Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Executive, Congressional, Judicial Health Care Provider is Private Sector Insurer

Dr. Sam Nussbaum, chief medical officer of WellPoint, the nation's largest private sector health care insurer and touted as the type of plan Obama has said is a model for the health care he wants for private citizens, was interviewed for NPR's July 15 Morning Edition program. While Steve Inskeep of NPR tried to establish that WellPoint is an evil insurance company, Dr. Nussbaum made a point that seems to have gone over the heads of the NPR staff.

Inskeep stated correctly that WellPoint was opposed to the public health insurance option and then asked, " there anything you can live with...?" Dr. Nussbaum answered,

I think we have to look at the plans that exist today that are viewed as being government plans -- the Federal Employees Health Benefit Program. That's a plan that is managed, that is run, that has all of the advantages of a private health insurance plan and we at WellPoint are proud to provide benefits for 1.3 million federal employees under that program.

I think the American people need to understand that even the government health care plan that has been most highly regarded, the government health plan that our Senators, our Congressmen, and our President has access to, is actually a plan run by the private sector.
Listen to the 6 minute interview here.

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