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Gibson Buthered Palin Interviews

Charlie Gibson, ABC anchor turned butcher, interviewed GOP VP nominee Gov. Sarah Palin. The interview was broadcast in several parts. This transcript excerpts are from the Sept 11, 2008 episode.

Courtesy of Mark Levin, via Atlas Shrugs and Gateway Pundit, the bolded words are those that Gibson and the ABC editors believed to unimportant and we shouldn't bother ourselves with them.

GIBSON: Governor, let me start by asking you a question that I asked John McCain about you, and it is really the central question. Can you look the country in the eye and say “I have the experience and I have the ability to be not just vice president, but perhaps president of the United States of America?”

PALIN: I do, Charlie, and on January 20, when John McCain and I are sworn in, if we are so privileged to be elected to serve this country, will be ready. I’m ready.

GIBSON: And you didn’t say to yourself, “Am I experienced enough? Am I ready? Do I know enough about international affairs? Do I — will I feel comfortable enough on the national stage to do this?”

PALIN: I didn’t hesitate, no.

GIBSON: Didn’t that take some hubris?

PALIN: I — I answered him yes because I have the confidence in that readiness and knowing that you can’t blink, you have to be wired in a way of being so committed to the mission, the mission that we’re on, reform of this country and victory in the war, you can’t blink.

So I didn’t blink then even when asked to run as his running mate.

GIBSON: But this is not just reforming a government. This is also running a government on the huge international stage in a very dangerous world. When I asked John McCain about your national security credentials, he cited the fact that you have commanded the Alaskan National Guard and that Alaska is close to Russia. Are those sufficient credentials?

PALIN: But it is about reform of government and it’s about putting government back on the side of the people, and that has much to do with foreign policy and national security issues Let me speak specifically about a credential that I do bring to this table, Charlie, and that’s with the energy independence that I’ve been working on for these years as the governor of this state that produces nearly 20 percent of the U.S. domestic supply of energy, that I worked on as chairman of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, overseeing the oil and gas development in our state to produce more for the United States.

GIBSON: I know. I’m just saying that national security is a whole lot more than energy.

PALIN: It is, but I want you to not lose sight of the fact that energy is a foundation of national security. It’s that important. It’s that significant.

GIBSON: Did you ever travel outside the country prior to your trip to Kuwait and Germany last year?

PALIN: Canada, Mexico, and then, yes, that trip, that was the trip of a lifetime to visit our troops in Kuwait and stop and visit our injured soldiers in Germany. That was the trip of a lifetime and it changed my life.

GIBSON: Have you ever met a foreign head of state?

PALIN: There in the state of Alaska, our international trade activities bring in many leaders of other countries.

GIBSON: And all governors deal with trade delegations.

PALIN: Right.

GIBSON: Who act at the behest of their governments.

PALIN: Right, right.

GIBSON: I’m talking about somebody who’s a head of state, who can negotiate for that country. Ever met one?

PALIN: I have not and I think if you go back in history and if you ask that question of many vice presidents, they may have the same answer that I just gave you. But, Charlie, again, we’ve got to remember what the desire is in this nation at this time. It is for no more politics as usual and somebody’s big, fat resume maybe that shows decades and decades in that Washington establishment, where, yes, they’ve had opportunities to meet heads of state … these last couple of weeks … it has been overwhelming to me that confirmation of the message that Americans are getting sick and tired of that self-dealing and kind of that closed door, good old boy network that has been the Washington elite.

GIBSON: Let me ask you about some specific national security situations.

PALIN: Sure.

GIBSON: Let’s start, because we are near Russia, let’s start with Russia and Georgia. The administration has said we’ve got to maintain the territorial integrity of Georgia. Do you believe the United States should try to restore Georgian sovereignty over South Ossetia and Abkhazia?

PALIN: First off, we’re going to continue good relations with Saakashvili there. I was able to speak with him the other day and giving him my commitment, as John McCain’s running mate, that we will be committed to Georgia. And we’ve got to keep an eye on Russia. For Russia to have exerted such pressure in terms of invading a smaller democratic country, unprovoked, is unacceptable and we have to keep…

GIBSON: You believe unprovoked.

PALIN: I do believe unprovoked and we have got to keep our eyes on Russia, under the leadership there.
I think it was unfortunate. That manifestation that we saw with that invasion of Georgia shows us some steps backwards that Russia has recently taken away from the race toward a more democratic nation with democratic ideals. That’s why we have to keep an eye on Russia.

