Saturday, January 03, 2009

Our Citizen Soldiers and the Evil They Do

Don't stay here long. Wordsmith from Nantucket has a post at Flopping Aces that is a superb read. Why Our Military is So Hated Around the World is an in depth look at the work that the US military performs around the world and throughout history. Word focuses on Iraq, but it is only a small part of what our citizen soldiers do.

Ted Turner said during an interview with Bill O'Reilly, "...I think if we stopped bombing people and sent doctors and scientists and engineers around the world that we’d make a lot more progress..." and far too many people will quickly agree without knowing the facts. It's hard getting the facts out and Word does a good job month after month doing just that.

Go read his article. Here is a sample of how personnel of the United States military terrorize children:

U.S. Army Spc. Sam Rogers receives a hug from a young Iraqi girl who is overjoyed with her new shoes. Rogers helped deliver donated shoes to the Abu Tubar School near An Nasiriyah (Iraq).
That is one terrified little girl. Must be Stockholm Syndrome.

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The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Thanks for the plug, Indigo.

It's hard getting the facts out and Word does a good job month after month doing just that.

Lol...I wish. I've been slowing down quite a bit on the blogging. Maybe I need to adopt your resolution about a post per day?

Actually, I've done one or two new posts at FA, but hesitate to put it up at my blog because I can't tell if my readers are bothering to read what I have up, then following the link to look at the rest of the post and photos over at FA. And I think it really is one of those "need to know in concrete terms" post about how much our military and how much our government does to help the rest of the world...and still, so many call us "imperialist" and "warmongers".

Indigo Red said...

A lot of us have been slowing down on the blogging. I did get out one per day for the whole year, but the quality got really bad sometimes.

I know what you mean that you don't know if anyone reads he whole post. What I do is time a reading and then compare the visit lengths. Most of my posts can be read in about 7 minutes, +/- a bit.

You're right that your post was one of those post that needs to be understood. The tradgedy is that no matter how many of them we put up, they get lost in the "Evil America" bs. That may be why the blogging is lagging.