Monday, February 16, 2009

Americans Support Food Police by 67%

More than 2/3 of the Americans voting in a dumb Sunday Parade magazine poll believe the government should lead the fight against obesity. Given the foreign examples and the negative consequences in those countries for failure to lose weight, I find the results very scary, not to mention sick and downright un-American.

How Other Countries Fight Fat

While many governments struggle to keep their citizens nourished, the leaders of wealthy nations are trying to get theirs to eat less. In Japan, health officials check the waistlines of citizens over 40, and those considered too fat undergo diet counseling. Failure to slim down can lead to fines. New Zealand has rules barring people it deems too fat from immigrating to the country.

In Great Britain—where 60% of men and 50% of women are expected to be obese by mid-century—residents of some cities are being recruited to wear electronic tracking tags to calculate how much they move each day and how many calories they burn. Daily exercisers will be rewarded with store coupons and even days off from work. Britain’s National Health Service is paying for at least 30,000 people to take weight-loss classes.

Germany plans to spend $47 million on healthy-eating and sports programs and to set tougher nutritional standards for school lunches. The government also is asking candy makers to stop targeting young children and encouraging software companies to develop games that force players to move.

Does the U.S. need a government-backed effort to end obesity? Vote at
These were the results when I cast my vote Monday at 8:15pm -

Yes 67% (999 votes), No 33% (484 votes), Total Votes: 1483

Furthermore, neither the poll, Parade editorial staff, nor the reporter, Lyric Wallwork Winik offered up any reasons or justifications for governmental interference in the private lives of freeborn Americans. It is just assumed to be governments place to tell people what to eat. Oh, sure, they'll say that obesity is out of control, diabetes is rampant, heart disease claims thousands of lives each year needlessly, kidney failure and dialysis are growing problems, and we spend millions of dollars on anti-cholesterol drugs.

But, so what? What business is it of the governments? If the government hadn't gotten into the nanny state health care mindset, there would be no dietary problem. In fact, had the government not advised people thirty years ago to stop eating the meats and fats, but instead eat grains, pastas, rice, and starchy vegetables we wouldn't have the diabetes problem we have today. And cholesterol isn't the problem, homocysteine is, but there was no drug to sell that would lower homocysteine levels so the pharmaceutical makers sold us on statin drugs.

Stop eating all the damnable fattening carbs people! That's what's making us fat, not animal fat. Carbohydrates are reduced to simple sugars and the excess is stored as fat for later use, although any food consumed in excess will be stored as fat, carbs are not a maybe; protein and animal fat is not stored as fat as easily and quickly as carbohydrates, it's used sooner and passes from the body. We don't need no stinking food cops watching every calorie we consume.

The 60% of you who are too stupid to eat right - get out of my kitchen!

And drink more wine, damn it! It's good for you.

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Indigo Rose said...

I gave my no vote.
It will just cost me more if the government gets involved. One more tax to promote a government program will probably bankrupt me.