Thursday, July 16, 2009

Marriott Blasted, Then Ritz

BOMB have exploded at the Ritz-Carlton and Marriott hotels in Jakarta, reportedly killing at least six people. A witness has told the Associated Press that he saw four bodies inside the Marriott, which was also the scene of a bombing in 2003 which killed 16 people.

It was later reported that all of those killed were foreigners.

At least one Australian has been injured in the attack.

An Australian man told local Radio 2UE his son had been hurt at the Marriott and was being taken to hospital, but apart from his leg injury, was "otherwise okay".

"He was in the explosion and he was bleeding from the left leg, although from what I can gather the injury is not serious,'' he said.

"He lost his hearing in one ear, but he thinks he will recover from that, and he's on his way to hospital. He's OK."

Witnesses said the Marriott blast was the first, sending debris flying to the surrounding streets.

Minutes later, the Ritz-Carlton, directly across the road, was targeted.

Police are yet to confirm if the blasts were caused by bombs, but the sequence of the explosions bears the hallmarks of similar al-Qaeda attacks.


Nom d'un chien said...

One more reason to avoid those very expensive hotels and to go to the backpack ones. But for all those people in business trip, it is difficult to avoid those hotels.

Anonymous said...

The hell with having to go to a roach palace. How about just wiping out the Islamic Jihad assholes? Don