Friday, March 20, 2009

Death Penalty Banned, Fed Abolition Law, 2 Local Dads Sexually Assault Infants

After years of litigation for an infant abuse/rape crime committed in Jan. 2005, the father of the 4-week-old defenseless boy will go to prison. The little boy survived, but with severe injuries. And people wonder why I support the death penalty.

I will begin and end with local news from Orange County California where I live in near total frustration at the stupidity of do-gooders and Liberals.
Father gets 21 years to life for biting, assaulting baby

The Orange County Register
Wednesday, March 18, 2009

SANTA ANA – When a Lake Forest couple took their 4-week-old boy to a hospital in January 2005, doctors found the child with about 30 bite marks, multiple broken bones, bruises and a severe rip in his lips.

The couple told doctors that a family cat scratched the baby. But on Monday, the father of the boy, Andrew David Fusco, was handed a sentence of 21 years to life in state prison for abusing his son. Fusco was convicted of four felony counts of child abuse, two felony sexual assault counts, and two felony counts of aggravated assault of a child.

Prosecutors said that about four weeks after Fusco's boy was born, the 24-year-old man physically and sexually assaulted his son, causing several injuries to the newborn.

When doctors treated the child on Jan. 3, 2005, he was found to have multiple fractures in his arms, legs and ribs, as well as bruises in his cheeks and stomach. He also suffered severe facial injuries.

According to prosecutors, Fusco and his girlfriend, Megan Michelle Martinez, 23, lied to doctors about the injuries.

Martinez was convicted in June 2007 of child abuse for putting her baby in danger by allowing Fusco to continue abusing the boy. She was sentenced in December 2007 to six years in state prison.

The baby, who has not been identified, survived the injuries and was adopted by a family in Orange County.

A person apparently close to the family, wrote in the on-line comments that the father was tweaking on meth at the time and somehow that should exonerate the couple who willfully put the child in danger in the first place.

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson(D), a long time supporter of the death penalty,changed his mind yesterday and signed a law abolishing capital punishment in that state. The LA Times said,
In an act of courage, Gov. Bill Richardson repealed capital punishment in the state. Hopefully his decision will make it easier for other officials to follow their conscience.

In signing the bill, Richardson called his action the most difficult of his life, but said he was compelled to take it because "the potential for ... execution of an innocent person stands as anathema to our very sensibilities as human beings." Those are words of moral courage by a governor fortunately in place to deliver them.
Euroweenies hail the signing as a victory for civilization. From the Taiwan News,

Europe's human rights watchdog on Thursday hailed New Mexico's abolition of the death penalty as "a victory for civilization."

Gov. Bill Richardson's enactment of a law replacing lethal injection with a sentence of life in prison without parole foreshadows the end of capital punishment across the U.S., said Terry Davis, the secretary general of the 47-nation Council of Europe.

He called it a "courageous decision," adding, "14 U.S. states have abolished the death penalty, and several others are considering it. The tide is turning and the end of this cruel and inhuman form of punishment in the United States is only a matter of time."
Russell Feingold, US Senator(D-Wisconsin) introduced a bill to Congress Thursday to end capital punishment for federal crimes. AlterNet has this about the Federal Death Penalty Abolition Act of 2009",

Democratic US Senator Russell Feingold on Thursday introduced legislation to put an immediate halt to federal executions and abolish the death penalty for violations of federal law.

"It is truly unfortunate that we are in a shrinking minority of countries that continue to allow state-sponsored executions," he said, noting that capital punishment has been banned in 123 countries around the world.

"I oppose the death penalty because it is inconsistent with basic American principles of justice, liberty and equality," said the Wisconsin senator, whose legislation would not affect individual states
Also on Thursday, Mar. 19, a 3-month-old girl died from the injuries inflicted upon her by her father. On Tuesday, around 5PM, police were called to help little Ilianna who was not breathing. Ilianna died at 4:45PM Thursday. The Orange County Register reports wrote today,

SANTA ANA – A 3-month-old baby girl died Thursday from injuries believed to have been inflicted by her father earlier this week, police said.

Christian Gonzalez, 23, of Santa Ana was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of child abuse after his daughter, Ilianna, suffered traumatic injuries, said Santa Ana police Cmdr. Tammy Franks.

Police were sent around 5 p.m. Tuesday to an apartment complex in the 1600 block of North King Street near 17th Street after Gonzalez called 911 regarding a baby girl who was not breathing, Franks said.

The baby was unresponsive and was taken to an Orange County hospital in critical condition.

She died as a result of her injuries at 4:45 p.m. Thursday, Franks said.

"He physically assaulted the infant, causing severe head trauma,” Franks said, adding that details of the assault are not being released pending the ongoing investigation.

Gonzalez appeared in court this morning to be arraigned on child-abuse charges. A homicide charge is expected to be filed today, Franks said.

Her mother has been cooperative during the investigation and, thus far, detectives don’t believe she is involved.

A 1 1/2-year-old girl was taken into protective custody.
There was a time when I opposed capital punishment, but couldn't explain why beyond the Liberal platitudes that every life is precious, each execution diminishes each of us, blah, blah, blah.

Andrew David Fusco needs to be dead. If found guilty, Christian Gonzalez needs to be dead. I support capital punishment for child killers and pedophiles, and I know why -- it's the right thing to do.

The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.


suek said...

I agree with you about the death penalty.

That said, given the lengthy court battles and constant appeals, I wouldn't really object to substituting life imprisonment for the death sentence if such were given with no possibility for early out or parole.

