Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Hamas Needed Dead Baby Pictures

The United Nations has denied the Israeli claims that Hamas terrorists had secreted themselves in the Gaza U.N. school shelled Tuesday by the IDF. Forty-two Gazans were killed when three tank rounds exploded inside and around the school.

UN spokesman, Christopher Gunness, said the UNRWA which operates the school was "99.9% certain" that militants were not present and no militant activity had occurred inside the school when the IDF attacked. Actually, the school was a former school. It had been converted to a U.N. refugee camp to accommodate 400 people displaced when fighting between Hamas and Israel resumed Dec 26. At the time of the attack, it was not functioning as a school, so forget the whole gleeful children playing on swings and kids eagerly awaiting the bell imagery meant to shock the world with the dichotomy of lifeless bodies on a playground.

Two people living in the neighborhood told Associated Press reporters they had witnessed a small group of Hamas militants shooting off mortar rounds from the street near the school. Also, Israeli Intelligence had been tipped that among the dead in the school/refugee camp were

members of a rocket launching cell... identified two as Imad Abu Askar and Hassan Abu Askar.

Two residents who spoke to an AP reporter by phone said the two brothers were known to be low-level Hamas militants. They said a group of militants was firing mortar shells from near the school.

An Israeli shell missed the men, and they fled, the witnesses said. Then three shells landed nearby, exploding among civilians, they said.
Hamas engineered the attack on the school. They populated the building with children and families. They deliberately fired mortar rounds at the Israeli Defence Force. Up to that point, Hamas did not have the dead baby pictures they needed to sway world public opinion to their favor again. Now they do and the world is eating it up. However, fewer are being fooled this time.

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dcat said...

I got my own set of pictures about hamas and elk! They hide near places of the inocent and hide behind them!

Arabs! They ain't changing for the better! Always playing the victims and the hell with those they have killed!!!