Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Canadian Health Care is Sick

Canadian health care services, we've been told, is the the epitome of health care mostly by propamentary film maker Michael Moore and liberal Democrats. We've also been told by Canadians it can be daunting, time consuming, and even fatal. Steve Crowder of PJTV went to Canada to obtain health care as part of an investigative and humorous report. Crowder along with Canadian friends visited a clinic, an ER, and spoke with patients.

A nurse told Crowder, who didn't have a primary care physician, that if he paid $900, he could get immediate care and it would be two years before he could get a primary care giver. Another said to get private care if he wanted service sooner than the typical several months wait. To minimize health care cost, it must be rationed. But, it's free.

Crowder gives these dollar numbers for free care in Quebec versus the expensive privately funded care in California as of December 2007: A Quebec single parent resident making $35,000/per year pays 59.6% of that in combined local and Federal taxes; a two parent household earning $65,000 pays 47.7% of their income in taxes. In California, an expensive state to live even by US standards, the tax burden for health care is 31.25% and 34.55% respectively. Oddly, the Canadian guy that came up with the Canadian system and pushed it through the approval process now says the system doesn't work.

Not only is the Canadian health care system expensive of the service, but state and local taxes are not added until after the Federal tax is tacked on. So, Canadians pay a health care tax on a health care tax. Taxing the tax paid is an idea the California Democrat controlled legislature broached last year.

From Bookworm:
A short time ago, I wrote a post Canada Provides No Problem, No Waiting Health Care high lighting the positive aspects of Canada's health care system... so long as you are an animal using veterinarian services.

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Mike's America said...

It's amazing that people think that Obama care would be "free."

I guess most of those folks don't pay much in taxes to begin with.

It's too hard to make the argument to numbskulls with a fifth grade education that their standard of living, not to mention life expectancy, will go DOWN with Obama care.

Indigo Red said...

The financially responsible thing to do is be unemployed because having a job means paying taxes and that is just too expensive.

Life Insurance Broker said...

The real problem with the current US system is the cost, it's ridiculously expansive. The whole system is just a money making giant that cares more for profit than for the patients. The Canadian system is not perfect, but which system is? Everyone keeps digging up horrible statistics and numbers and stories which scare you out of your mind but the truth is, I've never seen any of that (I am Canadian). The Obama health care plan proposes a long awaited change, a change that is needed greatly.

Take care, Lorne

Indigo Red said...

When American drug companies develope a drug over 10 or 20 years, they are entitled to make up the R&D cost in the price of the product. But, then socialist countries, like Canada, demand the product be provided to Canadian citizens at only 20% of the actual cost. That leaves the drug company with one alternative - to charge 20% more to the countries that were paying 100% in the firset place. The same applies to medical equipment, tools, and supplies many of which are made within five miles of my home in Califorina.

So, Lorne, much of your heavily government subsidized health care is being paid by private American citizens, rich and poor, who have to make up the difference in costs for the same health goods that we make.

The change that is greatly needed is to make the Canadian hosers pay their own way and stop sucking at the American teat.