Saturday, June 28, 2008

First Warhead Intercepted by US Missile

The US missile defense system scored its 29th success on Friday. In previous target intercept tests, the system was four for four against single stage SCUD type missiles. Fridays test was to prove the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense, THAAD, against a multi-stage missile after warhead separation.

"At approximately 4:31p.m. HDT one THAAD single-stage solid fueled missile was fired from its eight missile canister mobile launcher based on the edge of the Pacific Ocean on the western shore of Kauai, Hawaii streaking upward through the dark cloud layer... The kinetic intercept occurred a few minutes later using the missile's infrared heat-seeker in the upper atmosphere as the separating offensive warhead went through re-entry on its terminal phase of flight. Differing from previous tests was that the target missile was dropped from a C-17 Air Force transporter before it ignited and traveled through space."

"This test demonstrated THAAD's capability to take out a two-stage missile, as its previous 4 tests demonstrated THAAD's success with the single stage scud like missile. This successful test follows the activation of the US Army's Alpha Four Battalion for THAAD last month at Fort Bliss, El Paso, Texas."
Not too bad for a missile defense system that, according to the Democrats, is a complete and utter failure as well as a total waste of tax payers money that could have been wasted on Liberal projects.

Woo-hoo for the good guys!

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Friday, June 27, 2008

Barry and the Seal

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Death to Child Rapers Violates Constitution, Supreme Court Violates Common Decency

The rape of a child caused me to finally condemn the liberal position against capital punishment. This led me to question the entire Democrat platform and I could no longer abide by the stupidity of my former party. I could no longer justify the killing of a child while preserving the life of the killer. On that day, I admitted I was four-square a Conservative Republican, favoring capital punishment and opposing abortion.

Not far from where I live, an electrical engineer kidnapped, raped, and murdered a little girl in his RV. They neighbors and the parents knew the man as friendly. On a back road in San Diego County, he dumped her body in the roadside ditch and set the body aflame. He then drove home, cleaned the RV with bleach. He missed one fingerprint left by the child on the nightstand next to the bed.

He was convicted. I don't remember the sentence, but I advocated death then and ever since for child molesters, child rapists, and child murderers. Today, the US Supreme Court decided in a Louisiana case that capital punishment does not fit the crime, is cruel and unusual punishment, so is therefore unconstitutional. Only the loss of life justifies the death penalty, they said. They are wrong. The damage to a child is incalculable. Beyond that, a child molester, rapist, murderer cannot be rehabilitated, and are the most likely to recommit. They are the most dangerous of all criminals, because they can't be stopped and we refuse to eliminate them from society as soon as they appear.

I am not outraged because I am not surprised. I am surprised by this, though. Barack Obama told reporters in Chicago

"I disagree with the decision. I have said repeatedly that I think that the death penalty should be applied in very narrow circumstances for the most egregious of crimes."

The expected Democratic nominee said he believed the rape of a child "is a heinous crime" that fits the circumstance, siding with the four conservative justices who sit on the court...
As expected, Sen. John McCain released a statement condemning the decision of the majority as
"an assault on law enforcement's efforts to punish these heinous felons for the most despicable crime ... That there is a judge anywhere in America who does not believe that the rape of a child represents the most heinous of crimes, which is deserving of the most serious of punishments, is profoundly disturbing."

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Survivor: Muslim Flying School

Only PBS would bring this to America's family viewing hour. OK, maybe CBS would. On A Wing And A Prayer: An American Muslim Learns To Fly aired last month and this.

The Los Angeles PBS television station, KCET, describes the program like this: Muslim Monem Salam's efforts to get a pilot's license in the post-9/11 U.S. are examined. Sounds downright Frontline newsy.

I like the description of Colorado PBS station KBDI best - ON A WING AND A PRAYER follows one Muslim-American man on his quest to obtain a pilot's license. But will the "land of opportunity" deny Monem his dream in the aftermath of 9/11 and in the face of heightened domestic security? The cinema verité-style documentary reveals a funny, loveable, altogether human Muslim-American as he pursues the American dream against tides of negative public perception. [emphasis mine.] The stuff of classic American television sitcoms - 'Father Knows Best or Lose Your Head', 'Seven Brides for One Muslim Brother', and 'Love Goat'.

If you're into horror or surreal pictures, Pam Geller (Atlas Shrugs) has photos from the program.

Quite frankly, I think if Allah wanted Muslims to fly, he would have given them wings.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dr. James Hansen to Sue GW Non-Believers

Did you see this in yesterday's Guardian? Dr. James Hansen, the world's foremost climate scientist, wants to try the oil company executives for high crimes against humanity? He says they created doubt about Global Warming. "When you are in that kind of position, as the CEO of one the primary players who have been putting out misinformation even via organisations that affect what gets into school textbooks, then I think that's a crime," he told the Guardian.

He wants to sue everybody who has ever disagreed with his ideas of anthropogenic climate change, too.

