Saturday, April 04, 2009

Geert Wilders Speaks for Freedom

Geert Wilders had come to Chapman University on another beautiful day in paradise - blue skies, bright sunlight, cool breeze. The Dutch MP was here to show his movie "Fitna" and explain why Western Civilization is in serious danger of disappearance because of Islamic sharia, Muslim immigration and simple demographics.

Act for America, Mission Viejo was there to counter the expected protest from the local Muslim Brotherhood. The Brotherhood apparently had other plans because they never showed up.

But...but, they promised! I was bummed. And I wasn't the only one. Isn't there a Muslim on the planet one can believe?

Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch drew a crowd of fans when he arrived to the plaza in front of Memorial Hall. He stood in the shade of a tree talking with the folks who had come out to support Wilders and freedom of speech while they took turns being photographed together with Spencer. Soon after the event Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs had already been contacted by Spencer about the turn out. She writes, "Robert Spencer tells me there was a large turnout of freedom lovers at Chapman Law School in Orange, CA, where Geert Wilders spoke."

After a couple of DVD false starts, the movie began without those annoying popcorn and hotdog ads. From the reactions of those around me, this was the first viewing for most. There were many shocked gasps and expressions of disbelief. I had seen the video within the first six hours it was available on the Internet, recognized its import and downloaded the original version. Very soon after, it was removed from the web by Muslims and their apologists as hate speech.

Geert Wilders is tall, very tall. As a speaker, he is very impressive in both prepared and impromptu remarks, no ummmms, errrs, or misdirection unlike Obama, the purported king of oration. During the Q&A, a questioner who compared him to Paul Revere, asked what Wilders would do about the N. Korean missile launch if he were President. Unequivocally, Wilders answered "Stop them." As I write, the NK missile has been launched and our Dear Leader did nothing. Later, he will write a letter to Kim Jong-Il indicating how very angry we are.

Wilders lives a hard life since the release of FITNA. Five years ago, he gave up his freedom because of the threats against his life made by Muslims and a series of fatwas calling for his head. He currently lives in an endless round of safe houses and varies his schedule frequently. Once, he even stayed in a jail cell to remain alive. He travels under the constant physical guard of a dozen security personnel. Those I saw were all very large men who talk into their sleeves just like the guys on TV and in the movies. They moved with perfect coordination and situational awareness. All I had to experience was an electronic hand wand search to get into the auditorium; small potatoes compared to the life Wilders must lead. It is ironic and sad that the good guys must be searched and protected 24/7 in support of freedom.

MP Wilders was asked what can be done to save ourselves. He suggested (1) a "First Amendment for Europe"; surprise, Europeans have no right to freedom of speech, only a short historical tradition; (2) "Boycott the UN Human Rights Council" which Wilders sees a one of the greatest threats to the freedom of speech everywhere; (3) "Stop all immigration from Islamic countries" to the West; (4) "Keep immigration in national hands", don't allow international rules to bind any nation in pursuit of political correctness; (5) "Be tough" - immigrants must play by our rules; if not, "then there's the door." He reminded the crowd that American soldiers fought and bled to save a "free Europe, not an Islamic Europe."

There is good news. Wilders says the good people of The Netherlands "are getting fed up" with the Islamization of their country. Two and half years ago, he and other like minded people formed the Freedom Party. In their first election, the party won 9 seats in Parliament and a great deal of scorn from the world's leftists. Today, the Freedom Party is the number one party in The Netherlands with 32 seats and that has the opposition very worried. Especially because Geert Wilders could very well be the next Prime Minister.

Recently, the parliamentarian was invited to show Fitna to members of the US Congress. Wilders was very pleased by the opportunity as he had been denied entry to Great Britain a short time before. Although, only three Senators and their staffs viewed the film, the downline impact is much greater as Senators talk to others.

Some of the things Geert Wilders had to say:

If you think things are bad, let me tell you, it's worse.

If my movie had been about Christianity and not Islam, nothing would have happened.

The fight against Israel is not against Israel; it is a fight against all of us.

Talking is seen as weakness [by Muslims].

Islam has only one message - anyone who does not act on ever part of Islam is not Muslim; they are apostate and they must die.

The Communism of the 80's, is the Islam of today.

More than 50% of people in Dutch jails are Muslims; deport them and their families.
At the end of his prepared remarks, Geert Wilders sounded not a little bit like Winston Churchill,
"We will never compromise our freedoms; we will never compromise our liberties. We will never give up; we will never surrender."
In America, we are still searching for our own Geert Wilders.

The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.


real deal said...

we have 'geert wilders' in america:

pamela geller,
brigitte gabriel, actforamerica
lt.col. alan west, florida candidate
robert spencer, author
andrew bostom, author

John Sobieski said...

What we need is a leader with real power. The Muslims are in bed with theh democrats so it's going to be a bad 4 years.

Indigo Red said...

Real Deal - I applaud your choices, but at the moment, none are an American Wilders who is a member of the Dutch lawmaking body. He is in a position to trult affect the nature of life in The Netherlands.

hose you have named are high on my respect list and I would be happy and proud to follow wherever they lead. Their role so far has been as author and activist, except LtCol West who is a joining the ranks of the politician.

John, I am so glad you limited the time to "4 bad years." Now, let's make that happen.

suek said...

Any idea who the three senators were?

Indigo Red said...

Republican Whip Senator Jon Kyl sponsered the event and invited all members of Congress to the viewing which was held in LBJ Room. To do any business at all in the Capital, Senators and Congressmen must pass the LBJ Room. Dispite the ease of entry, most passed on by. Not totally their own fault. Obama's budget bill was on the floor for a vote that day and Congress was quite busy, but it was the only time Wilders could get.

Wilders said three Senators were present. Actually, there were two Senators and a Congressman. Senators Kyl (R-Iowa) and Roger Wicker (R-Mississippi), and Congressman Ed Royce (R-California) of the 40th District in Fullerton just a few minutes drive from me.

One would have thought getting the names would be fairly easy, but it wasn't. The only soource I found was this from Holland.

Dinah Lord said...

Thank you for this excellent report of the event, Indigo Red.

You do have an exciting life of adventure!

I'm linking ya.

Frank said...

The counter revolution begins. It's a slow start. A bit here, a bit there. This inidicates what I have always thought. It's time to export the ideology of the declaration of Independence instead of importing the marxist drivel that is consuming us right now from the white house down and has taken over europe.

Nachum said...

I have created a website to catalogue a history of Obama's history in office. This includes his actions with world wide Islam. The web address is:


Wilders is a great hero who continues despite the obvious threats to his person and family.

Golem said...

Indigo Red, thanks for the excellent report.

I was there yesterday.

Indigo Red said...

Thank you all. The opportunity to hear Mr. Wilders was something I could not pass up. I'm glad that I was able to record it well enough.

Louise said...

Thank you, too, IR. If he ever comes close to where I live, I will do everything I can to go and see him. Probably not much chance of that, though.