barry Obama, his good friend, is the one we all have been waiting for, the Messiah who will collapse the racial divide, the one upon whom we can all lean.

Yet, his apparent indifference shown by his body language in the photo is quite disquieting. Thomas Lifson writing for American Thinker, says,
"One of the major subtexts of the health care debate involves the public's fear of indifferent, powerful bureaucrats ruling their lives...

...this image will have genuine resonance. It captures something that older Americans in particular can relate to. The President presses ahead with a program that will tell them to take painkillers instead of getting that artificial hip.

At every stage of the entire Gates affair, Obama has provided a revealing tell. The "acted stupidly" blunder revealed that he automatically blames the police and thinks they really are stupid to begin with. It didn't trigger a single alarm bell in his mind as he figured out what to say."
(More can be read and seen at Atlas Shrugs, Shot of the Day.)

When it came time for a simple act of human kindness, it's the accused racist unselfconsciously offering aid to the cane dependent elderly black man to navigate the marble steps from the Oval Office to the Rose Garden, not the host, the Messiah Obama who once again doesn't even notice the plight of a fellow human being, nevermind a fellow black man and personal friend.

Obama lacks manners, lacks etiquette, lacks empathy, lacks foresight, lacks hindsight, lacks respect. Obama is just plain lacking. And he's lacking his suit jacket. A simple act of respect for his guests and the high office of the presidency and Obama can't be bothered to so much as don his suit coat. A shameful man.

We've got the cop when we need him. Now, where is Miss Manners?

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Tom said...

The article now includes a picture of President Bush helping Robert Byrd (a Democrat!) down some stairs. Obviously, Obama is not a class act.

Indigo Rose said...

I guess the invitation to the Sgt. and Prof. should have read casual dress. While the two visitors showed respect to the Office, the Pres and VP disrespected the visitors by dressing down.
This picture says it all. A man of his position doesn't dress for the help.
If you remember the last time Obama helped someone down a set of stairs, SHE was young and black, and really not in great need.
My hat goes off to Sgt. Crowley for showing what he is made of. He is not a racist, he was following protocol on the job.. something put there to protect him from people calling 'foul'.
And this entire thing has been foul from the beginning when the Prof used the race card and Obama stupidly backed that call.