Hansen is the guy who introduced Global Warming to Congress in 1988 when he testified that the temperature was getting warmer by .5C in the past 100 years of instrumented record keeping (see PDF of testimony).

Dr. Hansen presents himself as if he were an expert Climatologist. He's not. According to his Curriculum Vitae page at Columbia University, Hansen is the Physicist, Mathematician, and Astronomer. He has a B.A. (Physics and Mathematics), 1963, University of Iowa; M.S. (Astronomy), 1965, University of Iowa; Ph.D. (Physics), 1967, University of Iowa. Hmmm, doesn't get out much.

No Climatology degree.

I have a B.A. (Art) 1977, Cal State, Sacramento, California Teaching Credential (K-12), 1978, California State University, Florence, Italy. I'm a Climatologist because I say so. And I've been around. I was in Istanbul, Turkey between Christmas and New Year's Day 1977-78 when it snowed for the first time since 1944. We were all told it was Global Cooling and prepare for the coming New Ice Age.

When it comes to climate and weather, he's just an average Joe with a window and a rain gauge. And maybe a fraud, too.

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Monday, June 23, 2008

Obama Seal of Arrogance

The MSM, for all the biases, does have a sense of humor. Larry Sabato, University of Virginia Center for Politics director, explains that "The press corps adopts a subtext for each candidate... Daddy Bush was 'a nice guy but out of touch.' Bill Clinton was 'smart but randy.' Bob Dole was 'heroic but too old.' Gore was 'brilliant but a fibber and a bore.' Dubya was 'pleasant but dumb.' "

This past weekend, Barack Obama unveiled the Obama Presidential Seal. After days of derision and mockery, Obama 86ed the Seal.

"What a bizarre and dumb idea... It really feeds the arrogance narrative," said Chuck Todd, NBC political director.

Said Jake Tapper of ABC, "The Audacity of Hype... No word on whether they played a remix of 'Hail to the Chief' as Obama walked in."

LA Times Andy Malcolm quipped, Obama "has decided not to wait for any of the formalities like a presidential election, an inauguration or even a nomination, which he still hasn't actually officially won yet."

Marc Ambinder, Atlantic magazine, said, "I'm told that Obama recognizes that it was a silly mistake... Does the press think Obama is arrogant? Yes."

Larry concludes that the Obama subtext is becoming "charismatic but arrogant.”

Oh, and Obama may have dumped the seal because it's illegal.

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Europe Waking Up and Smelling the Espresso

Now Europe is getting nervous about an Obama presidency.

A Sunday Washington Post story says, "European officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they did not want to be seen as interfering with U.S. politics, said the demand that Iran first suspend its uranium enrichment is a European concept, not something forced on them by the Bush administration. Three European countries -- Britain, France and Germany -- persuaded Tehran to suspend its enrichment activities in 2003 while the two sides negotiated, until Iran declared in 2006 that the talks were fruitless and restarted their nuclear program."

Barry Obama, of course, has said he wants to negotiate directly with Tehran without preconditions. This would seriously jeopardize the work the Europeans have already done on behalf of the US and the UN and cause a serious rift between the US and our European allies who have risked much to follow the American lead with economic sanctions. These sanctions have been enshrined in UN resolutions giving the free world justification and authority to take concerted action against Iran which has reciprocated with naught but bellicosity , threats, and demands.

Continue on your chosen course, Senator. You may unite the West after all.

h/t Gateway Pundit who has more on the subject.

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Gee, he was here a moment ago.

A Few Words About Race From Scott Simon of NPR

Scott Simon hosts the National Public Radio show Weekend Edition Saturday. I like Scott Simon and this past Saturday I had a chance to like him a little more.

In a radio opinion piece, Simon criticized Barack Obama for the assertions he made that Republicans are going to try make Americans fear him. Obama said, “They’re going to try to make you afraid of me. He’s young and inexperienced and he’s got a funny name. And did I mention he’s black? ... We know the strategy because they've already shown their cards." Well, I don't know what cards the Republicans have shown that would bear upon Obama's race. Are there racist bigots in the Republican Party? No doubt, just as there are racist bigots in the Democrat Party.

We all know NPR to be a liberal act, but sometimes they say something worthy of a listen. So, for 3 mins, 6 secs, I ask you to listen to Reflections on Race and the Presidential Election.

John and Cindy McCain adopted several years ago a little girl from an orphanage in Bangladesh. To my knowledge, John McCain has never played any race card in any political race, although it was played against him in the 2000 S. Carolina presidential campaign by George Bush which he spoke about in a 2000 interview with Dad Magazine. Scott Simon and his wife adopted a little girl from China a few years ago. Both of these families love their daughters very much.

Barack Obama has shown himself to be lacking in honesty, humility, judgment, patriotism, knowledge, faith, and character. Without these qualities why should he be surprised if he is judged by the color of his skin. It's the only thing he has left, though he's corrupted that, too.