And, Charlie, you’re in Alaska. We have that very narrow maritime border between the United States, and the 49th state, Alaska, and Russia. They are our next door neighbors.We need to have a good relationship with them. They’re very, very important to us and they are our next door neighbor.

GIBSON: What insight into Russian actions, particularly in the last couple of weeks, does the proximity of the state give you?

PALIN: They’re our next door neighbors and you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska, from an island in Alaska.

GIBSON: What insight does that give you into what they’re doing in Georgia?

PALIN: Well, I’m giving you that perspective of how small our world is and how important it is that we work with our allies to keep good relation with all of these countries, especially Russia. We will not repeat a Cold War. We must have good relationship with our allies, pressuring, also, helping us to remind Russia that it’s in their benefit, also, a mutually beneficial relationship for us all to be getting along.

Sarah Palin on Russia:

We cannot repeat the Cold War. We are thankful that, under Reagan, we won the Cold War, without a shot fired, also. We’ve learned lessons from that in our relationship with Russia, previously the Soviet Union.

We will not repeat a Cold War. We must have good relationship with our allies, pressuring, also, helping us to remind Russia that it’s in their benefit, also, a mutually beneficial relationship for us all to be getting along.

GIBSON: Would you favor putting Georgia and Ukraine in NATO?

PALIN: Ukraine, definitely, yes. Yes, and Georgia.

GIBSON: Because Putin has said he would not tolerate NATO incursion into the Caucasus.

PALIN: Well, you know, the Rose Revolution, the Orange Revolution, those actions have showed us that those democratic nations, I believe, deserve to be in NATO.

Putin thinks otherwise. Obviously, he thinks otherwise, but…

GIBSON: And under the NATO treaty, wouldn’t we then have to go to war if Russia went into Georgia?

PALIN: Perhaps so. I mean, that is the agreement when you are a NATO ally, is if another country is attacked, you’re going to be expected to be called upon and help.

But NATO, I think, should include Ukraine, definitely, at this point and I think that we need to — especially with new leadership coming in on January 20, being sworn on, on either ticket, we have got to make sure that we strengthen our allies, our ties with each one of those NATO members.

We have got to make sure that that is the group that can be counted upon to defend one another in a very dangerous world today.

GIBSON: And you think it would be worth it to the United States, Georgia is worth it to the United States to go to war if Russia were to invade.

PALIN: What I think is that smaller democratic countries that are invaded by a larger power is something for us to be vigilant against. We have got to be cognizant of what the consequences are if a larger power is able to take over smaller democratic countries.

And we have got to be vigilant. We have got to show the support, in this case, for Georgia. The support that we can show is economic sanctions perhaps against Russia, if this is what it leads to.

It doesn’t have to lead to war and it doesn’t have to lead, as I said, to a Cold War, but economic sanctions, diplomatic pressure, again, counting on our allies to help us do that in this mission of keeping our eye on Russia and Putin and some of his desire to control and to control much more than smaller democratic countries.

His mission, if it is to control energy supplies, also, coming from and through Russia, that’s a dangerous position for our world to be in, if we were to allow that to happen.

Sarah Palin on Iran and Israel:

GIBSON: Let me turn to Iran. Do you consider a nuclear Iran to be an existential threat to Israel?

PALIN: I believe that under the leadership of Ahmadinejad, nuclear weapons in the hands of his government are extremely dangerous to everyone on this globe, yes.

GIBSON: So what should we do about a nuclear Iran?
John McCain said the only thing worse than a war with Iran would be a nuclear Iran. John Abizaid said we may have to live with a nuclear Iran. Who’s right?

PALIN: No, no. I agree with John McCain that nuclear weapons in the hands of those who would seek to destroy our allies, in this case, we’re talking about Israel, we’re talking about Ahmadinejad’s comment about Israel being the “stinking corpse, should be wiped off the face of the earth,” that’s atrocious. That’s unacceptable.

GIBSON: So what do you do about a nuclear Iran?

PALIN: We have got to make sure that these weapons of mass destruction, that nuclear weapons are not given to those hands of Ahmadinejad, not that he would use them, but that he would allow terrorists to be able to use them. So we have got to put the pressure on Iran
and we have got to count on our allies to help us, diplomatic pressure.