Personally, I think I'd rather be put to death than spend my entire life in prison, so in a sense life imprisonment with no hope of getting out might be worse punishment than the death penalty. I don't know - that's probably a personal preference thing. From a societal standpoint though, I think having the death penalty as a certain thing, and imposed without appeal(certain safeguards would have to be available)is preferable.

The present legal situation seems more and more skewed in favor of the accused and less and less in favor of the victim. If this proceeds much more in this direction - as the libs would have it (unless you're Bush, of course) - I can see private citizens taking the law into their own hands, since the government isn't doing it.

Indigo Red said...

I don't hold to capital punishment as deterant or punishment. I hold to it as ultimate retribution. No amount of money to execute pedophiles is too much.

We spend far too much time, money, and effort to execute the totally wrong class of criminal. Murderers are usually the executed. But, they are also the criminal group least likely to recommit. I'm speaking of murders in which the murder was the only crime. When committed with other crimes like robbery, burglary, rape, drug use and sale, all bets are off because then it's probably a career criminal who is also probably a sociopath who needs to be put down for the safety of any population.

The death penalty, like abortion, should be considered carefully, used rarely, but still be available when needed. AND used promptly. Since we have time limits on the usablity of abortion, capital punishment should also have a deadline of months from conviction and sentencing to execution.

Also, this whole notion that crimes are committed against people - victims - flies in the face of the whole concept of law and justice. There is no crime that is committed against individuals, only actions. The crime is defined by law which is enacted by governments to protect the population and punish those who violate society's laws.

The idea that crimes are committed against individuals would argue the validity of vigilantism whereby justice is determined and even administered by the victim. Such would abrogate the entire system of protections built over centuries careening us back to the 7th Century with the Mohammadans.

Jesus was speaking specifically of a tax that was to be paid, but He also was speaking of the general body of laws when He said, "Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's and render unto God the things that are God's."

The laws of a society are the things of Caesar. The ultimate rewards are the things of God.

suek said...

>>The idea that crimes are committed against individuals would argue the validity of vigilantism whereby justice is determined and even administered by the victim.>>

I disagree with this part of your statement... I think that vigilantism is the result of an absence of law, or the abrogation of law enforcers to do their job, which is to protect society, with the result that the society has to take what measures it can to protect itself. I don't think it has to do with the individual specifically. On the other hand, I agree that allowing the individual to act in a manner of "an eye for an eye" is destructive to society and leads to endless tribal conflict.

Heh. My verification word is "trite"...

dcat said...

I really am fired up that was my word!

Ok Indigo,
Maybe in prison he can have an accident! ;)

I'm really too pissed off to comment. However this piece of shit would be dead before court hearings if it was my child!!!

Indigo Red said...

I bet you and I are the only ones in the world who pay attention to the verification words. I have a list of 'verfiys' I think should be words, but aren't.

Now, to your arguement -

You are right that "vigilantism is the result of an absence of law" for the reasons you stated. By agreement, however, citizens agreed for the safe functioning of society that the State would create laws, enforce laws, and execute the punshment, thus violations are committed against the law, i.e. the State, not against the individual who is merely a hapless participant.

If the State did not create a law defining homocide as a violation of civil harmony, then there would be no murders because there would be no definition of murder as an offense. In such an event, crime would be against the individual leading to the vigilante state of eye for eye which actually works fairly well if you don't mind a continuous cycle of violence and killing.

Essentially, suek, I see your point as roughly analogous to mine. I see the State (law) as the victim and you see the individual as the victim. We both agree that without the law in either case, we're all in a world of hurt.

Indigo Red said...

That would be my desire, too, dcat. But, I've just argued myself into a 'State and law is the victim' corner from which there's no escape. Damn!


suek said...

>>I see the State (law) as the victim and you see the individual as the victim.>>

That's probably because I see the State as the tool of the individual. As far as I'm concerned the entity known as the "State" has no soul, has no rights, cannot be harmed. The harm is done to the society - an accumulation of individuals - which is the determiner of the rights of the individuals, and has designated the State as the tool used to remedy wrongs done to it.

Verification word this time is "hyper"... Spooky!

Indigo Red said...

Geez, you get all the good real words. I get 'fonse' which should be a word for something.

Yes, the State itself is soulless. But, the the Sate is craeted by the nation. Most folks use the two words interchangeably though they represent two different things. The Nation is the people as the collective. The State is the government and geography establish by the people, the Nation. The State has no reality or soul beyond what the Nation gives it. The State has no rights beyond the right to defend itself from destruction which is what Lincoln did in the Civil War; his whole premise was to save the Union, and he wasn't talking AFL/CIO.

For the State (government) to determine the laws, the Nation must agree upon the parameters of collective authority and power that will make up the State. As a collective, the Nation determines the boundaries of acceptable behaviors and how offenses will be handled. When members of the Nation exceed the authority ceded to the State, than a condition of vigilantism, lawlessness, exists. And that is also a right of the Nation - when governments become destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish such government - as stated in the Declaration.

We may be approaching that point very quickly.

suek said...

My "society" = your "nation", I think.

In the end, though, I think it comes down to State or Individual. I choose "Individual" as the source of power - which in plural form, becomes the society and state.

Indigo Red said...

Yes. Society and Nation are essentially the same thing, or at least, are more closely intertwined than Nation and State. The State is the political form of the Nation, while the Society is the social structure created by the Nation. The basis for is the individual.

Under Obama and the Liberal Leftists, the State is the source of all things. The Nation exists because the State exists which is totally irrational. Without people there would be nothing to govern.

suek said...


We should not be calling people the Right and the Left...we should be calling them Individualists and Statists...