Sen. Obama is unworthy of the highest office in the land. Not because he's black or part Black, part Arab, part Caucasian. No, that racial mix plus honesty, humility, judgment, patriotism, knowledge, faith, and character could have guaranteed him the Oval Office. He is unworthy because Barack Obama, the man, is unworthy no matter what color he is.

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Homemade Signs for Obama

Back in February 2008, Teresa of Terry Ann Online, videotaped Obama workers handing out mass produced 'homemade' signs to folks in the crowd.

Watch for yourself - Terry Ann Online. Pretty funny, but not odd.

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More Thoroughbreds Put Down After Track Injuries

Boxing is dangerous and should be banned. That's what we've been told for years by do-gooders. I don't recall any pugilists euthanized in the ring because of injuries, though. What about this from the disAssociated Press:

"...thoroughbred racetracks in the U.S. reported more than three horse deaths a day last year and 5,000 since 2003, and the vast majority were put down after suffering devastating injuries on the track."

Photo: Eight Belles injured and euthanized on the track May 3, 2008.

On Saturday last, in the 1st race at Churchill Downs, a jockey was injured and his horse was euthanized ... or was the horse injured and jockey euthanized? A second horse was put down in the 4th race, too. Anyway, that's alot of horses being put down and alot of horse steaks going to waste in a food deficient world.

Thoroughbred horse racing is in dire need of reform. Yes, they are only horses, but still, without being anthropomorphic and maudlin, these animals need some protection from a very greedy sport from which the horses get little more than a pat on the neck and a lump of sugar while the owners who get lucky also get very rich.

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I'm Offended

Freedom of Speech is under attack as never before. It is happening under the guise of the 'shouting fire in a crowded theater' and 'words that could reasonably be expected to result in violence' doctrines enunciated by members of the Supreme Court which, in context, did so to protect the public from those who wished to destroy public cohesiveness and harmony, thereby bringing down the country and nation.

Jihad Watch and HotAir have created a mostly silent video to demonstrate that speech is being silenced. This post began as a simple comment of a few lines at Razor Sharp Claws which has posted the video, and the comment just grew.

Those of us who object to the Politically Correct atmosphere should recognize that these attacks and PC are not going to disappear on their own. The laws which we created to protect our society and our members are being used to tear us asunder until oblivion is achieved. We should start using the PC rules to fight back.

I'm offended by being called an infidel and kafir;

I'm offended by being called a tool of the Religious Right - I'm an atheist;

I'm offended by being told I cling to my gun and God when times get bad - I don't own a gun and see previous;

I'm offended by being called a 'Bushy' ( mostly because it just sounds childish and stupid);

I'm offended by having to pay higher taxes so someone can stay home to raise their kids;

I'm offended by being discriminated against because I'm not Gay;

I'm offended by being called non-Gay rather than heterosexual as if heterosexual is not normal;

I'm offended by being asked as a crippled man, 'what is normal?' We all know what normal is and isn't. It isn't being crippled, it isn't being gay, it isn't being grossly or morbidly obese, it isn't being a crazy with stupid ideas about global warming being manmade; it is being of sound mind and body, it is being attracted to the opposite sex, it is eating meat and vegetables, it is knowing that climate changes everyday with or without the help of mankind;

I'm offended by being called non-Hispanic as is if Caucasian or European is a pejorative, and besides, Hispanic is Caucasian and European;

I'm offended by hyphenated national identities. If you hold US citizenship, you are American - period, no hyphen, no special status;

I'm offended by being called a Fascist because I support America, oppose evil, and distain stupid people;

I'm offended by being told I cannot buy mylar balloons because they disrupt electricity delivery though no one has any examples of any such occurrence;

I'm offended by being told I cannot opt for plastic bags because millions of sea birds, seals, and dolphins have been killed by plastic bags washed into the ocean though no can point to one plastic bag caused death of any sea creature;

I'm offended when the food aid I pay for goes to people in need who consume the food and survive, then claim I am selfish and uncaring and still want to kill me because I was so soft in the head that I actually gave food aid to a stricken enemy;

I'm offended by drunks and drug addicts who collect government aid for their disabilities of choice, but I cannot collect for my physical limitations from birth though I struggle through my days and nights in pain;

I'm offended that the first people to be eliminated by the NAZIs in Holocaust, the cripples, the retarded, those deemed 'life unworth of life' still have no memorial. The last person killed by the rules developed by NAZIs for the Holocaust was a deformed baby born in 1946 Vienna.

I'm offended by being told that denying Antropogenic Global Warming is the same as Holocaust denial;

I am offended by many things which I simply accept as part of life. I'm offended mostly by cry babies who cower at the sound of the slightest slight, whose heart bleeds until they have no more to bleed and then must stab someone elses heart to continue the bleeding.

I'm offended and I'm not going to take it anymore.

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