Sunday, January 18, 2009

Is Hard Fall in Obama Near Future?

Obama is coming into inaugeration week with an 83% approval rating says the Times Online. However, the wave of optimism seems restricted to the way in which he has handled the presidential transition, significantly higher than the approval level for either of his immediate predecessors just before they first took office as measured by Gallop. Much of the credit is misplaced on Obama and should rightly be given to the magniminity of President George Bush who has gone far beyond turning the other cheek.

How does this compare to past President's pre- and post-inaugeration approval ratings? The pre- and post- surveys were conducted between Jan and Feb of the appropriate years.

Eisenhower (R)- 79%/73%;

Johnson (D)- 71%/70%;

Nixon (R)- 51%/67%;

Reagan (R)-62%/64%;

Clinton (D)- 62%/60%;

Bush (R)- 52%/57%.

It's said, the bigger they are, the harder they fall. Obama has a long way to fall. If it happens in the first month, it will be a very hard fall, indeed.

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