Sunday, May 17, 2009

Arab Killer Chip - Bet You Can't Eat Just One

Our faculties must really be stretched to come up with an invention by an Arab or Muslim. Well, stretch no more. A Saudi Arabian inventor, once an oxymoron, has applied for a German patent on an implantable microchip that can track people and if an individual goes off script, the chip can remotely release a poison killing the person.

The German law firm representing the inventor has retired from the case. And the patent is unlikely to be approved in Germany.

The Local: Germany's news in English
May 18, 2009

Saudi files for 'killer' tracking chip patent
Published: 15 May 09 17:13 CET

A Saudi Arabian inventor has filed for a patent on a potentially lethal science fiction-style human tracking microchip, the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA) told The Local on Friday.

But the macabre innovation that enables remote killing will likely be denied copyright protection.

“While the application is still pending further paperwork on his part, the invention will probably be found to violate paragraph two of the German Patent Law – which does not allow inventions that transgress public order or good morals,” spokeswoman Stephanie Krüger told The Local from Munich.

The patent application – entitled “Implantation of electronic chips in the human body for the purposes of determining its geographical location” – was filed on October 30, 2007, but was only published until last week, or 18 months after submission as required by German law, she said.

“In recent times the number of people sought by security forces has increased,” the Jeddah-based inventor wrote in his summary.

The tiny electronic device, dubbed the “Killer Chip” by Swiss daily Tagesanzeiger, would be suited for tracking fugitives from justice, terrorists, illegal immigrants, criminals, political opponents, defectors, domestic help, and Saudi Arabians who don’t return home from pilgrimages.

“I apply for these reasons and for reasons of state security and the security of citizens,” the statement reads.

After subcutaneous implantation, the chip would send out encrypted radio waves that would be tracked by satellites to confirm the person’s identity and whereabouts. An alternate model chip could reportedly release a poison into the carrier if he or she became a security risk.

“Foreigners are allowed to apply for patents in Germany through a native representative, in this case it was a Munich law firm,” Krüger told The Local. “Most people apply for a patent in several countries, and this inventor probably did too.”

But the law firm, DTS Munich, is no longer responsible for the application.

"We resigned from representation of this case last week," a spokesman said without stating why.
Damned clever those Arabs! Or maybe not. GPS microchips for pets already exist and are available from any veterinarian. The addition of the remote poison system to kill the user... ah, now that is new. Well, sort of... it's a very Hollywood movie plot line we've possibly seen a dozen times already.

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Anonymous said...

Darn! I thought it was gonna be a new killer potato chip. Don

Indigo Rose said...

I had dreams of blowing up my domestic help (as if I have domesic help!) who had found better paying jobs....