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Our Citizen Soldiers and the Evil They Do

Don't stay here long. Wordsmith from Nantucket has a post at Flopping Aces that is a superb read. Why Our Military is So Hated Around the World is an in depth look at the work that the US military performs around the world and throughout history. Word focuses on Iraq, but it is only a small part of what our citizen soldiers do.

Ted Turner said during an interview with Bill O'Reilly, "...I think if we stopped bombing people and sent doctors and scientists and engineers around the world that we’d make a lot more progress..." and far too many people will quickly agree without knowing the facts. It's hard getting the facts out and Word does a good job month after month doing just that.

Go read his article. Here is a sample of how personnel of the United States military terrorize children:

U.S. Army Spc. Sam Rogers receives a hug from a young Iraqi girl who is overjoyed with her new shoes. Rogers helped deliver donated shoes to the Abu Tubar School near An Nasiriyah (Iraq).
That is one terrified little girl. Must be Stockholm Syndrome.

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Afghan Woman Smiles

The Afghan chadri is a lovely skyblue, but why would anyone cover such a lovely face?

An unveiled young Afghan woman smiles after lifting her veil while waiting for her turn to receive food aid amongst fully-veiled Afghan women 21 November 2001.

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Israel v. Hamas in Gaza - What's Next?

Israel started the ground offensive into the Gaza Strip early this morning. The Israeli Consulate in New York City has been asked the same question in various forms all day, "Why has Israel started a ground operation today?" Consul David Saranga replies,

Hamas still maintains the capacity and will to engage in terrorism. With Iranian assistance, Hamas has extended the reach of its missile strikes to threaten close to one million Israelis. By using Mosques, private homes and other public institutions as arsenals and bases of operation, Hamas has effectively taken the Palestinians of Gaza hostage, using them as human shields.

Over many years Israel has tried to bring an end to the terror attacks from Gaza and was unsuccessful. Hamas abused its truce with Israel not only to keep firing missiles against the civilian population, but also to stockpile weapons and prepare for a confrontation with the IDF. Israel has no intention to govern Gaza, but operation “Cast Lead” must continue, for the time being, as the IDF acts to gain control over areas from which rockets are being launched on Israeli towns.

Israel must persist in order to achieve its stated objectives: to significantly disable the terrorist infrastructure of Hamas and produce lasting change in the security predicament affecting residents of southern Israel. No sovereign nation would tolerate the daily targeting of its people. Still, Israel is not an enemy of the Palestinian residents in Gaza: 400 trucks of humanitarian aid and 10 ambulances were allowed passage into Gaza this week; this assistance will continue.
Okay. But, why now? Why not days or weeks ago? Indeed, why wasn't ground action taken months ago?

Since June 2008, a cease fire truce has nominally been in existence. During that time Israel has held it's fire, or conducted highly targeted commando raids against specific targets like tunnels and rocket launchers. Meanwhile, Hamas has continued launching rockets and mortars into Israel. After six months, June to December, the truce expired. Under International Law Chapter VII, Article 51, Israel invoked its right to self-defense.

Nothing in the present Charter shall impair the inherent right of individual or collective self-defense if an armed attack occurs against a Member of the United Nations, until the Security Council has taken measures necessary to maintain international peace and security. Measures taken by Members in the exercise of this right of self-defense shall be immediately reported to the Security Council and shall not in any way affect the authority and responsibility of the Security Council under the present Charter to take at any time such action as it deems necessary in order to maintain or restore international peace and security.
Understandable and reasonable. But, still, why now? Why today?

In 17 days, Barack Obama is to sworn as the next President of the United States and no one knows what his policy toward Israel will be. Perhaps not even Obama knows and that is too big a risk for Israel to take. The United States provides much of the Israeli military arsenal and to conduct ground operations after Obama's administration begins could be inviting battlefield abandonment, a knife in the back for every IDF soldier risking all for the continued existence of Israel.

Two days ago, Ralph Peters wrote in the NY Post, BAM STIRS FEARS IN ISRAEL - COULD HALT DEATH BLOW TO HAMAS :

Ordinarily, Israeli leaders would only need to ponder battlefield costs and counter international pro-terror propaganda. But the rise of President-elect Obama complicates matters gravely.

Even the timing of Israel's strike at Hamas has been driven, at least in part, by the coming power transfer in Washington. The immediate trigger was the hundreds of Hamas rocket attacks on Israel after the terrorists refused to renew an Egyptian-brokered cease-fire, but Israel's leaders also counted on steadfast support from the Bush administration in its final days.

