Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Health Care Plan from Hell

Officially, the title is "Affordable Health Choices Act", but the health care plan introduced by the Democrats to the House of Representatives yesterday is a plan from Hell.

Chart h/t - Maggie's Farm

Click here or the graphic above to see the Republican's organizational chart of the House Democrat's health plan. The chart was drawn up by staff members of Congressman Kevin Brady, Ranking House Republican Member to showcase the bureaucratic disaster that is the health care plan of Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats in Congress.

Dick Morris and Eileen McGann write:

Obama’s health care proposal is, in effect, the repeal of the Medicare program as we know it. The elderly will go from being the group with the most access to free medical care to the one with the least access. Indeed, the principal impact of the Obama health care program will be to reduce sharply the medical services the elderly can use. No longer will their every medical need be met, their every medication prescribed, their every need to improve their quality of life answered.

It is so ironic that the elderly - who were so vigilant when Bush proposed to change Social Security - are so relaxed about the Obama health care proposals. Bush’s Social Security plan, which did not cut their benefits at all, aroused the strongest opposition among the elderly. But Obama’s plan, which will totally gut Medicare and replace it with government-managed care and rationing, has elicited little more than a yawn from most senior citizens.

With the rationing necessitated by the Obama Plan from Hell, the elderly and sick will die much sooner than currently. But, not to fret. The deaths will not be in vain. Fox News reports a Maryland company contracted to the Pentagon is developing a robot weapons system that can power itself by eating dead bodies.

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