Saturday, August 23, 2008

Obama Already Defeated by White Racist Democrats

It has only been hours since Barack Obama named Joe Biden as his Vice-Presidential running mate and he has lost the general election already. The Obama apologists have been quick to play the race card. Jacob Weisberg of Salon writes:

If Obama Loses
Racism is the only reason McCain might beat him.
Posted Saturday, Aug. 23, 2008, at 12:02 AM ET

But let's be honest: If you break the numbers down, the reason Obama isn't ahead right now is that he trails badly among one group, older white voters. He does so for a simple reason: the color of his skin.

Much evidence points to racial prejudice as a factor that could be large enough to cost Obama the election. That warning is written all over last month's CBS/New York Times
poll, which is worth examining in detail if you want a quick grasp of white America's curious sense of racial grievance. In the poll, 26 percent of whites say they have been victims of discrimination. Twenty-seven percent say too much has been made of the problems facing black people. Twenty-four percent say the country isn't ready to elect a black president. Five percent of white voters acknowledge that they, personally, would not vote for a black candidate.
Weisberg goes on -

Five percent surely understates the reality. In the Pennsylvania primary, one in six white voters told exit pollsters race was a factor in his or her decision. Seventy-five percent of those people voted for Clinton. You can do the math: 12 percent of the Pennsylvania primary electorate acknowledged that it didn't vote for Barack Obama in part because he is African-American. And that's what Democrats in a Northeastern(ish) state admit openly. The responses in Ohio and even New Jersey were dispiritingly similar.
Let me clarify, that's 5% of Democrat, Republican, and Independent primary voters who said race was a factor. That's tiny. But, 12% of Pennsylvania DEMOCRAT primary voters didn't vote in favor of Barry O "because he is African-American." That's huge. Obama is actually Arab-American, but why quibble a small point when truth challenges popular myth?

It isn't White REPUBLICAN CONSERVATIVE racists who will defeat Obama, but rather the White DEMOCRAT PROGRESSIVE racists who will do so. Weisberg even says so, but not until the fourth paragraph, "And that's what Democrats in a Northeastern(ish) state admit openly." But the Democrats are already accusing and painting Conservatives and Republicans as racists for Obama's general election defeat months before the election is even held.

Frankly, I haven't met any Conservative or Republican who would not have voted for Obama in a heartbeat IF he had professed the same or similar traditional conservative values and was genuinely proud of his country. I and my Conservative and Republican friends enthusiastically supported Lynn Swann and Michael Steele, and hold out hope that McCain may pick Steele as his VP choice, not because he's Black, but because his opinions and values are nearly identical to mine. Obama's values are not even close to my values nor those of anyone I know on the freedom side of prison bars.

Barack Obama was down in the polls and losing the general election because of his own vacuous words and hollow sentimentality. His choice of Joe Biden simply sealed his loss.

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Friday, August 22, 2008

It is Biden

The One has chosen the Other One. Obama has named Senator Joe Biden as his running mate and possible Vice-President.

Biden is an old Washington insider, is the Chairman of Senate Foreign Relations Committee and is projected to lend his political gravitas to Obama's lightweightness.

Several years ago, Biden had brain surgery during which a significant portion of brain matter was removed. Biden doesn't seem to have ever been negatively affected by the loss. Finally, the Obama campaign has someone who can make Obama look smart.


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My Shot at Fame and Fortune

Every Friday night, Pamela Geller hosts an Open Thread, Art That Touches Me, on her blog Atlas Shrugs. She presents her favorite artists and paintings, musicians and songs. Tonight, Mama Cass of the Mamas and Papas sings "Dream A Little Dream".

Pamela and her blog have become very popular. I want to be popular, too. I want lots of visitors and regular readers. I want to hobnob. But, how can I do this? Then I thought I'd do like Pamela does. Then I thought, Pamela is a smart and beautiful woman and I am not. What can I do? I know! I can try a music video on Friday night.

So here it is ... my shot at fame and fortune. Or everlasting ridicule.

Ron Dante, The Archies, Sugar Sugar

Come on, admit it. You were singing along, weren't you?! Yeah, you were!

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Obama Sued in Fed Court Over Citizenship Status

A story came to light yesterday afternoon that Barack Obama is being sued in Federal Court. Jeff Schreiber owner of the blog America's Right, says the suit seeks to stop Barry O from running for US President and prevent the Democrat Party from placing the name of The One in nomination on the grounds that Barry Soetoro-Obama may not be an American citizen and/or he may possess dual citizenship which, in the year of his birth, would make him ineligible for the highest office. (h/t Atlas Shrugs)

A prominent Philadelphia attorney and Hillary Clinton supporter filed suit this afternoon in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania against Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, the Democratic National Committee and the Federal Election Commission. The action seeks an injunction preventing the senator from continuing his candidacy and a court order enjoining the DNC from nominating him next week, all on grounds that Sen. Obama is constitutionally ineligible to run for and hold the office of President of the United States.