GIBSON: But, Governor, we’ve threatened greater sanctions against Iran for a long time. It hasn’t done any good. It hasn’t stemmed their nuclear program.

PALIN: We need to pursue those and we need to implement those. We cannot back off. We cannot just concede that, oh, gee, maybe they’re going to have nuclear weapons, what can we do about it. No way, not Americans. We do not have to stand for that.

GIBSON: What if Israel decided it felt threatened and needed to take out the Iranian nuclear facilities?

PALIN: Well, first, we are friends with Israel and I don’t think that we should second guess the measures that Israel has to take to defend themselves and for their security.

GIBSON: So if we wouldn’t second guess it and they decided they needed to do it because Iran was an existential threat, we would cooperative or agree with that.

PALIN: I don’t think we can second guess what Israel has to do to secure its nation.

GIBSON: So if it felt necessary, if it felt the need to defend itself by taking out Iranian nuclear facilities, that would be all right.

PALIN: We cannot second guess the steps that Israel has to take to defend itself.

GIBSON: We talk on the anniversary of 9/11. Why do you think those hijackers attacked? Why did they want to hurt us?

PALIN: You know, there is a very small percentage of Islamic believers who are extreme and they are violent and they do not believe in American ideals, and they attacked us and now we are at a point here seven years later, on the anniversary, in this post-9/11 world, where we’re able to commit to never again. They see that the only option for them is to become a suicide bomber, to get caught up in this evil, in this terror. They need to be provided the hope that all Americans have instilled in us, because we’re a democratic, we are a free, and we are a free-thinking society.

GIBSON: Do you agree with the Bush doctrine?

PALIN: In what respect, Charlie?

GIBSON: The Bush — well, what do you — what do you interpret it to be?

PALIN: His world view.

GIBSON: No, the Bush doctrine, enunciated September 2002, before the Iraq war.

PALIN: I believe that what President Bush has attempted to do is rid this world of Islamic extremism, terrorists who are hell bent on destroying our nation. There have been blunders along the way, though. There have been mistakes made. And with new leadership, and that’s the beauty of American elections, of course, and democracy, is with new leadership comes opportunity to do things better.

GIBSON: The Bush doctrine, as I understand it, is that we have the right of anticipatory self-defense, that we have the right to a preemptive strike against any other country that we think is going to attack us. Do you agree with that?

PALIN: I agree that a president’s job, when they swear in their oath to uphold our Constitution, their top priority is to defend the United States of America.

I know that John McCain will do that and I, as his vice president, families we are blessed with that vote of the American people and are elected to serve and are sworn in on January 20, that will be our top priority is to defend the American people.

GIBSON: Do we have a right to anticipatory self-defense? Do we have a right to make a preemptive strike again another country if we feel that country might strike us?

PALIN: Charlie, if there is legitimate and enough intelligence that tells us that a strike is imminent against American people, we have every right to defend our country. In fact, the president has the obligation, the duty to defend.

GIBSON: Do we have the right to be making cross-border attacks into Pakistan from Afghanistan, with or without the approval of the Pakistani government?

PALIN: Now, as for our right to invade, we’re going to work with these countries, building new relationships, working with existing allies, but forging new, also, in order to, Charlie, get to a point in this world where war is not going to be a first option. In fact, war has got to be, a military strike, a last option.

GIBSON: But, Governor, I’m asking you: We have the right, in your mind, to go across the border with or without the approval of the Pakistani government.

PALIN: In order to stop Islamic extremists, those terrorists who would seek to destroy America and our allies, we must do whatever it takes and we must not blink, Charlie, in making those tough decisions of where we go and even who we target.

GIBSON: And let me finish with this. I got lost in a blizzard of words there. Is that a yes? That you think we have the right to go across the border with or without the approval of the Pakistani government, to go after terrorists who are in the Waziristan area?

PALIN: I believe that America has to exercise all options in order to stop the terrorists who are hell bent on destroying America and our allies. We have got to have all options out there on the table.

Sarah Palin on God:

GIBSON: You said recently, in your old church, “Our national leaders are sending U.S. soldiers on a task that is from God.” Are we fighting a holy war?

PALIN: You know, I don’t know if that was my exact quote.

GIBSON: Exact words.

PALIN: But the reference there is a repeat of Abraham Lincoln’s words when he said — first, he suggested never presume to know what God’s will is, and I would never presume to know God’s will or to speak God’s words.

