Friday, February 20, 2009

Shark Attacks are Down, Global Warming Innocent

This is one event that can't being blamed on Global Warming. Nope, it's not Global Warming. It's the falling economy, stupid. It seems sharks can not afford the frequent trips to the Caribbean and Florida.

Actually, ichthyologist George Burgess thinks the cause is indeed the economy that's causing vacationers to stay home away from the beaches.

Shark attacks dipped to the lowest level in five years in 2008, a change that might have happened because the ailing economy kept cash-strapped vacationers away from beaches, a leading shark expert said Thursday.

There were 59 shark attacks around the world last year, compared to 71 in 2007...
"I can't help but think that contributing to the reduction may have been the reticence of some people to take holidays and go to the beach for economic reasons," Burgess said in a news release.
I hope the sharks don't switch to a high carb diet to replace the lost protein. If they do they'll get really fat and lazy and look alot like American kids.

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dcat said...

I just celebrated New Years this year in the Caribbean! I hope I still can afford to go next year!

Indigo Red said...

Start saving your pennies now and hope there is transportation available next year.