Saturday, October 11, 2008

Rezko to Give Up Obama to Feds in RICO Investigation

Barack Obama is going down with Tony Rezco sooner than later, so says the Chicago Sun Times. Rezko is reportedly about to turn State's Evidence against Illinois State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias. If not for the strong endorsement of Obama, Giannoulias would not have been elected Treasurer.

Obama endorsed Alexi Giannoulias after getting favorable real estate deals through Tony Rezco. The financing for the Obama real estate purchases came from the Broadway Bank which is owned by the Giannoulias family. The politically connected family has had political and business dealings in Chicago. The rumors are that the Giannoulias family has ties to organized crime:
Alexi Giannoulias, who became Illinois state treasurer last year after Obama vouched for him, has pledged to raise $100,000 for the senator's Oval Office bid.

Before he promised to raise funds for Obama, Giannoulias bankrolled Michael "Jaws" Giorango, a Chicagoan twice convicted of bookmaking and promoting prostitution.

Giannoulias is so tainted by reputed mob links that several top Illinois Dems, including the state's speaker of the House and party chairman, refused to endorse him even after he won the Democratic nomination with Obama's help.

Hillbuzz, a blog of Hillary Clinton supporters, brings the clues together -

Here’s where all the clues are…and then we’ll walk you through the local Chicago politics on how today’s hint by the Sun Times has us convinced, for the first time ever, that prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald could indeed send Barack Obama to jail.

We need to repeat that: we never believed, until now, that Obama would go to jail for anything related to Rezko. Today, this breaking news about what Rezko is singing to the Feds about makes us reconsider all of that.

Barack Obama will serve a prison sentence in the next few years — because knowing Fitzgerald, there is no reason he would be going through all of this if that was not the targeted goal in the long term.

(1) Michael Sneed in her
Sun Times column 10/10/08 had the following tidbit:

Sneed hears rumbles political fund-raiser/fixer Tony Rezko, who is now singing sweetly to the feds from his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, has been talking about his “dealings” with a Chicago bank, which has political connections.
(2) We just spoke with someone well-connected in Chicago politics who told us that the bank Sneed is talking about has to be Broadway Bank, which is owned by the politically-connected Giannoulias family. We were told that Sneed’s column confirms rumblings people we know heard independently that Tony Rezko is giving up the Giannoulias family to Patrick Fitzgerald — Rezko and the Giannoulias family are as close and tied together as anyone in Chicago could be. If Rezko is turning on them, then Rezko is going to give up Governor Rod Blagojevich and Obama too.

We don’t want to end up in cement shoes for implying anything here, but if you live in Chicago for any length of time, you hear rumors about Broadway Bank, the Giannoulias family, and insert Tony Soprano references here. Kapeech?

(3) So, Rezko is singing about the Giannoulias family and its longtime “business dealings” in Chicago, which would interest someone like Fitzgerald and the Justice Department, who have had a long ambition to crack Soprano-style business dealings in Chicago (the city known for Al Capone hasn’t changed much, really). The next plate to drop in this will be Fitzgerald then leaning on the Giannoulias family to give up someone bigger than them, who Fitzgerald once discussed in terms of hoping “he has the morals to do the right thing”, to paraphrase. We now believe that person Fitz was talking about is Barack Obama.

(4) The Giannoulias family was involved with Obama as far back as his first state senate campaign in 1996. It has been long rumored here in Chicago that Obama obtained a sweetheart deal on his first town home here in Chicago — which he could not have afforded otherwise — and guess who the financing came from for that house? We’ve been told it was Broadway Bank, the Giannoulias bank. Now, this sets up a scenario where the Giannoulias family helps Obama with his campaign finances and gets him deeper in their pocket with his sweetheart mortgage deal (for the first home he owned that he could not afford) – all in exchange for quid pro quo to be determined later.

(5) One favor political Chicago claims Obama did for the Giannoulias family was in 2006 when, out of the blue, 29 year old Alexi Giannoulias, with no experience, and without ever having voted before, decides to run for State Treasurer of Illinois. Also out of the blue, Barack Obama endorses Alexi Giannoulias for State Treasurer. This was a SHOCK to everyone in Chicago — and Giannoulias would have never become State Treasurer without Obama’s help. In political circles here, it has always been believed that this endorsement was bought years ago with that sweetheart mortgage deal Broadway Bank arranged for Obama to buy his town house.

