Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tea Parties and What America Did Not See

Tea Parties were held across the nation last Wednesday. That was unfortunate, in my opinion, because April 15th is the day our taxes are due to federal and state revenue agencies; that placed an undue emphasis on the actual tax collection rather than the redistribution of those tax monies to persons and business entities that don't deserve them.

In Chicago, a CNN reporter, Susan Roesgen, got into it with protesters. She attempted to bully and intimidate the interviewees resulting in the outing of Ms. Roesgen as a biased mouthpiece for the usurpatory Obama administration. The clip was aired on CNN and by now most everyone has seen it. If not, too late; CNN has pulled the clip from a heavily viewed YouTube account over copyright claims, although the clip remains at many less traveled YT accounts.

However, Founding Bloggers was on scene with their own video equipment and the videoed the aftermath. In this video, FB includes the original CNN clip as prologue to their own material avoiding any copyright claim.
The comments provide some of the best reporting of the Chicago event. The first among many to post a comment was Lauren who is in the video. She wrote,

Lauren on April 16, 2009 1:59 am
I’m the girl in the red fleece and the brown pants. “You’re trying to tell them it means we’re bad people!”

This woman is nuts. Reporter: “We looked at every sign that was in our field of view.” BS. That was in CNN’s field of view on the damn TV, so it’s bs that she did not see it.

And when she said, “I didn’t say this was about Republicans or Democrats.” She was SO FULL OF IT! She brings up the right-wing, conservative Fox News endorsements, not to mention the Obama Bashers, and she expects us to believe she didn’t want to make it about Rs or Ds??
Another woman, Kathy Barkulis, took CNN Roesgen to task and is featured in the FB footage. She writes for the blog Smart Girl Politics. In a piece written Friday, Why I Confronted That CNN Reporter at the Chicago Tea Party, Ms. Barkulis declares the media to be "cheap, vulgar shills" for the Obama organization. She writes,

I am the woman scolding the reporter in the video for her ridiculous confrontation with the protesters, and her biased reporting. Something that all of us conservatives must remember is that the left-wing media will do whatever it takes to marginalize us, degrade us, and disenfranchise us. Although I didn't know that a blogger was videotaping the whole thing, I am glad that he did. I'm also glad that this video has gained so much exposure on Fox and the internet. All of us conservatives must continue to educate ourselves on the media lies and distortions, and we MUST stay informed on what the government is doing to us... I routinely remind liberals that the Obama administration isn't just doing what Bush did, he's quadrupling what Bush did! I didn't agree with the debt we were piling up during the Bush years, but we were recovering from 9/11 and we were fighting two wars. Obama's spending is for entitlements, socialization of our country and economy, and he's falsely using the financial crisis to fundamentally change our country.

The mainstream media is helping Obama with this mission. Their corruption is astounding. That CNN reporter zeroed in on one guy who was holding up an offensive sign depicting Obama as Hitler, and she chose to interview him first. I personally believe that man was an ACORN plant, and it wouldn't surprise me if CNN knew that. My beef with her after she got done interviewing him and the gentleman with the baby, was that she was distorting what the majority of us were doing. She had an agenda that had to be confronted... On top of this, Anderson Cooper, Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow spent a week prior to the protests denigrating us by comparing us to a sexual act that they probably invented!

... that CNN reporter represented something really vulgar and disgusting about the mainstream media in today's world. They are supposed to be the voice of the people...the watchdogs....the check on the government's over-reaching. They are not supposed to be the shill for the government they want. And that is what they have become. Cheap, vulgar shills.
Read it all.

Ms. Barkulis may be right when she says the guy with the Obama/Hitler sign may have been an ACORN plant (that would be an OAK, i.e., Obama Ass Kisser.)

Devil's Advocate was also an attendee of the Chicago TP scene. It was his very first protest as it was for most of the Conservative participants, which really shouldn't be surprising because Conservative are, well, conservative and are unaccustomed to the "look-at-me" politics associated with narcissistic Liberals. Mr. Advocate writes the Copious Dissent blog and vlogs on YouTube on How the World Works. In this 18 minute video post, Mr. Advocate videos the crowd and the signs.

In that entire 18 minutes, I did not see any Obama/Hitler signs nor the man holding the sign that drew the attention of CNN as emblematic of the obviously rightwing extremist crowd. I did briefly see blogger Kathy Barkulis as part of the crowd with the same people in the CNN footage, but no Obama/Hitler man.

Well, the Leftists, ACORN, and HufPo did say the were going to salt the crowd with their own spies (shills) to "record" the events hoping to capture a Republican and/or Conservative in the secret handshake act presumably with Beelzebub. There really is no reason to think they did not do just that. Nor is there any reason to believe they did not also manufacture the "news' they wanted.

The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.


Gayle said...

Of course they manufacture the news they want, Indigo. We both know they do it all the time!

Kudos to Kathy for telling it like it is and for confronting that wacko "reporter". I put reporter in quotes because she is not a reporter in the true sense of the word. She is a shill for the far left and she - along with those of her ilk - have as much to do with true reporting as I have to do with the manufacture and distribution of Limburger cheese, which doesn't smell half as bad as the left wing media!

Indigo Red said...

Yes, they do, Gayle. They've added a new element and apparently it will go mainstream big time now. The salting of adversarial crowds with provocateurs is not a new phenominon - John Adams proved in court the Boston Massacre was the result of such salting and more, the order to fire was given by a colonist.

At one time the media could and woould re-package the news in the editing rooms. Now, as demonstrated by CNN, they cherry pick and highlight the vaguest of elements morphing then into the central issue. We stand a likely chance that conservative rally leaders in the future may, in fact, be from the opposition to disrupt and destroy the movement by painting the crowds in the blackest of terms; essentially creating the news on the spot that even the fairest reporter and clearest video must report as gross, vile, and demeaning.

To counter this we simply have to know our stuff. No more stammering. No more retreating to Lincoln and Jefferson when confronted. Make the other side explain and make them look stupid.