Sunday, February 15, 2009

Two Boats Almost Pass in the Night

Two nuclear submarines on separate missions collided in the Atlantic Ocean February 3rd or 4th. Both submerged boats were damaged in the collision, but neither reported damage to the nuclear power plants or weaponry.

Despite being equipped with sonar to detect other vessels, neither submarine apparently realised the other was in the same part of the ocean.

The British HMS Vanguard was on standard maneuvers and was towed to Faslane, Scotland for repairs. The French Vessel, Le Triomphant, attempted an immediate surrender. No, just kidding. They returned to France for more cheese and clean underwear.

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Anonymous said...

Damn you can make me laugh. Don

Mike's America said...

I'm surprised to learn that both France and Britain had submarines at all. I thought they had nearly dismantled their entire Navies as they seem content to rely on the U.S. to protect them.

BB-Idaho said...

Oh, well, there's only 322,280,000 cubic miles of ocean. Getting a lot of traffic under there..need intersection lights, wait..."the sub on the left has the right of way, unless they are stopped at a scuba crossing". :)

Indigo Red said...

Where's Lloyd Bridges when ya need him?

Indigo Red said...

France is not part of the Euroweenie NATO umbrella and they need their navy for invading small African countries. Brittania still rules the waves even if they are under water.