But what Abraham Lincoln had said, and that’s a repeat in my comments, was let us not pray that God is on our side in a war or any other time, but let us pray that we are on God’s side.

That’s what that comment was all about, Charlie. And I do believe, though, that this war against extreme Islamic terrorists is the right thing. It’s an unfortunate thing, because war is hell and I hate war, and, Charlie, today is the day that I send my first born, my son, my teenage son overseas with his Stryker brigade, 4,000 other wonderful American men and women, to fight for our country, for democracy, for our freedoms.

Charlie, those are freedoms that too many of us just take for granted. I hate war and I want to see war ended. We end war when we see victory, and we do see victory in sight in Iraq.

I take your point about Lincoln’s words, but you went on and said, “There is a plan and it is God’s plan.”

PALIN: I believe that there is a plan for this world and that plan for this world is for good. I believe that there is great hope and great potential for every country to be able to live and be protected with inalienable rights that I believe are God-given, Charlie, and I believe that those are the rights to life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

That, in my world view, is a grand — the grand plan.

GIBSON: But then are you sending your son on a task that is from God?

PALIN: I don’t know if the task is from God, Charlie. What I know is that my son has made a decision. I am so proud of his independent and strong decision he has made, what he decided to do and serving for the right reasons and serving something greater than himself and not choosing a real easy path where he could be more comfortable and certainly safer.
I am so very glad our media is unbiased because the excised portions changes the whole coloring of the interview.

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Stuff Happens at the Edges

Sam Francis, White Ring, 1966
Minimalist Edge Painting

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Matt Damon Punked by Fake Sarah Palin Quotes

Matt Damon is a celebrated actor, an award winning screenwriter, and has been named the "Sexiest Man" in America. He has not, however, been known for being "wicked smaht."

A few days ago, Damon was seen in a video saying he didn't know much about Gov. Sarah Palin, but she scared him anyway. But, of all the things he could want to know about Palin, the most important was a question about dinosaurs.

I need to know if she really thinks dinosaurs were here 4000 years ago. That's an important — I want to know that, I really do, because she's going to have the nuclear codes. You know, I want to know if she thinks dinosaurs were here 4000 years ago... we can't, we can't have that.
That's right. Matt believes dinosaurs is the most important question. Some ask, "Matt, what the hell are you talking about?" Well, there's an e-mail making the rounds claiming that, because Sarah Palin is an Evangelical Christian, she believes and has said, Earth is only 10,000 years old, that dinosaurs and humans lived side-by-side 4,000 years ago.

Granted, many do in fact believe the 10K/4K, dinosaur/human story. It's called Young Earth Creationism. The idea seems to have started with Abraham ibn Ezra (c. 1089–1164) and the idea continued. Archbishop Ussher wrote the Ussher chronology in 1650 setting the date of creation to the night before Oct. 23, 4004BC. The year has been debated. Johannes Kepler said creation was in 3992BC while Sir Isaac Newton advocated 4000BC. All of those dates would make humans and dinosaurs contemporaries.

Now, did Sarah Palin actually say she believes in dinosaur/human coexistence? No. The email is often entitled, "Palin Quotes from MSNBC" and is being sent to all the liberal and Democrat email boxes around the globe. Libs are eating it up. Geez, those people believe anything!

The "quotes" originated at TUBOB blog. Bob made up some quotes, labelled them as made up, and published them on Aug 30 entitled Fake Governor Sarah Palin Quotes. The quote that's got Matt's goat is this one about oil exploration and drilling in ANWR,

God made dinosaurs 4,000 years ago as ultimately flawed creatures, lizards of Satan really, so when they died and became petroleum products we, made in his perfect image, could use them in our pickup trucks, snow machines and fishing boats. Now, as to the ANWR, Todd and I often enjoying caribou hunting and one year we shot up a herd big time, I mean I personally slaughtered around 40 of them with my new, at the time, custom Austrian hunting rifle. And guess what? That caribou herd is still around and even bigger than ever. Caribou herds actually need culling, be it by rifles or wolves, or Exxon-Mobil oil rigs, they do just great!
Bob Salsbury is a real guy who lives and blogs in Olympia, Washington. Bob was interviewed on CNN's Anderson Cooper 360. Bob is my hero.

CNN reporter Joe Johns says in the piece that those most likely to believe the e-mail are Liberals and Democrats. Matt Damon got the e-mail. I didn't.