(6) So, the Tony Rezko sweetheart deal was not the first magic home loan Obama ever received to buy a house he could not afford.

There’s more to this that looks like it will break soon. We were STUNNED when we read Sneed’s column because we never in a million years believed Fitz would actually be able to take down Obama.

We do not believe this will come out before the election, however, but we do believe Fitzgerald will continue his prosecution to the highest level, because that is what he does. Jean Valjean got off easy, compared to what it’s like to be in the crosshairs of perhaps the greatest prosecutor this nation has had in a generation. Patrick Fitzgerald is a force of nature.
If this comes out after the election and Barack Obama has been elected President, there is the possibility we will have a Joe Biden presidency. I hope it's worth the bother.

(h/t: Atlas Shrugs)

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Friday, October 10, 2008

California Legalizes Traditional Marriage

The Placer County Clerk/Recorder denied a marriage license to a heterosexual couple last month. The state form required the registration of names as Party A and Party B. The couple objected and crossed out the official designations substituting the more traditional Bride and Groom.

Pastor Doug Bird of Abundant Life Fellowship in Roseville, Calif. said, "I received back the license and a letter from the Placer County Clerk/Recorder stating that the license 'does not comply with California State registration laws.' " An "unacceptable alteration," the County Recorder's Office claimed.

The California Department of Public Health announced Monday the reinstatement of Bride and Groom because "many couples still wanted the option of identifying themselves in traditional terms."

Huh, imagine that ... traditional couples in California!

County Clerks throughout California are required to start using the amended form Nov 17, 2008. The new forms will have spaces for the happy couple's names next to the option boxes Bride and Groom.

Score one for the good guys.

(h/t: Indigo Rose)

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Thursday, October 09, 2008

No Blood For Fungus

Iran has a fungus and we want it. The whole world wants it.

A humble fungus could help oil companies clean up their fuel to meet tightening emissions standards. The fungus, recently discovered in Iran, grows naturally in crude oil and removes the sulphur and nitrogen compounds that lead to acid rain and air pollution.

Worldwide, government are imposing increasingly severe limits on how much of those compounds fuels can contain. Oil producers are searching for more efficient ways to strip sulphur and nitrogen from their products.

The standard way to "desulphurise" crude oil involves reacting it with hydrogen at temperatures of 455 °C and up to 204 times atmospheric pressure (roughly 21 million pascals or 3000 psi). It achieves less than perfect results.

Micro-organisms able to metabolise sulphur and nitrogen have the potential to achieve the same endpoint under more normal conditions. In recent years a number of researchers have isolated desulphurising bacteria.

But Jalal Shayegan and his team at the Sharif University of Technology in Tehran, Iran, have now discovered and isolated a fungus that appears able to remove sulphur from oil with greater efficiency.
Read more at New Scientist.

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Dem Zombie Introduced Next VP -- John McCain

Radio hosts, Travis & Jenny (US 103.5FM Tampa Bay), interveiwed Jim Pacillo about his brain fart while introducing Joe Biden, but said John McCain instead.

Seems nobody noticed the gaffe because the Obama crowd was already worked-up into a braindead, human-flesh-eating frenzy. It just doesn't seem to matter, with or without prepped hardcopy speeches or teleprompters, Obama/Biden folks just talk without first engaging the brain.

Reminds me on another famous video clip:

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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Black Men and White Men Agree - Obama is Bad News

He's young. He's a musician. He's Conservative and Republican. He's Black.

His delivery isn't my style. His words are very much my style.

He's Alfonzo at machsauceproductions.

This election is not about race. It's about ideas. Barack Obama has bad ideas, bad policies, bad character, bad friends and associates. It's not about skin color. I like his skin color. I wasted many summers trying to get that color. And I wasted many years with the same bad ideas until I was hit hard by reality.

Gayle, Dragon Lady's Den, agrees. I know because that's where I ripped off the video.

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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

No Game Changer, Obama Still Leads

The second Presidential Debate is over. An hour and a half of my life gone that I'll never get back.

Sen. John McCain needed to be aggressive on the character issue, had to challenge the tax decrease for 95% of workers promise, had to show some heart. He didn't do it, none of it. Spin it all you want, John McCain blew it because these things are all about perception.

