Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Modern Health Care Prometheus

In the Golden Age of American health care, the exchange was simple - patient and doctor. Simple, quick, and the two parties knew each other well. Then it got complicated beyond all reason - patient, insurance company, doctor. Not so simple and faces became fuzzy. But still, it seems rather quaint compared to what we have today - patient, employer, insurance company, doctor. All of the participants are interchangable with any other participant within their assigned classification. We've become accustomed to this system, but many think it could be better, i.e., insane.

The Legislative and Executive branches of government are designing a health care system that is worthy of Mary Shelley. It's like this: President, Congress, Dept of Health and Human Services, Health Benefits Advisory Committee, National Coordinator for Health IT, Office of Civil Rights, Office of Minority Health, Federal Mandates for Website Design, and THEN the States get involved and it really gets stupid.

A handy chart we will all need to navigate the proposed Democrat health care system is this Organizational Health Care Chart.

Try to find the Doctor. And the physicians role is not yet defined. Imagine what that chart will look like.

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