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Gov. Sarah Palin Sent Her Son to War Today

As Commander-in-Chief of the Alaska National Guard, VP nominee Sarah Palin sent her son, Track, and a 4000 strong Stryker Brigade to Northern Iraq. That is one of those responsibilities that Governors have that community organizers don't.

Video courtesy of Amy Proctor Bottomline Up Front.

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Seven Years After...

September 11, 2001

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Matt Damon Hates Disney Films

Of all the movies in all the world, Matt Damon said Disney makes really bad movies. He could easily have said that Oliver Stone made really bad movies. Or Michael Moore makes really bad movies. He could even have said Barbra Streisand makes really bad movies. Heck, he could have said Ishtar was a bad movie, but no. He just had to insult Walt Disney.

Perhaps Matt was emotionally scarred as a young child. Bambi is a bit intense with Bambi's mother being shot, the forest burning and all. Maybe it was the Queen in Sleeping Beauty. She is pretty scary. It's even possible Matt has inappropriate feelings about little people like Happy, Dopey, Doc, Sleepy, Grumpy, Bert, and Ernie.

Ah, but who knows what goes on in the head of guy whose best bud is Ben Affleck.

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Did Obama Get Tips from Biden?

Just before Barry O called Sarah Palin a pig, he plagerized a cartoon.

Tom Toles cartoon, Washington Post, Sept. 5

Barack Obama, Sept. 9

"John McCain says he's about change too. So I guess his whole angle is: Watch out, George Bush--except for economic policy, healthcare policy, tax policy, education policy, foreign policy and Karl Rove-style politics, we're really going to shake things up in Washington."

Michael Ramirez, IBD, Sept. 10

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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Obama - Palin is Pig with Lipstick

Sarah Palin, in her VP acceptance speech when she saw some hockey-mom signs, said, "I was just your average hockey mom. I love those hockey moms, you know, they say, what is the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull? Lipstick." From that moment, Sarah Palin has owned those words in this election cycle. Anyone making any reference to lipstick, is probably speaking of Palin, especially folks embedded in the campaign.

Clueless or just mean-spirited, Barack Obama told a crowd today, "You can put lipstick on a pig," he said to an outbreak of laughter, shouts and raucous applause from his audience, clearly drawing a connection to Palin's joke. "It's still a pig."

The Obama campers are saying their guy was just using an old and common phrase. Politico lends doubt, "Democratic Congressman Russ Carnahan on Tuesday – introducing Joe Biden at a campaign event – ripped into Palin’s record and punctuated it with this snarky jab. “There’s no way you can dress up that record, even with a lot of lipstick,” he said."

Obama is losing the Presidential race ever since naming Joe Biden to the ticket. Today Obama just plain lost it with his pig remark. Biden is usually the one running off at the mouth, but with Obama doing it for himself, one has to wonder what Joe Biden is for.

Obama is not going to be forgiven this gaffe. It's too late for him to recover. You just can't make silk purses from sows ears. Obama is through.

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Monday, September 08, 2008

Barack Obama Takes Daughters to $20K/Yr School in Five SUV Motocade

Barack Obama, The One Dad, took his two daughters to school Monday morning. It was the first day of school and parents across the country were doing exactly the same thing.

Maybe nor exactly the same way, though. The One Dad and daughters were driven to school in a five-SUV motorcade with a complete Secret Service detail courtesy of U.S. taxpayers.

Sunlen Miller of ABC News filed this report for Political Radar:

Barack Obama dropped his two daughters off at school Monday -- in a motorcade complete with a Secret Service detail -- for their first day back to school in Chicago.

The Democratic nominee, dressed in work out clothes and a baseball hat, held the hands of his daughters, Malia, 10, and Sasha, seven, as they walked, toting backpacks, into the University of Chicago Laboratory School.

The elite charter school costs between $15,000 to $20,000 a year in tuition. Michelle Obama currently sits on the board.

After dropping his kids off at school, Obama hit the gym and then flew off to Michigan for a day of campaigning.

"My kids started school today," Obama told the Flint crowd. "Took my 5th grader and my 2nd grader to class. The 5th grader didn't really want me to go up to the classroom but I went. She's still Daddy's girl."
What a great Dad. He can do it all - serve in the U.S. Senate, run for the office of President of the United States of America, workout at the gym, and chauffeur his kids to school. Is there anything this man, this superman can't do? Is there a woman out there who could do that?