Sen. Barack Obama needed only to look reasonable, respectful, non-arrogant. He did that. Still an empty suit windbag, though. And I want to know what the difference is between his policies and those of Marx and Lenin.

I think we saw why Senators seldom get to the finals of Presidential campaigns. They are boring because they are far too polite in their debate. But, that's what Senators do. Governors make better Presidential candidates because they are on offense most of the time.

At one time, John McCain was a warrior and I honor that with all my heart. John McCain has lost his heart for the fight. Debate in the deliberative Senate is fencing, it's pistols at thirty paces, it's double or nothing on the turn of the card, or roll of the dice. Presidential campaign debates are drunken brawls. Neither candidate is willing to do that, but Obama will bring a blade to a word fight.

McCain has been in the Senate too long to fight like a candidate for the office of President of the United States of America. Obama has spent barely any time at all in the Senate. He is still fresh from the streets of Chicago politics where anything and everything is allowed. Except truth. Truth is not allowed.

I really hope John watches the post-game film and learns a thing or two. There's not much time left.

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Barack Obama: Terror Collaborator?

Barack Obama has ties to American terrorists and radical Palestinians and Muslims. Stanley Kurtz, National Review and American Enterprise Institute, has investigated the connections between Obama, Bill Ayers, and Rashid Khalidi. Kurtz was interviewed by Hugh Hewitt on yesterday's radio show.

HH: I’m pleased to welcome from, the American Enterprise Institute, it is Stanley Kurtz, the man who knows more about the Ayers-Obama connection than anyone. Stanley, welcome back to the program.

SK: Hugh, thanks for having me.

HH: Stanley Kurtz, let’s start with the basics. All of a sudden, Ayers is an issue. What is the relationship between Bill Ayers and Barack Obama? Can you give us some details?

SK: Well, Hugh, I think they had a genuine political partnership. As far as we know for certain, it began in about early 1995 when Barack Obama became the chairman of the board of a small education foundation, not too small, because it had ultimately more than $100 million dollars to dispense. But Barack Obama became chairman of the board of something called the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, a foundation that was essentially founded by Bill Ayers. Now this foundation had two operating bodies, the board, which Obama chaired, and something called the collaborative, which Bill Ayers chaired. And so the two were effectively working together at this foundation, and what’s more, the foundation was giving a lot of money to Bill Ayers’ personal education projects, and the projects of his allies. And as, since the board was in charge of giving out that money, Obama effectively was funding Bill Ayers’ very radical education projects for years on end.

HH: Now I want to play for you a little clip of David Axelrod from CNN this morning, and one by Robert Gibbs on CNN, talking about this relationship. Let’s play David Axelrod first, cut number five.

CNN: Now a college professor in Chicago, Ayers and Obama served together several years on a non-profit board. And in 1995, Ayers hosted a coffee for Obama when the young community organizer was making his first run for the state senate. At this point looking back, should he not have done that, do you think?

DA: Well, I mean, when he went, he certainly didn’t know the history.

CNN: The Democratic nominee’s chief strategist, David Axelrod, maintains Obama at that time had no idea about Ayers’ violent past.
HH: And here is the second clip, Robert Gibbs on CNN this morning.

CNN: I just want to try to get to the heart of this so that people at home can understand. Our Jim Acosta talked with your senior strategist, David Axelrod, about this. In 1995, William Ayers held a kind of get-to-know-you event at his place, where he was introducing Barack Obama to the political culture there in Chicago when he was running for the state senate for the first time. David Axelrod said that at that meeting, Senator Obama was not aware of Ayers’ radical background. Is that true?

RG: Look, if that’s what David said, that is true. Look, again, this is a relationship, excuse me, that Barack Obama has condemned the actions of Bill Ayers. This is somebody the New York Times said Barack Obama’s not close to. And again, John, this is a way of distracting the American people from what’s important. Just in this morning’s paper, John McCain’s campaign said if we talk about the economy, we lose. That’s why we’re seeing the type of dishonorable, dishonest, despicable smear campaigns that you see right now with only four weeks to go in this election.
HH: Stanley Kurtz, what do you make of Axelrod and the follow on comments of Obama’s spokesperson?