Obama's an unknown quantity, though. While hysterical claims that he'll be pro-Islamist from start to finish are absurd, even minor shifts away from supporting Israel's struggle against terrorists could have catastrophic consequences. And Israel's vaunted intelligence services can't tell their superiors what Obama will do, since few (if any) of the president-elect's supporters know what he intends to do.

In fact, the president-elect may not know himself. He's a babe in the woods, and the woods are full of wolves. Fighting political rivals doesn't prepare you for fighting terrorist fanatics.

...fighting terrorists effectively means going in on the ground - and sooner is better than later. You can't impress fanatics into surrendering. You have to kill them. Nothing else works.

Let me repeat that: You have to kill fanatics. Nothing else works.
However, Obama said in a New York Times interview last July, as reported by the AFP today,
any country would find it acceptable to have missiles raining down on the heads of their citizens...If somebody was sending rockets into my house where my two daughters sleep at night, I'm going to do everything in my power to stop that. And I would expect Israelis to do the same thing.
In the same interview, Obama said about Hamas, it's

very hard to negotiate with a group that is not representative of a nation state, does not recognize your right to exist, has consistently used terror as a weapon, and is deeply influenced by other countries.
Of the current military action, Obama has been silent invoking the selective admonition that we have only one President at a time. His silence has garnered anger from Hamas leaders.

Khaled Meshaal, Hamas Islamist movement leader that has ruled Gaza since June 2007, said,

The start is not good... You commented on Mumbai but you say nothing about the crime of the enemy (Israel). This policy of double standards should stop.
Hamas apparently was expecting a favorable political position from the Obama Administration which may not be in the offing. Last June, Sen Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State select, told AIPAC, a pro-Israel lobby,

The next president must be ready to say to the world: America's position is unchanging, our resolve unyielding, our stance non-negotiable.
David Axilrod, Obama's prime political advisor, has said recently:

He is going to work closely with the Israelis. They're a great ally of ours, the most important ally in the region. And that is a fundamental principle from which he'll work... But he will do so in a way that will promote the cause of peace, and work closely with the Israelis and the Palestinians on that -- toward that objective.
When a nation's very existence is at stake as Israel's is, it is not surprising they don't want to put all their eggs in the Obama basket. Israel intends to encircle all of Gaza by morning, cut Gaza into four sections to better control Hamas rocket fire, and after that it doesn't matter what Obama may have wanted. The die is cast and a new paradigm exists.

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Friday, January 02, 2009

Carbon Tax to Redistribute Wealth

James Hansen, head of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies and No. 2 global warming alarmist, wrote a letter to Michelle Obama in which he advocates for a carbon tax. Outwardly the tax is to cut the emission of carbon dioxide, a purported cause of global warming ... or cooling, or climate change, or something like that, it keeps changing.

Hansen goes on to explain the tax is actually a "collectivist redistribution of wealth" which should appeal to the next president who likes redistributing other people's money. Hansen recommends the carbon tax be returned to the people in
"equal shares on a per capita basis."

That means wealthier Americans whose activities emit more CO2 will pay more in carbon taxes than they get back, while those who earn less will receive more in refunds than they will lose through taxes.

"A person reducing his carbon footprint more than average makes money," explains Hansen, while "a person with large cars and a big house will pay a tax much higher than the dividend."

Hansen and his ilk never seem to question whether the government should be involved in behavior modification. They believe so zealously in their cause — establishing an egalitarian society where conspicuous consumption is limited to the few who make the rules — that they have no misgivings about using the police power of the federal and state governments to beat society into shape.

Nor do they question their hunch — the idea doesn't even rise to the level of theory — that CO2 emissions are causing climate change even as there are ample reasons to doubt it.
My carbon footprint is small so I get an equal share of the collectivist redistributed wealth. Well, that's okay then. This plan has got to better than not collecting the wealth to redistribute it in the first place. Otherwise, people would decide for themselves how to redistribute their own wealth as they see fit. We can't have that, now, can we?

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Thursday, January 01, 2009

2008 to 2009

A different number and a little happiness for many, but really, what's so new about the coming year?

Things don't really change much from year to year.

Happy New Year anyway!

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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

'08 Resolution Fulfilled

One post a day, that was the deal. Last January 1st, I did a stupid thing - I wrote my New Years resolution into a post.

I will write, at least, one post a day - good, bad, or indifferent. I hope that by the end of 2008, I will not only have a minimum of 366 more posts (I had to pick a Leap Year, sheesh!), but also be a better, smarter writer and maybe even a better person. The 'better, smarter' part is a stretch, but 366 is closer to doable.
I'm happy to say I succeeded in my resolution. I wrote at least one post each day in 2008. Sometimes, I wrote two, or three, and even four in one day. Hey, I had to use-up that Leap Second somehow.