In the lawsuit, [Phillip] Berg states that Sen. Obama was born in Kenya, and not in Hawaii as the senator maintains. Before giving birth, according to the lawsuit, Obama's mother traveled to Kenya with his father but was prevented from flying back to Hawaii because of the late stage of her pregnancy, "apparently a normal restriction to avoid births during a flight." As Sen. Obama's own paternal grandmother, half-brother and half-sister have also claimed, Berg maintains that Stanley Ann Dunham--Obama's mother--gave birth to little Barack in Kenya and subsequently flew to Hawaii to register the birth.

Berg cites inconsistent accounts of Sen. Obama's birth, including reports that he was born at two separate hospitals--Kapiolani Hospital and Queens Hospital--in Honolulu, as well a profound lack of birthing records for Stanley Ann Dunham, though simple "registry of birth" records for Barack Obama are available in a Hawaiian public records office.

Should Sen. Obama truly have been born in Kenya, Berg writes, the laws on the books at the time of his birth hold that U.S. citizenship may only pass to a child born overseas to a U.S. citizen parent and non-citizen parent if the former was at least 19 years of age. Sen. Obama's mother was only 18 at the time. Therefore, because U.S. citizenship could not legally be passed on to him, Obama could not be registered as a "natural born" citizen and would therefore be ineligible to seek the presidency pursuant to Article II, Section 1 of the United States Constitution.

Moreover, even if Sen. Obama could have somehow been deemed "natural born," that citizenship was lost in or around 1967 when he and his mother took up residency in Indonesia, where Stanley Ann Dunham married Lolo Soetoro, an Indonesian citizen. Berg also states that he possesses copies of Sen. Obama's registration to Fransiskus Assisi School In Jakarta, Indonesia which clearly show that he was registered under the name "Barry Soetoro" and his citizenship listed as Indonesian.
On the face of it, this sounds like a great story with legs. And it may be. The biggest problem is Phillip Berg, though. He's a 9/11 nutter. He believes the entire day's events on September 11, 2001 were orchestrated from inside the US government.

That doesn't make Berg wrong about Obama. Afterall, three expert analysts have independently examined Barry O's birth certificate as presented on Obama's website and have determined it to be a forgery manufactured on top of his half-sister's, Maya Kasandra Soetoro, Hawaiian birth certificate.

All of this could be managed by nutcases across the country. Or, it could be true. We will never know if no one looks into the charges. Just remember - Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone ... unless he didn't.

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Global Warming is Dead, Long Live Global Cooling

Victor Manuel Velasco Herrera, National Autonomous University of Mexico climate expert says that Earth will enter a "little ice age" in about ten years. He claims the little ice age may last 60-80 years and is the result of
decreased solar activity.

Sol, our Sun, has not been recognized as an agent of cooling, said Herrera, only heating. The slight warming of the planet has caused glaciers to melt, move, and calve during a brief period of solar activity. This action has been interpreted as long term global warming. However, the decreased solar activity is associated more closely with cooling. Herrera's research suggests the cooling has actually been going on since 1995.

The climate models used by Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) forecasting a fried Earth in the near future are wrong. The predictions are based upon mathematical models that do not include natural phenomena or solar activity. The models, to be useful, should include natural events like volcanoes and solar activity as well as manmade events like pollution.

Farmers' Almanac is predicting a very cold winter this year. The 192 year old publication claims to be accurate 80-85% of the time. The National Weather Service, however, says temperatures this winter will be warmer than normal over much of the country, including Alaska, which is already recording the coldest summer temperatures since the 1970s. Anchorage has a normal average of 88 days above 60 degrees F, but this year has had only 35 days at or above 60F.

The almanac predicts above-normal snowfall for the Great Lakes and Midwest, especially during January and February, and above-normal precipitation for the Southwest in December and for the Southeast in January and February. The Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions should be getting an unusually wet or snowy February.
The Almanac's prognostication process is unorthodox to say the least. In fact, it's down right unscientific. The appropriately named Caleb Weatherbee, the Almanac's chief forecaster, "uses a secret formula based on sunspots, the position of the planets and the tidal action of the moon."
As non-linear as Weatherbee's process may be, his conclusions are borne out by e-mail comments he has received. Readers have spotted nature's signs indicating a very harsh winter. The folk signs include the quantity of acorns on the ground, the amount of hair on woolly caterpillars, and the frequency of August fog among many other natural indicators.

The 80-85% success rate of the Farmers' Almanac over 192 years is far better than anything the Weather Service has done over any two day period. I am a skeptic of most folkways, but I have experienced the accuracy of the Almanac all my life. I'll trust the Farmers' Almanac over the National Weather Service any day, any year.