SK: Well, a couple of things, Hugh. First of all, I can’t give you definitive proof of what was in Barack Obama’s mind as far as knowledge of Ayers’ past in 1995. But I have to say, it’s awful hard to believe that Obama didn’t know, and for a few reasons. Obama was a big fan of the 60s, as he tells us in his writings. He kind of felt nostalgic and sad that he couldn’t have been around back then. And when he was at the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, he was surrounded by people who knew Bill Ayers, and who frankly idolized Bill Ayers because of Ayers’ radicalism, because Ayers was the leader of a school of thought in education theory that proudly believed in politicizing the classroom. It’s hard to believe that Obama could have hung out with all these people in Hyde Park and at the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, and who knew that he worked where Ayers worked, and not have somehow heard what was going on. I can’t prove it, but it’s mighty hard to believe. And secondly, I have to say, Hugh, that I think Obama’s ties to radicals have everything to do with this economic crisis. I wrote a piece the other day called O’s Dangerous Pals with the New York Post, all about how ACORN, which Obama was very close to, this radical group of community organizers, used to go around to banks, trying to get them to make high-risk loans to customers with bad credit histories. This is absolutely at the core of why we’re looking at the current financial meltdown. And at the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, Obama was doling out money to ACORN among other groups. So I don’t think these are separate issues.

HH: Have you seen any pronounced curiosity as to the Ayers-Obama connections among your colleagues in the mainstream media, Stanley Kurtz? Is anyone digging into this issue?

SK: (laughing) I don’t think I’m at liberty to say the detail on this, but there is one organization that might surprise people where I know some reporters are looking into this, but no other. And I, you know, I’ve been asked to go on Fox News a fair number of times, and I’m going to be going on again tomorrow, but I haven’t been asked to go anywhere else except CNN did invite me a few weeks ago to speak, and they taped an interview and they asked me a lot of questions, all very suspicious about whether the Ayers connection was important. I answered them all in great detail, and they ended up not showing any of that on the air.

HH: And in terms of the other news organization that might surprise, do you have any expectation that they will publish this before the election when it might matter?

SK: I think that the reporters I’ve interacted with there want to do it. Whether they’ll be allowed to do it, I really want to wait and see what’s going on. But the mainstream media, it just seems like every four years, it gets worse and worse. I remember back with the rats business, I think it was, in 2000, and then of course the Dan Rather thing in 2004, and now, no one even bothers to argue about this bias thing. It’s just assumed by everyone, I think.

HH: ... earlier today, I linked to a University of Chicago press release that had Michelle Obama praising a panel that featured Barack Obama and Bill Ayers on juvenile justice, another one of this pattern of contacts. It defies belief to try and pass this off as a casual acquaintance. They’re simply collaborators on many things. And I don’t know, but can you give a number, a minimum number of meetings they had to have been at together, Stanley Kurtz?

SK: Meetings where they absolutely had to have been at together? I can only give you a ballpark right here. I would say that beyond the six board meetings that the Obama campaign is talking about, there had to be at least another half dozen more. But frankly, I think it’s highly likely that it goes way beyond that. I mean, these two were on a small committee of four people charged with hammering out the bylaws that created this foundation. Now can you do that in one meeting, or do you need more meetings? Do you have to have some phone calls and some e-mail going back and forth? How long does it take to create a foundation? I would say that involves a fair amount of contact. So there had to be contact there as you say, and I wrote about this extensively in an article called Barack Obama’s Lost Years. Obama and Ayers were on this panel arranged by Michelle Obama. Really, it was for the purpose of undermining the Illinois juvenile justice bill, which Bernardine Dohrn was also fighting at exactly this period. They were definitely doing…and this was at the same time, by the way, that Barack Obama endorsed, publicly endorsed in the Chicago Tribune, Bill Ayers’ book on juvenile justice. Now if you lived just a few blocks away from someone, and you’ve been on a foundation together, and at least in the first year, you were on the board together, and then you’re on a panel together, when you run into each other, what are you going to be talking about? Here’s something I also haven’t mentioned. Rashid Khalidi and Bill Ayers were practically best friends. People don’t know this, and I’m actually saying this for the first time. I haven’t written about this. They were best friends, and we know that Obama had interactions with Khalidi, that Khalidi had held the coffee that kicked off his Congressional campaign, I believe. And Ayers and Khalidi were extremely close if you look at the acknowledgements in their books.

HH: Tell us about Khalidi. Tell us who he is and his role in Obama’s life.