Am I a "better, smarter writer and maybe even a better person"? I've no idea. Probably not. I do know it's easier to start a post while looking at that blank screen even if I do have to start three, four, seventeen times before I can get to the end. I've wondered if I will continue and I've thought, "Nah, it's too hard!" But then I think, "Probably. It's become a disgusting habit that will be too hard to break without a 12 step program." Is there a 12 step program for bloggers? Maybe I should start one next year.

Of all those posts, was there one that was viewed more than any other? Yes, there was and it continues to draw attention for reasons beyond me. Is Sarah Palin a Bad Mother? You Be the Judge has been viewed overwhelmingly more than any other. Just today, 'Bad Mother' has been viewed 56 times, the next highest today was the daily post at 18 views.

For that post, I published a series of photos of the Palin family taken by Meghan McCain, John McCain's daughter, on the day Gov Sarah Palin was announced to be the Republican VP running mate. All of the referrals have been through Google Images. The posting has been picked up by many other forums, including one devoted to hunting and fishing, and apparently by some universities.

The majority of viewers have been from various Universities and colleges around America, and several Federal agencies and Cabinet Depts. I was even frightened by a frequent visit from Google employees. I was afraid my blog might be blacklisted because it was during that time period when liberals hijacked the Google rating system. But as it turned out, a few Google folk actually like Indigo Red and continue to read. Thanks.

I want to send a special "Thank you" to the members of the Army and Navy who have become fairly regular readers. I am humbled by your patronage.

Most certainly I don't want to slight the Marine Corps. The post, Battle of Adobe Walls, Afghanistan, told the story of Marine Sgt. William O. Bee and his close encounter with Taliban fighters. That series of photographs continues to amaze. Bee and the 24th MEU, were relieved by The Princess of Wales Royal Regiment, British Army on Sept 8, 2008. Sgt Bee said on that occasion, "The people here have seen a lot of countries come and go – everyone from the Gurkas, the Russians and the British. Hopefully they will remember us for our professionalism and as the ones who affected permanent change."

I hope to continue my feeble hobby through the next year and make many more people happy or angry. If the best we can do is "indifferent", well, that's OK too.

Thank you all for reading. Happy New Year, be safe, and tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.

Crucifixion is Popular Again

Just when you think the Mohammadan savages can't get any more savage, both Hamas and Iran enact a new law in line with the rest of Sharia justice.

Crucifixion is back! Please, please - hold your applause.

Yep, nailing people to crossed 2x4s will be all the rage across the ummah next year. The law specifies crucifixion for traitors which to Westerners is a very exacting crime, but to the Islamic nutjobs, treason can be defined very loosely from collaborating with anyone not Muslim to eating ice cream. Expect crucifixion to be used frequently at first for it's shock value alone. Then Muslims will move on to the fun part of crucifixion - we all remember The Life of Brian, right? Always look on the bright side of life and all that. Besides, we've become rather inured to beheadings. Beheading is soooooo over.

For an in depth description of crucifixion and what happens to the body during the gruesome process see Autopsy: The Son of Man.

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Isarel Discovers Appeasement Does Not Work

Land for peace. That was the deal. Israel would trade land to the Palestinian entities in exchange for peace, heavenly peace. As far as the Pali-entities were concerned that's what they were giving Israel - heavenly peace. A continual barrage of rockets lobbed indiscriminately at Israeli towns killing indiscriminately.

Israeli softheads thought Palestinian would be satisfied with the appeasement options. Hardheaded Israelis referred to the Chamberlain appeasement policies with Hitler which didn't work out well for Jews or anyone else. Now Israel as a whole is thinking maybe appeasement with Palestinians was not such a hot idea.

Tuesday found Israelis who never thought they would be living under rocket fire preparing bomb shelters and scrambling for cover at the sound of warning sirens.

In Ashdod, Israel's fifth largest city, onlookers came to inspect the wreckage — the bus stop pocked with shrapnel, a nearby swing set destroyed and a tree uprooted.

Staring at the debris was Gabi Aronov, a 25-year-old factory worker, who was sent reeling in his apartment from the force of the blast. He said the Gaza withdrawal had brought his enemies closer to his doorstep.

"If we give them any more, they will eat us alive," he said.