Of course, it could just be that a period of cooling follows a period of warming as surely as winter follows summer.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Obama on Abortion-"Above My Pay Grade"

Much has been written already about Obama/McCain grudge match at Saddleback Church this past weekend, but not enough has been said about this comment. It's been stuck in my head since Barry O said it.

RICK WARREN: "At what point does a baby get human rights, in your view?"

OBAMA: "Well, uh, I uh ah think that, whether you are looking at it from a theological perspective, or a scientific perspective, uh, answering that question with specificity, uh, you know, is is uh above my pay grade."
Let that percolate a moment ... "above my pay grade."

Senator Obama wants desperately to be THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA the most powerful country and the most influential nation that has ever existed in all of history, and he can't answer one of the most important questions of the 20th and 21st centuries because it's above his pay grade.

Barry Os pay grade must be very low indeed. Like most folks, I am underpaid, but I've decided elective abortion is murder. It is certainly not above my pay grade to decide. The best Barry O could do was, 'not my job', 'not my table', 'above my pay grade." Pitiful, pitiful, pitiful.

If or when this country is attacked again, "above my pay grade", won't be acceptable. If the dollar collapses, "above my pay grade", will be wholly inadequate. Should the Yellowstone caldera erupt during and Obama presidency, "above my pay grade", cannot bring the relief required.

John McCain was asked the same question. His answer was simple, straight forward, to the point, no equivocation, "At the moment of conception."

Not above McCains pay grade.

The Presidency of the United States of America is above Obamas pay grade.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Flat Tire Leads to War

For want of a nail the shoe was lost.
For want of a shoe the horse was lost.
For want of a horse the rider was lost.
For want of a rider the battle was lost.
For want of a battle the kingdom was lost.
And all for the want of a horseshoe nail.

The English nursery rhyme was meant to explain the unintended consequences of one's thoughtless actions. The rhyme also applies to adults who may be too heavily invested in a preconceived outcome and circumstance set.

London Telegraph reporter Damien McElroy in Tblisi, tells the improbable story of how a war occurred because of careless automobile maintenance.

A flat tyre on a Russian diplomatic car triggered the slide to war in Georgia after it forced the cancellation of key peace talks the day before fighting erupted, The Sunday Telegraph has learned.

[T]he first substantial face-to-face talks on August 7 fell through after a farcical chain of events in which the top Russian diplomat claimed he was unable to attend the meeting in South Ossetia because his car tyre had run flat.

Refusing to take his excuse at face value, the Georgian delegation then assumed they were being lured into a trap, and began the shelling that invited the Russian invasion.

Details of how such a mundane incident sparked the crisis that now threatens to redraw global East-West relations emerged during an interview given to The Sunday Telegraph last week by Timur Yakobashvili, Georgia's chief negotiator. He recalled how on August 7, he traveled to the South Ossetian capital, Tskhinvali, for what he hoped would be a ground breaking round-the-table meeting. Waiting for him was a Russian General, Marat Kulakhmetov - but there was no sign of his Russian diplomatic counterpart, Yuri Popov, who was supposed to be chairing the talks, nor were any South Ossetian officials present.

"It was disturbing atmosphere," recalled Mr Yakobashvili. "Two days before, the South Ossetians had started using Russian positions to shoot at our troops. But we decided to make the trip anyway because a direct meeting would have been a breakthrough."

Asked as to whereabouts of the rest of the delegation, General Kulakhmetov was polite but blunt. He held up his phone to the Georgian negotiator's ear to demonstrate that the South Ossetian delegate had turned his mobile off.

A second mobile phone call to Yuri Popov, the Russian diplomat, chairman of the talks, added an element of the ridiculous to the impasse. "I called and spoke to Popov and he said he could not get to the office because his car had a flat tyre," said Mr Yakobashvili. "This was preposterous. I said the delegation must have more cars. He said there is another car but its tyre is flat too. At this point I knew it was a trap and I was very angry."
Perhaps if the Russian delegation had taken the advice of Barack Obama to check the tire pressure everyday, the Russo-Georgian War would never have happened. Improperly inflated tires can have unintended consequences far beyond wasted fuel mileage.

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Mitchel says McCain Cheated at Forum, McCain says Mitchel Repeats Falsehood

John McCain cheated at the Saddleback Forum. At least, that's what Andrea Mitchel said on MEET THE PRESS Sunday morning. More accurately, that's what Mitchell said the Obama camp is saying unofficially.

Politico says, "Mitchell reported that some "Obama people" were suggesting "that McCain may not have been in the cone of silence and may have had some ability to overhear what the questions were to Obama. He seemed so well prepared."

Maybe, like the old Woody Allen joke, the old white-haired dude looked into soul of The One.