Uhhh, yeah! Like, just about every mother and they do it every school day not just the first one. Like Councilwoman/Mayor/Governor/wife and mother Sarah Palin has done for years.

Oh, hey! Could it be that Barry O, The One Dad, was trying to prove he is as good a parent as Gov Sarah Palin? Barry O certainly doesn't have to demonstrate parenting skills to connect with voters, certainly not when his girls attend the same kind of school to which the average American family has access. Every low income kid in my neighborhood attend elite charter schools for which their parents eagerly spend $15,000 - $20,000 a year because they have so much money to invest in their children's education.

And with backpacks.

It does my heart good the truly average American side of Barack Obama.

Because Michelle Obama sits on the board of the prestigious and elite University of Chicago Laboratory Schools, do the Obamas pay the big bucks? If not, who does?

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Bride and Groom Illegal in California

A couple wanted to marry in Roseville, California. The Placer County Clerk/Recorder denied the marriage license because the couple was one man and one woman. When the happy couple filled out the marriage license, they changed the State mandated Party A and Party B to Bride and Groom.

They just wanted to be recognized as Man and Wife. But apparently, that is now a crime in California. The Gay and Lesbians of California are not making for themselves a friendly environment.

Roseville, Calif. – "Brides" and "grooms" are no longer allowed to marry in the State of California.

That privilege is only extended to individuals who allow themselves to be called "Party A" and "Party B" on marriage licenses.

Pastor Doug Bird of Abundant Life Fellowship in Roseville, Calif., was alarmed to find the state now rejects the traditional terms after he officiated his first marriage ceremony last week following the California Supreme Court decision to overturn Proposition 22.

The couple had written the words "bride" and "groom" next to "Party A" and "Party B" because they wanted to be legally recognized as husband and wife.

However, the Placer County marriage license was denied.

"I received back the license and a letter from the Placer County Clerk/Recorder stating that the license 'does not comply with California State registration laws,'" Bird said in a statement from the Pacific Justice Institute.

It was an "unacceptable alteration," the County Recorder's Office claimed the State Office of Vital Records determined.

"What's next?" Bird wrote in a Sept. 4 letter. "Will the State of California force [ministers] to use the terms "Party A" and "Party B" in the ceremony itself?"

In a 4-3 decision, California's high court declared that legal definitions of marriage as a union between a man and a woman were unconstitutional. Since the ruling, the generic designations have been added to legal documents.

Pacific Justice Institute President Brad Dacus said voters must change the state constitution by voting on the marriage amendment in November if they wish to preserve the traditional meaning of marriage.

"Unless Proposition 8 is passed, heterosexual couples will be forced to wed out of the state if they wish to be officially identified as bride and groom or husband and wife." He said in a statement. "This is a major slap in the face for traditional marriage."
This is particularly irksome for me because I grew up in Placer County. Frankly, it's embarrassing. The folks I know in Placer are good and decent people who are accepting of anyone so long as they don't shove their beliefs down the throats of others. However, this is another example of what is going to happen in the rest of the country and come November, we will see where the majority of Californians really stand.

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Sunday, September 07, 2008

What Happens If Obama Ruled Ineligible?

suek, an Indigo reader, recently asked what happens if Barack Obama is determined to be ineligible for the presidency because he may not be a natural born citizen as claimed by Philip Berg, Esq.

The Democratic National Committee's 2008 Call Rules and Regulations written in 2007 pertaining to replacement of a Democratic Nominee are stated in Section G, pg. 19:

G. Filling a Vacancy on the National Ticket: In the event of death, resignation or disability of a nominee of the Party for President or Vice President after the adjournment of the National Convention, the National Chairperson of the Democratic National Committee shall confer with the Democratic leadership of the United States Congress and the Democratic Governors Association and shall report to the Democratic National Committee, which is authorized to fill the vacancy or vacancies.
In a very Democrat Party fashion, but hardly democratic in nature, the leadership will decide who the replacement/s will be. Seems to me that finding any candidate the public has voted as the nominee to be ineligible would be a great boon for the leadership, a magnificent way to circumvent the will of the unwashed masses and install whomever they damned well please.