School was canceled in large swaths of southern Israel on Tuesday, many businesses shut and traffic thinned. Newspapers and TV stations displayed color-coded maps informing Israelis that they had 15, 30 or 45 seconds to reach cover after the siren goes off. In Ashdod malls, directions to the nearest shelters were posted.

Israeli hard-liners maintain that every withdrawal brings Israel's enemies closer: They say the Oslo accords negotiated in the Norwegian capital in the 1990s turned parts of the West Bank into breeding grounds for suicide bombers; the 2000 pullback from south Lebanon brought Hezbollah closer to Israel.

In 2006 Hezbollah rockets reached Hadera, a city 27 miles north of Tel Aviv, and Israeli intelligence believes the Lebanese militia now has rockets that can reach 125 miles, far beyond Tel Aviv — meaning the vast majority of Israelis are in range.
"The historical lesson of Oslo, of Lebanon and of Gaza proves that with every concession, every territory we leave is used for attacks against us," said Yaakov Amidror, a former general now with the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs.
We gave appeasement a chance. It doesn't work.

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Fruitcakes, Tamales, and Justice

A California state law forbids "the operation of an unregulated retail food business from one’s private home."

Two stories appeared in my local paper, the OC Register, Dec 25 and 27.

An 86 yr. old World War II vet, after 10 - 15 years, can no longer make and sell pecan fruit cake from his home.

A cherished holiday tradition may be coming to an end for some Shasta County residents.

Eighty-six-year-old Jack Melton, who has been baking and selling his pecan-laden fruitcakes from his home for the past 10 to 15 years, has been told to stop by Shasta County Environmental Health Department officials.

Melton, a disabled World War II Navy veteran, has been told to quit selling his popular word-of-mouth fruitcakes from his home because state law forbids the operation of an unregulated retail food business from one’s private home, said Fern Hastings, a senior environmental health specialist.

Hastings said Melton must make his fruitcakes in a commercial bakery kitchen that has passed a health inspection in order to sell them.
A Mexican immigrant, legal status unspecified, makes and sells tamales from her apartment shared with her husband and daughter. The State has taken no action to halt the home food business.

Alicia Lopez has been selling Christmas tamales since she was a girl growing up in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Last year – her 15th in Orange County – she prepared and sold between 1,000 and 1,200 tamales to folks keeping up the tradition of eating the steam-cooked treats on Christmas. This Christmas, however, she made and sold only about 650.

“This year, my orders are way down,” said Lopez, who manufactures tamales out of her Costa Mesa apartment with her daughter, Rosa, and husband, Esteban. “Because of the economy, there are people who don’t have money for tamales because there are no jobs.”

Lopez is one of many tamaleras who make up the underground homemade tamale trade that flourishes in the county’s Latino communities.
I am damned proud to live in a country where Justice is blind. Stupid, but blind - very, very blind.

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Monday, December 29, 2008

Death to All Juice

Finally! A Muslim nutcase that makes sense. Death to All Juice is something I can understand.

Actually, it's not All Juice, just Zionist Juice. Personally, I would have limited it to all juice that comes in a box. Even if it does have mango in it.

Pamela has more snaps.

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Weather Zealots: More Snow = Warmer Planet

According to Earthweek: A Diary of the Planet ,

The odds of experiencing a white Christmas in countries that celebrate the Christian holiday in the Northern Hemisphere have begun to diminish within the last century due to global warming, climate experts said.

Despite the near-blizzard conditions across North America and parts of Europe this month, having a winter wonderland in late December in London and Paris could be only a freak occurrence by 2100, according to Friedrich-Wilhelm Gerstengarber, climate researcher at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research.
The Farmer's Almanac says,
For 2008–2009, the Farmers’ Almanac is forecasting a “numbing” winter, with below-average temperatures for at least two-thirds of the country. Only the Far West and Southeast will see near-normal temperatures. Few, if any, locations will enjoy many above-normal temperature days this upcoming season.
The Timesonline says of Europe,
The skiing conditions just get better and better this winter. After one of the best starts to a ski season for many years, the snows keep on falling across Europe. Stormy weather across

Italy this week produced big snowfalls in the north and floods farther south. And all over the Alps, fresh snows have been preserved in cold temperatures, with the promise of more to come. This weekend a big Atlantic depression rolls across the UK with a heavy belt of rain that will then work its way through Western Europe, turning to heavy snow over the mountains.

Often an early snowfall quickly melts away because the ground is too warm. But this winter the cold temperatures have frozen the ground, helping the snow to settle and built up a thick base, offering some protection against any milder spells later in the season.
Walter Williams, syndicated columnist writing in the OC Register today, is prompted to ask, How long must Earth cool before warming zealotry does?

