Sunday, February 08, 2009

Ethics and Responsibility in the Grown-up World

With nerves of steel and the calm of a responsible adult with the lives of 153 passengers and crew in his hands, US Airways Capt. Chesley Sullenberger neatly set his crippled Airbus into the icy waters of the Hudson River last month.

Taking this chance experience in stride and refusing to believe he did anything heroic, Sullenberger maintains he was just doing his job. Only a few Americans can claim to have been in a similar life or death situation. However, six out ten Americans do share something with Sullenberger - they take the responsibility to return their library books very seriously.

Aboard the stricken aircraft is the book Sullenberger borrowed from the Fresno State University library. It's now overdue. The good Captain contacted the library shortly after the emergency landing to inform them the book would probably not be returned, asking if he could get an extension and a waiver of late fees. The library readily agreed.

Dean of Library Services, Peter McDonald, told the Fresno Bee that he was bowled over by "Sully's sense of responsibility."

"Clearly this is a wonderful, feel-good story, and we honor Mr. Sullenberger both for what he did on the Hudson and for his quick response to a lost book."
McDonald demurred at revealing the book's title citing privacy issues adding that the borrower's name should have been kept confidential, too. McDonald continued

"But now that the story's broke, we thank him again and we will replace the book in his honor."
The book's subject? Professional ethics.

Huckster Obama and his administration of criminals and scofflaws could use several hundred copies of that book and massive doses of that right character stuff Sullenberger has in spades.

And remember, dear reader, support your local library and return the books in good condition.

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Anonymous said...

I am a voracious reader but I almost never borrow books from the library. Our local library had a woeful military history section so instead of borrowing, I donate all my once read books. I am patting myself on the back I know, but I have more than doubled their collection. Don

dcat said...

I buy my books at half price books. Then I donate them.

I had a bad time with the library once when I was in school and didn't even have the book they were telling me I had.

To me it's a hassle and I have not been to a library since except to use a computer and that was a hassle to me too.

Tom C said...

I pay my late fees as well as my taxes.