SK: Rashid Khalidi is really, in a sense, the American successor of Edward Said, a very strong advocate for the Palestinians, extremely radical in his views and his opposition to American foreign policy. He was a friend and colleague of Obama. Apparently they used to get together and discuss world affairs. And he’s practically the best friend of Bill Ayers. Bill Ayers features Khalidi in some of his books about how to politicize the teaching for students. So actually, the more you look into it, the more you see that this is not just people running into each other. And again, I object to the idea of just simply counting the times people were together in a room. When you fund Bill Ayers education projects, with hundreds of thousands of dollars, when you as Bill Ayers publish Rashid Khalidi’s essay in your book of collected essays, they might have gone on. That’s a lot without meeting once.

HH: Quick question, Stanley. Do you have any proof that Bill Ayers was a client of Barack Obama’s?

SK: No, I don’t have any proof that he was a legal client of Barack Obama’s.

HH: That’s what I meant, a legal client of Barack Obama’s.

HH: Stanley, when we went to break, thank you for staying over, I wanted to get a couple more details on the record.

SK: One thing, though, Hugh, I’m at the Ethics And Public Policy Center.

HH: Oh, I’m over 50. That happens to me occasionally. I’m sorry, Stanley, of course it is the Ethics And Public Policy Center, and my friends over there will be very unhappy with me if I say AEI (laughing).

SK: No problem.

HH: So Stanley Kurtz, Rashid Khalidi, very close to Barack Obama, read during the break that Khalidi had a farewell dinner in 2003 that Obama was one of the presenters at, and in those remarks, alluded to the numerous dinners he’d had at the home of the Khalidi’s.

SK: Yes.

HH: It simply defies imagination to think that Khalidi was not a bridge between Ayers, that this is not an operating subgroup of Hyde Park, doesn’t it?

SK: Right. I mean, that’s what it seems like when you look, when you read these acknowledgements back and forth between Khalidi and Ayers of how close they are as friends, and you see that Khalidi had dinners at Obama, it really, to think…and then that Khalidi hosted something to kick off Obama’s Congressional campaign, you’ve got to think that Ayers and Khalidi are both talking about Obama, because they’re so close. And you’ve go to think that…it begins to look like a pretty tight network. You know, you can only show what’s actually in the papers, and what are in the documents as far as the number of meetings and everything else. But it sure looks a lot tighter than what we can absolutely see. It looks like a lot more. But it’s hard to show for sure, just like people, I think rightly assume that Barack Obama had to have known a lot more about what Jeremiah Wright was saying all those years than he’s letting on.

HH: Now I’m going to ask you about that. Does Jeremiah Wright connect up with Khalidi or Ayers at all that you’ve been able to discover?

SK: Well, there is, actually, Hugh, and it’s something else I haven’t talked about. I really shouldn’t go into this, but not exactly Jeremiah Wright, but I’m going to be writing a little bit more in the future, you wait and see. I’ll be writing a little bit more about how some of what the Annenberg money was going for was essentially funding things that were pretty much teaching students Jeremiah Wright’s point of view. And there’s some real, there’s a definite network of connection there that brings Jeremiah Wright into all of this. And by the way, Hugh, I wrote an article that, you know, if there’s one thing I’ve done that I wish had gotten more attention, it’s a piece I wrote called Senator Stealth for National Review Magazine, where I talk about the Gamaliel Foundation, which is the group of network of community organizers that Obama’s original community organizing at the developing communities project as part of it. This is a tangled alphabet soup of names, but the bottom line is that Barack Obama’s community organizing group has an ideology just like Jeremiah Wright’s. It’s a kind of liberation theology that’s deeply anti-American. And the book that they give to first year organizers in the Gamaliel Foundation is, it sounds like Jeremiah Wright. And I’ve written out detailed quotes from this book. People haven’t noticed, because I guess you’ve got to go through a subscription on the National Review Magazine. But I’m telling you, this is yet another, how many of these cases can you have before you see a big pattern here?

HH: Let me ask you again about the question I closed the last segment with. Was Bill Ayers a legal client of Barack Obama’s?