Americans have been rope-a-doped into believing that global warming is going to destroy our planet. Scientists who have been skeptical about man-made global warming have been called traitors or handmaidens of big oil.

The Washington Post asserted on May 28, 2006, that there were only “a handful of skeptics” of man-made climate fears. Bill Blakemore on Aug. 30, 2006, said, “After extensive searches, ABC News has found no such (scientific) debate on global warming.” U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change Executive Secretary Yvo de Boer said it was “criminally irresponsible” to ignore the urgency of global warming. U.N. special climate envoy Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland on May 10, 2007, declared the climate debate “over” and added “it's completely immoral, even, to question” the U.N.'s scientific “consensus.” On July 23, 2007, CNN's Miles O'Brien said, “The scientific debate is over.” Earlier he said that scientific skeptics of man-made catastrophic global warming “are bought and paid for by the fossil fuel industry, usually.”

The fact of the matter is an increasing amount of climate research suggests a possibility of global cooling. Geologist Don J. Easterbrook, emeritus professor at Western Washington University, says, “Recent solar changes suggest that it could be fairly severe, perhaps more like the 1880-1915 cool cycle than the more moderate 1945-1977 cool cycle. A more drastic cooling, similar to that during the Dalton and Maunder minimums, could plunge the Earth into another Little Ice Age, but only time will tell if that is likely.”
Though not the originator, Mark Twain is credited with saying, "Everyone talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it." As loopy as they are, the Global Warming crackpots, bless their hearts, are doing their damnedest to prove the adage wrong. I only wish it wasn't going to cost so damned much for them to learn that winter is cold, summer is hot, spring and autumn are just right.

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HAMAS Prompted Israeli Assault Months Ago

The current Israeli assault, Operation Cast Lead, on Hamas controlled Gaza began six months ago.

The impetus for the military action began years ago. This chronology of terrorst attacks is just the time period Jan 19, 2006 through Sep 22, 2008. Over the past week before the assault initiation, Hamas fired some 300 missiles and mortars into Israeli territory and more than 3000 over the past year.

19 Jan 2006 - 20 injured in bombing at fast-food restaurant in Tel Aviv.
5 Feb 2006 - 1 killed, 5 injured in stabbing attack on taxi bus en route to Tel Aviv.
1 Mar 2006 - 1 killed in shooting attack at gas station near Migdalim, West Bank.
28 Mar 2006 - 2 killed (including 1 teenager) in explosion of Qassam rocket they found in western Negev area.
30 Mar 2006 - 4 killed (including 1 teenager) by suicide bomber posing as Jewish hitchhiker.
17 Apr 2006 (1340) - 11 killed (including 2 Romanians, 1 French citizen, 1 dual Israeli-French citizen, 1 Israeli who died of injuries 13 May, and 1 American teenager who died of injuries 14 May), over 60 injured by suicide bomber (one terrorist also killed) outside a fast-food restaurant in Tel Aviv after being prevented by a security guard from entering.
27 May 2006 - 1 soldier injured in Katyusha rocket attack on army base at Mount Meron.
11 Jun 2006 - 1 killed, 2 injured in shooting attack on West Bank highway north of Jerusalem.
25 Jun 2006 - 2 soldiers killed, 1 soldier kidnapped, and 4 soldiers injured by terrorists infiltrating across the border in the Rafah area.
25 Jun 2006 - 1 teenager kidnapped between Batar Illit and Neveh Izut; body found 29 Jun in Ramallah.
12 Jul 2006 - 3 soldiers killed, 2 others kidnapped by Hezbollah terrorists crossing the border from Lebanon; among ground forces pursuing the terrorists across the border, 4 were killed in the bombing of a tank and 1 was killed during recovery following the bombing of the tank.
12 Jul 2006 - Hezbollah rockets (120) fired from southern Lebanon into northern Israel, striking Shlomi and Shebaa Farms; Kassam rockets (16) fired from Gaza.
13 Jul 2006 - 2 killed, 29 injured by Hezbollah rockets (125) fired from southern Lebanon: 1 killed in a home in Nahariya, 1 killed in Safed; other rockets fell in Haifa; Kassam rockets (7) fired from Gaza.

