Friday, February 06, 2009

American Style Democracy Comes to Iraq

A vote recount is scheduled in Iraq's Anbar Province after last the provincial voting last Saturday.

BAGHDAD — Iraqi officials moved Wednesday to quell rising tensions between rival Sunni Muslim factions in once restive Anbar province, by recounting some of the votes cast in last weekend's provincial elections — even before offcial results are known.

The Independent High Electoral Commission sent a committee from Baghdad Wednesday to recount ballot boxes from some polling stations in the province after tribal leaders accused the Iraqi Islamic Party, IIP, which currently controls the provincial council, of rigging the vote.

The accusations of vote rigging came from an especially important source, Ahmed Abu Risha, the head of the province's Awakening Council, which is widely credited with bringing calm to Anbar.

At a news conference in the provincial capital, Ramadi, Abu Risha brandished polling center result forms that he said had been altered.

"We will not fight with weapons, we will fight with these documents," he said.

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And American Liberals said Iraq could never be a full-fledged democracy. Boy, were they wrong!

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Louise said...

Geez, why don't they just send in the goons with the toxic gas? Things were so much easier in the old days.

Indigo Red said...

Because election recounts are so much more fun!