Wednesday, May 20, 2009

California Props Fail, Official's Salaries Cut 18%

Californians went to the voting booths yesterday, at least 28% did anyway. At stake was the the entire panoply of State services, if Propositions 1A - 1F didn't pass claimed Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the entire state would immediately dry up and blow away, police and fire departments would crumble at midnight, teachers would lose their faculties, health services would shrivel to nothing and weeds would be growing in ERs across the state, and illegal aliens would leave the state in droves. In short, California would be Somalia west by the end of the day and that was the rosy version.

As it turned out, Propositions 1A - 1E failed two to one. The only prop win was Prop 1F which denies pay raises for state officials in deficit spending years.

John and Ken, KABC radio talk show hosts lead a tax revolt symbolized by graphics of heads-on-a-stick. Arnold and legislators were depicted as decapitated and their heads were impaled on sticks; repugnant, but very effective.

Governor Schwarzenegger says the state now faces a $21.3 billion deficit that has to be dealt with immediately.

"It's very clear that we will do what is the wish of the people," Schwarzenegger says. "To me, I am the people's representative, and so we will go make the adjustments, and we will make an additional $6 billion in cuts."

Those cuts could mean worker layoffs and a shorter school year.
For months, government representatives in Sacramento kept telling us there was no more money to pay the State's obligations and there was no where else to cut spending - bare bone was already visible. The only solution - raise taxes.

Last year, according to Congressman Tom McClintock(R-CA) California taxes were raised 13% and since passage, state revenue receipts have plummeted 44%. Of that 44%, 19% is attributable to the recession leaving a 25% revenue loss due to the increased tax decreasing product purchases by the public.

This morning, immediately (and coincidentally?) after the proposition loss results were in, the California Citizens Compensation Commission announced the salaries of the governor, legislators and other elected state officials would be slashed by 18%. In April 2009 during the budget battle, Schwarzenegger argued for a 10% salary cut. Arnold does not take a state salary, because his personal revenue stream exceeds any pay he would receive.

Most state legislators currently are paid $116,208 annually in salary and $35,000 in per diem living expenses. The 100 lawmakers who will be elected in November of next year will receive the same per diem, but a salary of $95,291. Legislative leaders make more.

Even with the pay cut, California lawmakers will be the country's highest-paid. The next best compensated are in Michigan, which pays legislators $79,650.
For years, I've been saying California voters and citizens are not as Democrat Liberal as we are painted by the media and far left liberals. When the costs of stupidity are great enough, California's conservative strain comes out with a vengeance. It's hard to keep up the pressure because Conservatives have jobs to attend.

The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.

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Calif. could solve their illegal alien problem and trim another 13 billion while solving their unemployment woes. Don