Tuesday, March 03, 2009

WooHoo!! 50,000 visitors!

The lucky buckaroo is from Kalamazoo, Michigan. Their query was to see this bubonic plague victim photo -

I couldn't have done it without all the little people inside my computer painting the letters on the monitor screen. And backwards, too!

Thanks, folks!

The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.


Anonymous said...

I didn't make it for 50,000 but I'll bet I wqs in the first 10. Don

Indigo Red said...

I would not doubt that at all, Don. You've been reading and commenting almost as long as this blog has been up.

Now, it's on to the next 50K!

Gayle said...

Congratulations, Indigo. I'm nearing 99,000, but It's taken nearly four years!

Louise said...

I'm jealous.

Indigo Red said...

Thanks, Gayle. But, I'm at 49K less than you in the same amount of time. What's your secret? Oh, yeah! Better writing.

Louise, don't be... please. As you know, blogging can be a real pain sometimes. Actually, it's closer to often. I have been flabbergasted that anyone reads my blog at all.