Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Senate Gets First Professional Clown

Al Franken is a Senator. After eight months of court fights, the Democrat clown from Minnesota has been declared the 58th Senator giving the current White House resident, Barack Hussein Obama, a super majority when the two Independents are included to make 60 votes. However, the Democrat Party is so fractured that securing all 58+2 votes in the Senate may be near impossible. Will Rogers observed, "Democrats never agree on anything, that's why they're Democrats. If they agreed with each other, they would be Republicans."

Despite the immediate blow to the Republican and Conservative cause, the ascension of the ultra-liberal and Saturday Night Live veteran Franken to the Senate could prove a good thing. As Democrats strong-arm through Congress legislation that Americans increasingly see as approaching Socialist ideas, the Democrats are viewed as "too liberal" by more voters of all political stripes, except the American Communist Party.

A Gallop Poll out June 30, finds a "statistically significant increase," 39% to 46% of Americans who view the Democrat Party as "too liberal." Gallop explains the implications of the numbers:

The Democratic Party continues to hold the upper hand over the Republican Party in the current U.S. political environment by a variety of measures, including party identification and party favorable ratings. However, compared to last year, Americans are significantly more likely to see the Democratic Party as too liberal, and as a result, they are somewhat more likely to view the party as being too far left than to perceive the Republican Party as too far right. That may expose a bit of a vulnerability for the Democratic Party, and if perceptions of the Democratic Party as being too liberal continue to grow, the GOP may be able to win back some of the support it has lost in recent years. But that may be possible only if the Republicans are at the same time able to convince the public that they are not too far to the political right.

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