Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Unequal Treatment Under the Law

The Oak Park public office nominating papers asked for all the stuff one would expect - name, address "the street and number thereof, if any", and so on. Daniel Fore filled in the blanks, except the address. Daniel Fore is homeless, but collected 800 signatures to run for a seat on the village board, and told all signers he was homeless.

Two small words, the Oak Park election board, and a judge stand in his way. Remember those two words above, "if any", referring to an address? Because Fore is homeless, he hasn't an address to list, but he believed "if any" was a conditional exception for those without a permanent abode. The officials believe an address is required, otherwise the voters cannot know the nominee lives in the district. However, the judge maintains "if any" probably "refers to the rural route address system for people who live far from metropolitan areas where a street address and number are commonplace." It is not clear how far away a person must live before they are considered to be not living in the district. It is clear that living in the district without an address is too far.

Judge Patrick McGann "noted that providing an address gives voters the most basic information about a candidate. Without any address or residence given, it is impossible to prove whether someone lives in the town." The rules of qualification are important to uphold.

The judge said that Fore could have stated when he came to town and used the address of the shelters he has lived in for the last 12 years. Fore counters that the demand isn't fair. "He's asking me to give essentially my life's history, which is not being asked of any other candidate."

Not even Barack Obama was required to give that much detail.

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Indigo Rose said...

Which politician is it that has a home in Elk Grove,where his wife and children live, but is paid extra because his home district is in L.A. area? Double standards... nothing new in politics.