Saturday, January 10, 2009

Alice Still Lives Here

This is Alice. A Turkish Van cat.

I had no intention of having a cat. Alice had other ideas. I returned home from work and this cat was rolling around and meowing on the sidewalk in front of my apartment. One of the Asst. Managers was also there and she suggested I take in the friendly stray. I reminded the AM about the $300 deposit for cats. She said the deposit could be waived because I wasn't technically bringing a cat into the apartment. The cat's a stray, not the same as pet adoption, she said.

As this conversation was going on, I was unlocking and opening my door. I turned and told the AM that no, I just wasn't prepared for the care and feeding of a cat, not to mention all the medical stuff. I said goodnight, stepped into my apartment, switched on a light, closed and locked the door.

I turned to the room and the stray cat was sitting in the middle of my living room. She looked up at me with that plaintive cat face they can do. I said, "Oh, no you don't! You can't stay here."

I opened the door and said, "Shoo! Out you go!"

The cat just lay down.

I said, "Ohhh, alright. It's cold out there. But just one night. Tomorrow you're outta here."

Come morning, I left for work and the cat left, too. I came home that evening and the cat was waiting for me on the doormat. As soon as I opened the door, she walked in as if she owned the place. Obviously this cat was going to stay no matter what I wanted.

As long as she was going to live here, she had to have a name. I set about trying out all kinds of names none of which the cat would respond to. Several days went by and still no name. One night, while watching World News Tonight with Peter Jennings, I heard Peter read a story about dumb Democrats in Congress doing something dumb as Democrats will do. I looked down at the stray cat and said, "Whattya thinka that, Alice."

Well, her head popped up and her ears rotated toward me. Then she jumped up on my lap. I said, "Am I to assume your name is Alice?" She butted her head into my chin as if to say, "Duh! Took ya long enough."

That was seven years ago. She still won't go away.

The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.


Anonymous said...

With me it is dogs. But it really doesn't matter. They will all worm their way into your heart. Don

Indigo Red said...

They sure do, Don. I grew up with more dogs than cats, but that was on a larger piece of ground. I don't think it's fair to dogs to be confined to smaller apartments. Cats are very happy in smaller places.

Indigo Rose said...

I'm so glad to finally SEE Alice. After having heard stories of her, it's nice to put a face to her.
My cats would like to know where she got the cat climbing furniture. It's purr-fect for a cats needs and not so ugly as those we've looked at.

dcat said...

Calico’s are good luck too Indigo!

I had every creature you can name just about LOL.

Indigo Red said...

That's what they say, dcat.

Alice is, however, not technically a Calico. The breed is Turkish Van. The word 'van' is Turkish for lake. The breed actually likes water and the native Turkish cats in the lake areas go into the water to catch fish. Alice, however, is only fascinated with the sight and sound of water. She always alerts me to rain and wants to go out to see it.

They have distinctive markings. On Alice's right side are two large color spots, one auburn and the other black. Alice also has the small white stripe down the middle of her head. That is called the thumb print of Allah.

Her tail is very bushy and from her rump to tip is of a cailco color while the predominant body color is white. The fur is a medium long, very fine, and soft to an extreme.

Gayle said...

Alice is beautiful, Indigo!

Our cat Munchkin also adopted us. I think he was dumped off on the highway. I detest people who do such things! Anyway, he was out by our mailbox when I went to get the mail. He couldn't have been more than three or four months old. He ran across the lawn and began scratching on our screen door. We already had a cat and didn't want another one, so I took him into town with the intention of finding a home for him. I had to run some other errands though so I placed him in our church's parish hall thinking no one would be there on a weekday, and ran a couple of personal errands first. When I returned he was not there! The priest had come into the hall and let him out the back door. Not wanting a poor little kitty to get run over or killed by a dog, I walked around the church calling "Here, kitty, kitty." He ran out of a bush and scrambled up my leg and sat on my shoulder. Needless to say, I took him home. Now he's a beloved member of the family.

I too am a dog person. :)

suek said...

Say what you like, but a calico is a calico. The coloring is a sex linked characteristic. The color is carried on the x chromosome, so a male will normally have either black or yellow, but not both(since they have only one x chromosome). Something like 1 in 700 will be male, and he'll be sterile. The rest will be female.

One of those useless facts that has stuck with me through the years...
Possibly handy, though, if you're checking out a litter of kittens!

Indigo Red said...

Or a Jeopardy contestant - LOL!