SK: Not that I know of. That’s an interesting question, legal client. No, Obama, again, Obama was basically channeling money as a member of the board and a chairman of the board. He was channeling money to Bill Ayers’ projects to small schools network, and something called the Teacher Leadership Academy. They were getting a lot of money, hundreds of thousands of dollars from this foundation, and there’s some problems with ethics and self dealing. That’s the real reason that the Obama campaign keeps saying they were only together at six board meetings. The reason that Ayers stopped going to board meetings is because the board was giving him money, and it was beginning to look like a conflict of interest. But the really interesting thing is that even after Ayers separated from the board, Obama kept sending the money to the same groups that it was going to when Ayers was there basically directing things. So even when they weren’t in the same room, in a sense, the connection was even stronger.

HH: In your researches into Barack Obama, have you been able to get a detailed client list of who he represented when he was in private practice in Chicago?

SK: I haven’t gone in that direction, Hugh, and it’s a great direction to go in. It’s…I get so many suggestions. You know, I can only do but so much between now and the election. You wouldn’t believe how many channels I want to track down that I’m going to try to track down, and hardly have time for. This is another great one that I haven’t done. But one thing I’ll say is that Barack Obama, we do have evidence that Barack Obama was not just working for this radical organization ACORN because they happened to come to his law firm. They seemed to have been seeking him out directly, ACORN. And his ties to ACORN, which is a very radical group, self-consciously militant and strongly leftist, are much stronger than he wants to admit.

HH: Have those ties been anywhere investigated in print?

SK: Well, I’ve talked about it in an article called Inside Obama’s ACORN. And by the way, this is really interesting, Hugh, the Obama stop the smears website has started putting out denials that he had anything to do with ACORN, which is just flatly false as far as I can tell, unless they’re going in for a kind of Clintonian what the meaning of is is when they say he never organized for them. And yeah, he was working for something called the Developing Communities Project, but we have a number of sources that say he did leadership training for ACORN. I don’t see how they can deny this. And also, he says that he didn’t work with ACORN when he worked on Project Vote, but we have sources that say he did. It’s really interesting. I haven’t had time to write about this, but I want to. He’s denying connections that we have some significant evidence for, and I think this makes it incumbent on the press to start asking him for a detailed discussion of this. But if you go to my article Inside Obama’s ACORN, go to the link with the Los Angeles Times article where it says that an ACORN leader asked him to train her personal staff, or this article you’ll have to subscribe to by a woman named Toni Fulks (sp), who is an ex-ACORN organizer that talks about his work on the leadership training for that group, or Hank De Zutter’s article for the Chicago Reader on his work for the leadership training, or his own statement to ACORN that ACORN was with him when he was doing his Project Vote. It all seems to contradict what Obama’s saying now on the Stop The Smears website. It’s quite striking.

HH: All right, one last time for one last question, Stanley Kurtz, Rashid Khalidi again. Would most Americans be, I don’t know much about his work other than that he’s at Columbia, would most Americans who support Israel be upset that Obama is close to Rashid Khalidi, so close that they share many, many…

SK: Rashid Khalidi. They would be horrified, Hugh. They would be horrified. It would be like saying that the strongest advocate for the Palestinians and the greatest critic of Israel in the United States was close to Obama. And you know something? He is, and he was and he is. And so friends of Israel are rightly horrified by this.

HH: Do you think they are aware of it?

SK: Oh, the ones who are are disturbed, and not near enough of them know about it.

HH: Stanley Kurtz, always a productive conversation, thank you. Good luck in your continuing research. God speed, you’ve got to giddy up there, Stanley. We’re all standing by waiting to read everything that you write, so just don’t get any sleep.

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Monday, October 06, 2008

Summer Camp for Muslim Kids

Taliban Muslim goons and perverts in South Waziristan have rebuilt a suicide training camp for children. As I wrote Saturday, Muslim lunatic terror groups are running out of adult men for suicide missions, so they were turning to women. Apparently, the women are only a temporary solution.

The more permanent(?) solution is to use children as explosives delivery systems. Children as young as seven to fourteen are being trained to blow themselves to paradise along with as many other people, preferably Muslims and infidels, as possible. The previous training facilities were termed factories, but are now called camps. Perhaps because it conjures images of camp songs, smores, midnight hijinks for gullible American Liberals with nostalgic memories of trekking the mountain glades singing Val-deri,Val-dera,Val-deri,Val-dera-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha.

Bill Roggio at The Long War Journal has the full story with a link to pictures that are worth a couple dozen words. How can one describe the colossal depravity of the practitioners of the Religion of Peace of which Barack Obama is not a member.