14 Jul 2006 - 2 killed, 2 injured by Hezbollah rockets (103) fired from southern Lebanon: 2 killed (including 1 child) and 2 injured in home in Meron; other rockets struck Haifa; Kassam rockets (19) fired from Gaza.
14 Jul 2006 (2130) - 4 soldiers killed in antiship cruise missile attack against Israeli naval vessel off the Beirut, Lebanon; the C-802 missile launch, from Lebanon, was claimed by Hezbollah but was probably carried out by Iranian military personnel; a second C-802 missile sunk an Egyptian civilian vessel off Lebanon.
15 Jul 2006 - Hezbollah rockets (100) fired from southern Lebanon at Haifa, Tiberias, and other sites; Kassam rockets (2) fired from Gaza.
16 Jul 2006 - 8 killed, 50 injured by Hezbollah rockets (45) fired from southern Lebanon: 8 killed by Fajar rocket strike on Haifa train depot, 50 others injured in Haifa area; other rockets struck Afula and Nazareth; Kassam rockets (12) fired from Gaza.
17 Jul 2006 - 20 injured by Hezbollah rockets (79) fired from southern Lebanon: 9 injured by Katyusha rocket strike on hospital in Safed, 11 injured by rocket strike on apartment building in Haifa; other rockets struck Atlit; Kassam rockets (12) fired from Gaza.
18 Jul 2006 - 1 killed, 60 injured by Hezbollah rockets (113) fired from southern Lebanon: 1 killed near bomb shelter in Nahariya, 60 injured near Safed and Nahariya; other rockets fell in Haifa area, Karmiel, Maalot, Rosh Pina, and Tiberias; Kassam rockets (8) fired from Gaza.
19 Jul 2006 - 2 killed, 30 injured by Hezbollah rockets (106) fired from southern Lebanon: 2 Arab children killed and about 30 Arabs injured by two Katyusha rocket strikes in Nazareth; Kassam rockets (4) fired from Gaza
20 Jul 2006 - Hezbollah rockets (33) fired from southern Lebanon; Kassam rockets (10) fired from Gaza.
21 Jul 2006 - Hezbollah rockets (92) fired from southern Lebanon; one Kassam rocket fired from Gaza.
22 Jul 2006 - 20 injured by Hezbollah rockets (129) fired from southern Lebanon: 4 injured in Safed, 3 injured in Haifa, 13 injured in other locations in northern Israel; Kassam rockets (5) fired from Gaza.
23 Jul 2006 - 2 killed, 16 injured by Hezbollah rockets (88) fired from southern Lebanon: 1 killed, 12 injured in Haifa, 1 killed in a shop in Kiryat Ata; 1 injured in Carmiel; other rockets struck Acco, Kiryat Shmona, and Tiberias; Kassam rockets (12) fired from Gaza.
24 Jul 2006 - 49 injured by Hezbollah rockets (109) fired from southern Lebanon into Kiryat Shmona, Nahariva, Safed, and other sites; Kassam rockets (5) fired from Gaza.
25 Jul 2006 - 2 killed, 48 injured by Hezbollah rockets (100) fired from southern Lebanon: 1 teenager killed by a Katyusha rocket strike on a home in Maghar; 1 died of a heart attack while moving to a bomb shelter in Haifa; other rockets struck Acco, Kiryat Shmona, Maalot, Nahariya, Safed, Shfaram, and Tiberias; 1 foreigner injured by Kassam rocket strike on house in the Negev fired from Gaza; one other Kassam rocket fired from Gaza.
26 Jul 2006 - 55 injured by Hezbollah rockets (166) fired from southern Lebanon: 16 injured in Maalot; other rockets struck Acco, Haifa, Karmiel, Kiryat Shmona, Rosh Pina, Safed, and Tiberias; Kassam rockets (8) fired from Gaza.
27 Jul 2006 - 19 injured by Hezbollah rockets (109) fired from southern Lebanon: 3 directly injured and 16 treated for shock in Kiryat Shmona; other rockets struck Carmiel, Maalot, Nahariya, Rosh Pina, Safed, Shlomi, and Tiberias; Kassam rockets (3) fired from Gaza.
27 Jul 2006 - 1 killed, body found in car near Qalqilya.
