Friday, April 24, 2009

Bread and Circuses on the way to Socialism

Obama is insinuating himself and the federal government into our lives in ways unprecedented in our history. Many wonder where, when, and if he will stop the intrusions.

It's embarrassing to say, but Rep, Joe Barton (R-TX) is co-sponsoring a bill in Congress to require bowl games to drop the term "national champion" or face federal prosecution. Another bill would strip colleges of federal funding if they don't drop the Bowl System in favor of a Playoff System. Currently, college football teams are chosen in a Byzantine system involving computer algorhythms and human poling to determine the most popular match-ups to maximize the big money TV profits which sell for $500 mil for 4 years coverage.

Fans say that the system isn't fair and, since schools accept state and federal tax dollars, the government should get involved... President Obama has said that he favors a switch to playoffs, but many college presidents say the current system works fine and that the government shouldn't get involved.
To gauge how far and how mundane the infiltrations will extend, Parade Magazine asked its readers in an unscientific poll, "Should college football be required to change its bowl system?"

As of this writing, the poll results are in favor of governmet intrusion 65% yes, 35% no. However, all but one of the comments are of this nature:

* sloofy - Congress and the President need to keep their noses out of everything except protecting the liberties of the citizens of this country, as stated in the Constitution. I have nightmares of Barney, Nancy and Obama trying to make the bowl system fair!

* Craig - First the banks, then the auto industry and now college football. Is there no end to this socialism?

* gbuttars - I believe Rome burned while the Senate debated over college gladiator reform, but I could have my facts mixed up. Is it coincident that we both watch our sport of the day in coliseums? No, more ironic if you know what to look for.

* gfellows - College football does need a playoff system, but the federal government doesn't need to be involved. I don't see anywhere in the Constitution that says they have that job. There only job is to protect and defend The United States. They involve themselves in far to many areas they have no business in.

* adasjag - I've scoured Article I of the constitution for the place where it says that this is one of the functions of the Federal Government, and I'm afraid that it's not there.

All congress ever does is ignore the 10th amendment, so we're likely to see it happen anyway. What's the highest law in the land if no one enforces it?
Kerry Schmidt, the lone dissenter, thinks change should come through force:

I rarely agree with the government, and normally I would say they have no business in this, plus many more important things - the economy?

But if this may be the ONLY way to force what 86% (USA TODAY poll), of fans want, then they should force the change.
Bread and circuses. That's what it was all about in the Roman Republic and that's what's important in the American Republic. Bread and circuses. Sad this is what we've come to.

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