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Pakistan to Deport Illegal Afghans

Pakistan ordered the deportation of about 50,000 Afghan refugees in an insurgency-wracked tribal region amid a major military offensive against al-Qaida and Taliban fighters.

The government said it was expelling all Afghan refugees in the Bajur tribal region, alleging many of them have links to militant groups. Police in the town of Khar in Bajur arrested 25 Afghans and said they would soon be deported.

"The orders have been issued to the tribal police to push all of them (refugees) out," said local government official Abdul Haseeb, adding that their homes would be bulldozed to keep them from returning.
When the Pakistanis finish deporting the illegal aliens from there, can they come here to round-up and deport the illegal aliens from the U.S.? Should be easier here. Our illegals are not armed to the teeth ... so far.

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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Tyranny is Normal, Liberty is Not

Commenters here have often said they fear this nation, the United States of America, is being slowly destroyed from within by our willingness to accept government control over more and more of our lives. Walter Williams, one of the great modern conservative thinkers, has always provided reason to believe that this too will pass.

Today, in a column in the OC Register, even Williams is pessimistic about the future of America and the great experiment in representative democracy.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Our Experiment With Liberty May Be Ending

Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis warned, "The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in the insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well meaning but without understanding." The freedom of individuals from compulsion or coercion never was, and is not now, the normal state of human affairs. The normal state for the ordinary person is tyranny, arbitrary control and abuse, mainly by their own government.

While imperfect in its execution, the founders of our nation sought to make an exception to this ugly part of mankind's history. Unfortunately, at the urging of the American people, we are in the process of unwittingly returning to mankind's normal state of affairs.

Americans demand that Congress spend trillions of dollars on farm subsidies, financial bailouts, education subsidies, Social Security, Medicare and prescription drugs and other elements of a welfare state. The problem is that Congress produces nothing. Whatever Congress wishes to give, it has to first take other people's money.

Thus, at the root of the welfare state is the immorality of intimidation, threats and coercion backed up with the threat of violence by the agents of the U.S. Congress. In order for Congress to do what some Americans deem as good, it must first do evil. It must do that which if done privately would mean a jail sentence; namely, take the property of one American to give to another.

If we Americans didn't give Washington such enormous control over our lives, I doubt whether there would be 10 percent of the money currently spent on lobbying and campaign contributions. This enormous control that Congress has over our lives also goes a long way toward explaining much of the corruption that we see in Washington.

If the average American were asked whether he wishes to return to mankind's normal state of affairs characterized by arbitrary abuse, control and government dictates, I am sure he would find such a suggestion repulsive. But if you were to ask, say, the average senior citizen whether Social Security, Medicare and prescription drug subsidies should be continued, he would probably answer yes.

The same would be true if you asked a college professor whether higher education should continue to be subsidized, or a farmer or a dairyman whether their products should be subsidized, or a manufacturer whether there should be tariffs and quotas on foreign products that compete with his product. The problem with congressmen producing favors and privileges to all interest groups is that it creates what none of us wants: massive control, numerous dictates and micromanagement of our lives.

There is no question that if one were to ask whether we Americans are moving towards more liberty or more government control over our lives, the answer would unambiguously be the latter – more government control over our lives. We might have reached a point where the trend is irreversible and that is a true tragedy for if liberty is lost in America, it will be lost for all times and all places.
Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence, "...all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed." The normal state of human affairs has always been tyranny, preferably benign, but tyranny nonetheless.

We humans prefer fiction over fact, lies over truth, hate over love, hoarding over sharing. Just look to our children - we must teach our children to share; we must teach our children to be truthful; we must teach our children to refrain from hitting, kicking, and biting. We teach citizenship whether of the nation or the world, sportsmanship and fair play, right and wrong. We must teach civility in behavior, language, and thought. Civility is the basis of civilization.

If all of this were natural, there would be no need to teach such skills. But we do teach them because the natural state is far less than Rousseau's noble savage, it is simply savage - the natural and normal state of human affairs.

In America, we revisit the question of our survival as a nation every four years during presidential elections. And always we choose the candidate, Democrat or Republican, promising to deliver the most of more services that quickly become rights and entitlements. Character doesn't matter. Affiliation and association don't matter. All that matters is getting an acceptable exchange for our liberty.

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