Monday, April 27, 2009


Obama spoke ahead of the teleprompter leading The One to chastise TOTUS. So, if POTUS knows the script better than TOTUS, why does he still rely on the machine?

My confidence in the messiah is deeply shaken. Could it be Obama really is just a putz?

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Gayle said...

"Could it be Obama really is just a putz?" LOL! As though you didn't know. :)

Actually he's a puppet, Indigo. Sorros is the puppet master who has a puppet who can read. When the TOTUS messes up, so does the POTUS, which is why I admire the TOTUS more than the POTUS, because the TOTUS let's us see who the POTUS really is, and if the TOTUS were the POTUS instead of the POTUS we have, we'd be better off.

I had fun with this. Thanks! :)

Indigo Red said...