Thursday, July 02, 2009

Canada Provides No Problem, No Waiting Health Care

Canadian health care offers state-of-the-art leading edge technology access round the clock, 24/7. Need a CT scan? No problem, no waiting. Need an endoscopy? No problem, no waiting. Need thoracoscopy, laparoscopy, or colonoscopy? No problem, no waiting. Sounds great and I want that kind of access here in the US of A.

Sorry. It's only available for animals - cats, dogs, gerbils, rabbits, birds, rats, horse,s monkeys, chimpanzees, Vietnamese potbelly pigs - you know, pets. Even unicorns, if they had any. If you're a person, a human being, homo sapien you are just shit-out-of-luck, to use a technical health care term meaning 'take a number, we'll see you in one to six months if you survive that long.'

Health care access to human type animals is highly regulated, monitored, and rationed in Canada, so much so that some communities hold lotteries to choose which lucky individuals get to see a doctor. Others choose coming to America for health care, like Shirley Healy who was told she had only weeks to live because a blocked artery prevented her from digesting food. The British Colombia health care officials deemed treatment to be elective. Shirley elected to live and she is paying for that election.

Canadian health care is "free" because the government pays for treatment it chooses to cover with money collected through taxes from the nation's citizens and still over a million Canadians say they cannot find a family doctor.

American health care is not free. As individuals, we pay for our care and coverage either through direct payroll group health care deductions or privately purchased insurance. Some folks even pay-for-service like in the old days when a patient went to the doctor place, got taken care of, and then, on the way out, paid the nice lady at the front desk. Because of this system of coverage and payment, cardiovascular disease deaths have been halved in the last 50 years in this country. In Canada, a person can die from a toothache.

Life is not cheap in the US; we pay for our health care. Life, it seems, is much cheaper in Canada under their socialized medical system. But, that seems to be the direction Obama is taking us even though he says no to single payer/provider health care. Soon life in the United States too will be cheap.

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Tom said...

I wonder how many vetrinarians will start seeing people & labeling the patients as "monkey's uncles"...