Sunday, February 22, 2009

Target Bans Salvation Army, Welcomes Scientology

Last evening, I went to my local Target store (Jamboree/Irvine Blvds)to buy a seat cushion for my computer desk chair. It's a very comfy cushion with little sticky bumpy things on the the down side so it won't wander under my butt.... Wait, that's not what I want to talk about.

Every Christmas for the last several years, Target bans the Salvation Army from collecting money in their kettles to carry on their good works with the poor. Target says it is their policy that no organization is allowed to solicit on Target property. Okay, I'm fine with that if it applies to all organizations without favor.

But, there they were - Scientologists. Dianetics was literally on Target's doorstep offering free stress tests to store patrons in full view of Target store management. I did not see anyone take up the offer, but the Scientology crackpots were there without objection from Target and had been all day.

Why can L. Ron Hubbard's nut job space aliens harass shoppers and contribute nothing to society but an occasional good laugh while the Salvation Army, the only unarmed Army on the planet, is unceremoniously kicked off the property every December? Target has also asked the Brownies, Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, and Boy Scouts to go elsewhere and not darken their doors again.

Yes, yes, I know. Welcome to the brave new world of Obamanation where every liberal and faggot group advocating the destruction of America has sway. Only 47 more months...

The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.


dcat said...

Make some signs and stick them to the store window and take the flyers and shred them all over the property inside the store...

That is what I do and say they are littering it's their pamphlets!

Get the store manager to complain that you don’t care for that shit to be shoved in your face when coming to the store!

Tell them you are atheist and are offended that this kind of crap goes on at the store you need to get your supplies from!

I refuse to have head to toe idiots check me out at the cashiers. I feel we have rights too Indigo so everyone has to start applying themselves! Lets do the same thing to them!

I was handed a flyer once and dropped it at their feet while I walked away!

I do that every chance I get!

I find them on my car they go right to the ground and I call it in that there is littering going on at such and such! I take offence to someone even breathing on my 08 350 Lexus or Z4 BMW!

They best not let me catch them doing it either!

wcat said...

What is probably the case is that Scientologists are just as banned as everyone else, but since the Scientologists think they're superior to any rules and laws of the "wog" (non-Scientologist) world, they simply sneak back. I would make a call of complaint to the local Target manager to make sure they know the Scilons are pulling this shit; if you see them again after that, call the district headquarters of Target and let them know that the manager of that store may be selectively allowing a particular religion (we know they're not really a religion, but pretend) to violate corporate policies.