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Barack Obama Party of One Served

Barack Obama, The One, has been served legal papers challenging his right to run for the Presidency of the United States of America. Philip J. Berg, Esquire, has claimed that Barack Obama was not born a U.S. citizen. The COLB from Hawaii The One campaign has exhibited on their website purporting it to be Barry's true birth certificate has raised significant questions about his provenance.

Press Release - For Immediate Release: - 09/04/08


Contact information at the end of this press release. Documents filed with the court and a copy of this press release can be downloaded at the end of this press release.

(Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania – 09/04/08) - Philip J. Berg, Esquire, the Attorney who filed suit against Barack H. Obama challenging Senator Obama’s eligibility to serve as President of the United States, has received confirmation from his Process Service Company that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Senator Barack Obama were served today, September 4, 2008, with the legal documents pertaining to Berg vs. Obama, Civil Action No. 08-cv-4083.

The DNC was served at 12:00 p.m. and Senator Obama was served at 1:00 p.m. The U.S. Attorney’s Office accepted service on behalf of the Federal Elections Committee (FEC) on or about August 22, 2008.
The COLB may be a fake as many have determined including experts in the area of document fraud, his Kenyan family says he was born in Kenya and immediately flown to Hawaii where a COLB was issued, his mother may not have been a resident of the U.S. for the requisite time period needed to make her child of a foreign national a natural born citizen.

Now the courts will decide.

It's ironic that the very court system the Democrats and Liberals have used for decades to subvert the underpinnings of America and her institutions may well be the undoing of the Democrat Party's savior, The One, Barack Obama.

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Feds Bail Out Fannie, Freddie, and Stupid People

The Federal Government has taken control of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac this morning. The Bush Administration said they were attempting to avert an even larger worldwide financial crisis that could result if the two mortgage giants failed. As of last June, the quasi-governmental companies had close to $36 billion in preferred shares outstanding. The two companies also own or guarantee about $5 trillion in home loans, about half the nation's total.

Fannie and Freddie were not originally meant to be the mortgage giants they are today. They were supposed to guarantee the loans made by private banking and loan companies to forestall events like those of the 1929 financial market crash which led to the Great Depression. But, over the years, Federal authorities allowed both companies to go far beyond the intended mandate and actually buy the loans from Bank and Home Loan entities, repackage them, and sell the debt to investors, speculators, and foreign governments. This made the money pool appear bottomless. It isn't.

As government sponsored enterprises, Fannie and Freddie blatantly and strenuously lobbied Congress to maintain the benefits they enjoyed as corporations and as individual company executives. The Feds will immediately stop all dividend payments on common and preferred stocks. The lobbying activities are to be halted, also. Good luck with that.

Again, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac "own or guarantee about $5 trillion in home loans, about half the nation's total." So what are the Federales going to do? Well, Fannie and Freddie will "be allowed to increase the size of their holdings of mortgage-backed securities".

Yep! That's a government solution if I ever heard one. The thing doesn't work, citizens are being taken for a one-way ride, money is being lost hand-over-fist, so, throw more money at the problem.

The whole idea of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae were well intentioned liberal ideas that citizens should be protected from unscrupulous landlords like Mr. Potter with more government control. It was the government control that created the mortgage crisis we are in now. The solution is not more government, it's less.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac should have been left to flounder like any other poorly run shop. I know, many people would lose their homes and businesses and markets would fall around the world. Oh, well. People took risks but were guaranteed they wouldn't get hurt. What kind of risk is that?

Most everything we do today is nearly risk free. We can drive our cars at speeds the speedometer reads 'stupid fast'. Not to worry, we have three-point seat belts and air bags to soften the impact and we can walk away. We can climb rock walls because it's there. Not to worry though, we have ropes to guarantee a soft landing. Despite the admonitions of millions of parents we can now jump off bridges because our friends do. Not to worry though, we have bungee cords so there is no sudden stop at the end. We can buy McMansions on the salary of a plumber's helper or, indeed, no salary at all. Not to worry though, we have Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the Federal government, and 303,824,640 U.S. taxpaying citizens to pay the debts of stupid people buying stuff they cannot afford.

By removing risk from life, all that has been accomplished is to encourage stupid people to do more stupid things and perpetuated an entire race of stupid people who should have died long ago as a result of their stupidity. Put risk, real risk, back into life so that deadly activities actually have deadly results. Risks that demand losing everything or gaining everything should be put back where it belongs - in our daily lives. Life ain't for the faint. Life is a risk and the only guarantee is none of us will get out alive.

The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.