28 Jul 2006 - 3 injured by Hezbollah rockets (104) fired from southern Lebanon; seven Khaibar-1 rockets struck in or near Afula, and other rockets struck several sites including a hospital in Nahariya; Kassam rockets (4) fired from Gaza.
29 Jul 2006 5 injured by Hezbollah rockets (86) fired from southern Lebanon; one Kassam rocket fired from Gaza.
30 Jul 2006 - 69 injured by Hezbollah rockets (148) fired from southern Lebanon; one rocket struck near a kindergarten school in Acco; other rockets struck Acco, Haifa, Kiryat Shmona, Krayot area, and Safed; Kassam rockets (3) fired from Gaza
31 Jul 2006 - 6 killed in Haifa by mortar fire; Hezbollah rockets (4) fired from southern Lebanon, striking near Nahariya; Kassam rockets (5) fired from Gaza.
1 Aug 2006 - Hezbollah rockets (8) fired from southern Lebanon.
2 Aug 2006 - 1 killed, 28 injured by Hezbollah rockets (231) fired from southern Lebanon: 1 killed in Kibbutz Sa'ar, north of Nahariya; 7 directly injured and 15 treated for shock following strike by Khaibar-1 rocket in Bet Shean; 6 injuries from other rocket strikes in Acco, Haifa, Hatzor, Kiryat Shmona, Maalot, Rosh Pina, Safed, and near the West Bank city of Jenin.
3 Aug 2006 - 8 killed, 80 injured by Hezbollah rockets (180) fired from southern Lebanon: 4 killed (including 1 teenager) in Acco; 4 killed (including 3 Arab teenagers) in a car in Maalot, injuries in Carmiel, Kiryat Shmona, Nahariya, and Tiberias; injuries included 50 direct injuries and 30 treated for shock.
4 Aug 2006 - 3 killed, 86 injured by Hezbollah rockets (200) fired from southern Lebanon: 1 killed, 4 injured (including 2 children) in a home in Maghar; 2 killed in Majdal Krum; other rockets struck Acco, Carmiel, Kibbutz Sha'ar Yishuv, Nahariya, and Safed; one or more long-range rockets struck Hadera.
5 Aug 2006 - 4 killed, 15 injured by Hezbollah rockets (170) fired from southern Lebanon: 3 killed in Arab al-Aramshe, 5 injured in Haifa; 1 died of a heart attack in a bomb shelter in a Haifa suburb and 10 treated for shock.
6 Aug 2006 - 15 killed, 215 injured by Hezbollah rockets (175) fired from southern Lebanon: 12 soldiers killed, 15 injured near Kibbutz Kfar Giladi, north of Kiryat Shmona while preparing to enter Lebanon; 3 killed, 200 injured in Haifa in strikes on several apartment buildings.
7 Aug 2006 - 17 injured by Hezbollah rockets (160) fired from southern Lebanon: rockets struck Acco, Kiryat Shmona, Maalot, Rosh Pina, and Safed.
8 Aug 2006 - 2 injured by Hezbollah rockets (160) fired from southern Lebanon: 2 injured in Fasouta; other rockets struck Acco, Kiryat Shmona, Maalot, Nahariya, Safed, Tiberias, and in the Golan Heights.
9 Aug 2006 - 2 injured by Hezbollah rockets (160) fired from southern Lebanon: 2 injured in Safed; other rockets struck Acco, Kiryat Shmona, Maalot, and in the Golan Heights; five long-range rockets struck Fakua in the West Bank, believed targeted on Afula or Beit Shean; one Khaibar-1 struck Haifa, believed targeted on Hadera; other long-range rockets struck near Gilboa.
10 Aug 2006 - 1 Italian killed in stabbing attack in East Jerusalem.
19 Aug 2006 - 1 soldier killed in shooting attack at Bekaot checkpoint in Jordan Valley.
12 Sep 2006 - 1 soldier killed in shooting attack during army operations near Kissufim Crossing in Gaza.
1 Nov 2006 - 1 soldier killed in shooting attack in Beit Hanoun, Gaza.
15 Nov 2006 - 1 killed, 1 injured in Sderot by Kassam rocket strike fired from Gaza.
20 Nov 2006 - 1 killed (died 21 Nov) in Sderot by Kassam rocket strike fired from Gaza.