From Gateway Pundit -

MS. ANDREA MITCHELL: ... there was the crisp, immediate, forceful response by John McCain, clearly in a comfort zone because he was with his base. And Barack Obama, taking a risk in going there but seeing an opportunity. And a much more nuanced approach. The Obama people must feel that he didn't do quite as well as they might have wanted to in that context, because that -- what they're putting out privately is that McCain may not have been in the cone of silence and may have had some ability to overhear what the questions were to Obama.
The McCain people have fired off a letter of protest to NBC saying the claims are completely false, unsubstantiated, and that they are "extremely disappointed" by the apparent partisan stance of the NBC reporters. The letter via Politico:

August 17, 2008
Mr. Steve Capus
President, NBC News
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10112


We are extremely disappointed to see that the level of objectivity at NBC News has fallen so low that reporters are now giving voice to unsubstantiated, partisan claims in order to undercut John McCain.

Nowhere was this more evident than with NBC chief correspondent Andrea Mitchell's comments on "Meet the Press" this morning. In analyzing last night's presidential forum at Saddleback Church, Mitchell expressed the Obama campaign spin that John McCain could only have done so well last night because he "may not have been in the cone of silence and may have had some ability to overhear what the questions were to Obama." Here are Andrea Mitchell's comments in full:

Mitchell: "The Obama people must feel that he didn't do quite as well as they might have wanted to in that context, because what they are putting out privately is that McCain may not have been in the cone of silence and may have had some ability to overhear what the questions were to Obama. He seemed so well-prepared." (NBC's "Meet The Press," 8/17/08)

Make no mistake: This is a serious charge. Andrea Mitchell is repeating, uncritically, a completely unsubstantiated Obama campaign claim that John McCain somehow cheated in last night's forum at Saddleback Church. Instead of trying to substantiate this blatant falsehood in any way, Andrea Mitchell felt that she needed to repeat it on air to millions of "Meet the Press" viewers with no indication that 1.) There's not one shred of evidence that it's true; 2.) In his official correspondence to both campaigns, Pastor Rick Warren provided both candidates with information regarding the topic areas to be covered, which Barack Obama acknowledged during the forum when asked about Pastor Warren's idea of an emergency plan for orphans and Obama said, "I cheated a little bit. I actually looked at this idea ahead of time, and I think it is a great idea;" 3.) John McCain actually requested that he and Barack Obama do the forum together on stage at the same time, making these kinds of after-the-fact complaints moot.

Indeed, instead of taking a critical journalistic approach to this spin, Andrea Mitchell did what has become a pattern for her of simply repeating Obama campaign talking points.

This is irresponsible journalism and sadly, indicative of the level of objectivity we have witnessed at NBC News this election cycle. Instead of examining the Obama campaign's spin for truth before reporting it to more than 3 million NBC News viewers, Andrea Mitchell simply passed along Obama campaign conspiracy theories. The fact is that during Senator Obama's segment at Saddleback last night, Senator McCain was in a motorcade to the event and then held in a green room with no broadcast feed. In the forum, John McCain clearly demonstrated to the American people that he is prepared to be our next President.....

We are concerned that your News Division is following MSNBC's lead in abandoning non-partisan coverage of the Presidential race. We would like to request a meeting with you as soon as possible to discuss our deep concerns about the news standards and level of objectivity at NBC.


Rick Davis
Campaign Manager
John McCain 2008

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ukraine Gives Soviet Satelite Defense System to West

As Russian President Dmitry Medvedev signed a cease fire deal in Putin's Most Excellent Adventure, Ukraine offered the US and Europe the use of a Soviet-built satellite facility for use in the European missile defence system.

Just hours before Mr Medvedev put his signature to the ceasefire deal, Russian forces blew up a Georgian railway bridge on the main line west of the capital, Tbilisi, an act that critics interpreted as a malicious attempt to cripple the country's infrastructure. Moscow at first issued a denial, but television footage shot by the Reuters news agency clearly showed the bridge's twisted remains.

Ukraine said it was ready to give both Europe and America access to its missile warning systems after Russia earlier annulled a 1992 cooperation agreement involving two satellite tracking stations. Previously, the stations were part of Russia's early-warning system for missiles coming from Europe.

"The fact that Ukraine is no longer a party to the 1992 agreement allows it to launch active cooperation with European countries to integrate its information," a statement from the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said.

It follows a declaration earlier this week from Ukraine's pro-Western president, Viktor Yushchenko, that the Russian naval lease of the Ukrainian Black Sea port of Sebastopol would be scrapped if any vessels joined the conflict in Georgia.

The crisis over Russia's display of military might in Georgia has alarmed ex-Soviet satellites states in a broad arc from the Baltics to Central Asia. Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania, all of which harbour bitter memories of Soviet occupation, have expressed solidarity with the Georgian position.
The nouveau-USSR is not pleased, not pleased at all.

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