29 Jan 2007 - 3 killed in suicide bombing (one terrorist also killed) at bakery in Eilat.
25 Feb 2007 - 1 killed in stabbing attack near Beit Omar.
21 May 2007 - 1 killed in Sderot by Kassam rocket strike fired from Gaza; victim was in a car near a shopping center.
27 May 2007 - 1 killed in Sderot by Kassam rocket strike fired from Gaza.
12 Jul 2007 - 1 killed in attack on Israeli troops in Bureij camp, Gaza; attackers used explosives, rocket-propelled grenades, and machine guns.
18 Sep 2007 - 1 soldier shot and killed by terrorists during counterterrorism operations in Ein Beit Ilmeh refugee camp in Nablus, West Bank.
17 Oct 2007 - 1 soldier killed in exchange of gunfire with terrorists in southern Gaza.
29 Oct 2007 - 1 soldier killed in exchange of gunfire with terrorists in southern Gaza, near the Sufa crossing.
19 Nov 2007 - 1 killed in shooting attack on car near Kedumin in the West Bank.
28 Dec 2007 - 2 soldiers killed while hiking in the Hebron area.

15 Jan 2008 - 1 Ecuadorian killed in shooting attack at Kibbutz Ein Hashlosha.
24 Jan 2008 - 1 soldier killed in shooting attack at checkpoint near Shuafat.
4 Feb 2008 - 1 killed, 38 injured in suicide bombing in shopping center in Dimona (1 terrorist killed, second terrorist killed by police officer) .
27 Feb 2008 - 1 killed by Kassam rocket attack on Sderot campus of Sapir College
1 Mar 2008 - 2 soldiers killed by mortar, antitank, and RPG fire from terrorists during operations in Gaza against Hamas rocket launchers.
6 Mar 2008 - 2 soldiers killed (one died 9 March) by bombing attack on jeep near security fence in central Gaza.
6 Mar 2008 - 8 students killed (including 7 teenagers), 11 injured in shooting attack at Mercaz Harav Yeshiva in Jerusalem; the terrorist was killed by an IDF officer.
9 Apr 2008 - 1 soldier killed, 2 soldiers injured during gunfight with terrorists in southern Gaza Strip.
9 Apr 2008 - 2 killed in Nahal Oz fuel terminal by shooting attack preceded by mortar fire.
16 Apr 2008 - 3 soldiers killed, 3 soldiers injured in attack at Gaza security fence south of Nahal Oz fuel terminal.
19 Apr 2008 - 13 soldiers injured in suicide bombing using three explosive-laden jeeps, two of which detonated; four terrorists also killed.
25 Apr 2008 - 2 security guards killed in shooting attack at Nitzanel Shalom industrial park.
9 May 2008 - 1 killed in Kibbutz Kfar Aza by mortar fire from Gaza Strip.
12 May 2008 - 1 killed at Moshav Yesha.
14 May 2008 (1800) - 90 injured (including 1 infant) at an Ashkelon shopping mall by a rocket fired from Gaza Strip.
5 Jun 2008 - 1 killed, 4 injured in Kibbutz Nir-Oz by mortar fire from Gaza Strip.
2 Jul 2008 (1200) - 3 killed (including two women), 66 injured (including 2 infants) by Palestian using a bulldozer to attack cars, pedestrians, and two buses in Jerusalem on Jaffa Road between the Central Bus Station and Mahane Yehuda market; the terrorist was killed by police.
11 Jul 2008 - 1 border patrolman injured in terrorist attack in Jerusalem, dying 23 July from his injuries.
23 Jul 2008 - 16 injured in attack by terrorist using a bulldozer in Jerusalem to attack a bus and four other vehicles; the terrorist was killed by police.
10 Sep 2008 - 1 soldier injured in acid attack by Palestinian woman.
22 Sep 2008 - 4 injured (1 soldier, 3 Palestinians) in acid attack by Palestinian woman at Hawara crossing near Nablus.
22 Sep 2008 (2300) - 17 soldiers injured in attack by Palestinian driving a car into a group of Israelis at an intersection in Jerusalem; the terrorist was shot and killed.

The chronology is much longer than this list. See Johnston's Archive extending back to 1948 for a more complete history of terrorist outrages against Israel.

On the evening of March 1, 2008, Israeli Ambassador Daniel Carmon addressed the UN Security Council. The meeting began began at 8:30PM and concluded at 9:07PM, such is importance the UN places on the conflict. The Ambassador told the Council,

More than 250,000 Israeli citizens were in the range of deadly and murderous weapons of Hamas, in the care of its backers in the region and their malicious vision, he said. “The Government of Israel should not apologize for protecting its citizens. In fact, where was the Security Council just three days ago, when Hamas fired 80 rockets at Israel, in just a matter of hours? Where was the outrage and condemnation?” he said. Israel had addressed the situation for a very long time, he said, pointing to the many letters sent this week to the Council, expressing alarm and concern with Hamas’ attacks and reiterating Israel’s determination to protect its people. “This is our right. This is the right of all States to act in self-defence, in accordance with article 51 of the United Nations Charter,” he said, stressing that it was Israel’s duty and obligation.
The Permanent Observer of Palestine, Riyad H. Mansour, also spoke. He expectedly blamed Israel for everything, including the Council's inaction. The report of the meeting states, "The Council’s lack of action had only led to the perpetration of more war crimes against innocent civilians..." In Islamic parlance, 'innocent civilians' means Muslims only. The deaths of Israeli children are not the deaths of innocent civilians.

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