Saturday, February 16, 2008

Normalcy Comes to Iraq

Real progress in Iraq is not found on the battlefields, or in closed door political meetings in Baghdad, but in the lives of ordinary people. Sulaimaniya, near the Kurdish border, has a new women's basketball team with a U.S. basketball coach.

A women's's basketball team was only a year ago completely out of the question. People, especially the 160 girls who showed up to try out, would have been risking their lives and the lives of their families. Today, life in most of Iraq are safe enough for normal life to return, life without fear of death for simply playing a hoop game.

First women's basketball school in Sulaimaniya

Baghdad -
Voices of Iraq
Saturday , 26 /01 /2008

Baghdad, Jan 26, (VOI) – A U.S. basketball coach opened the first women's basketball school in Sulaimaniya city in an attempt to revive the sport and boost its popularity, Iraq's basketball federation chief said on Saturday.

"On Friday, a U.S. coach, Depp Backot, inaugurated a basketball school for women with the aim of training girls and holding training courses for coaches," Hussein al-Amidi told Aswat al-Iraq, Voices of Iraq, (VOI).

According to al-Amidi, 160 girls applied for the test and only 50 have been chosen to join the program, which aims to boost the sport in the country.

All of the school requirements have been provided, al-Amidi indicated, noting that the U.S. coach has chosen the closed hall in al-Sulaimaniya Sports Club as a headquarters for the school.

Backot has completed a tour of schools across the city to raise girls' awareness of the sport.

Sulaimaniya, one of the major cities in Iraq's Kurdistan region, lies 364 km northeast of the Iraqi capital Baghdad.
President Eisenhower said, "People want peace so much that governments are just going to have get out of their way and let them have it." Whether or not Islamofascists, or traditionalists, or clerics, mullahs, and imams like it, a brave new world is descending on Iraq and it can't be stopped. Normal life has come and people like it.

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Anbar Stable After al-Qaida Defeat, But Folks Still Wary

Al-Anbar Province, Iraq, is essentially al-Qaida free according to the folks who live there. It's not only al-Qaida free, but the locals want to keep it that way. The locals are not certain Anbar will remain safe from the Osama bin Laden sponsored franchise. Many think the Sahwa (Awakening) Councils can fend off the bandits, albeit it with American help, while others believe al-Qaida can still mount the ultimate offensive and retake the province.

The debate itself, puts another lie to Nancy Pelosi's assertion that no progress is being made and the whole thing is a failure.

Qaim versus Qaeda – Gloves still off

Anbar - Voices of Iraq
Saturday , 16 /02 /2008 Time 9:27:36

Al-Anbar, Feb 15, (VOI) – Some residents of Anbar province believe that it is a likely assumption that al-Qaeda might re-disseminate its elements throughout their province again, starting from cities such as Al-Qaim. Others however believe that al-Qaeda’s prevalence in their province is a nightmare that happened only once, and will never be revived.

A question looms in the minds of people in Anbar; will al-Qaeda elements be able to defeat the U.S. backed Sahwa (Awakening) tribal councils, and take-over their province again?

Civil servant, Yasser Hindi (65 years), sees that al-Qaeda’s influence on people's perceptions in Anbar province came to an end before the evolution of the Awakening Councils, because "Qaida committed crimes that proved to the people of Anbar that al-Qaeda's aim is not to liberate Iraq, as it was announced," Hindi said to Aswat al-Iraq – Voices of Iraq – (VOI), adding, "people now feel safe. There are no random raids, assassinations, abductions and killings; that's why people no longer want al-Qaeda in control of their province."

As Hindi confirmed that al-Qaeda has no ability to re-emerge in Anbar province. "Al-Qaeda cannot return to our cities in Anbar," Hindi told VOI, clarifying "this is due to different reasons, such as the rehabilitation process in Anbar, despite the fact that this process is progressing slowly."

On the contrary of Hindi, Abu Khaldon, a college professor, thinks that is the return of al-Qaeda elements to Anbar is a possibility." Al-Qaeda in Iraq has sleeping-cells at the edges of Al-Qaim and some other cities of Anbar province," Abu Khaldon asserted to VOI.

Regarding an attack on a group of Iraqi policemen that took place on February 10, 2008 in Al-Obaidi – 30 km east of Al-Qaim city, Abu Khaldon said to VOI "This is an al-Qaeda plot, because al-Qaeda considers anyone that doesn't use violence against Americans as heathen," referring to some people in Al-Anbar province who know al-Qaeda is futile, but yet continue to support it.

Nevertheless, Abu Khaldon commented to VOI "If Qaida would be back to operate on a wide-scale in Anbar, which is currently not easily achieved, it should first correct its antecedent approach, not to commit the same mistakes, and not to consider any Muslim as heathen because he works as a policeman, if he is Baathist, or others;" however, Abu Khaldon believes that the current relatively stable security situation in Anbar is "phony," and that "Resistance against Americans in Iraq might re-appear at any moment in Al-Anbar cities that provide safe-hides for the fighters at the end of the battles."

Officials in Al-Qaim city, which is considered al-Qaeda’s gate to Anbar province, strictly rejects the idea that al-Qaeda can work again in the western part of Iraq. "There is no place for al-Qaeda in our province anymore," Farhan Ftekhan, head of Al-Qaim City Council said to VOI.

Ftekhan, who was a brigadier of the former regime's air-force, corroborates his confirmation by saying "This province became stable after defeating al-Qaeda," explaining "In 2007, there were only two cases of Qaida elements crossing our borders with Syria, compared to hundreds of similar cases in 2005." He asserted "Our borders have been free of al-Qaeda elements crossing over in 2008, until now that is.”

A police officer in Al-Qaim city said to VOI on condition of anonymity "It's absolutely an imaginary situation that our city would once again re-embrace al-Qaeda elements," adding, "They killed our sons under the pretexts of atheism, and evasion from battling Americans."

A civil servant working in a customs office on the Iraqi borders with Syria spoke to VOI on condition of anonymity. "Overlapping of the two terms of Resistance and al-Qaeda creates a sort of confusion among the people of Anbar." He added, "After the Awakening Councils came to power in this province, any resistance fighter that opposes U.S. occupation in Iraq was considered a member of al-Qaeda, even if that fighter doesn't believe in al-Qaeda’s aims and principles."

Ex-officer of the former Iraqi Army, Abu Bilal (44 years), agrees with the civil servant, accusing Americans in Iraq of "attributing all Resistance military operations to al-Qaeda or to the proponents of the former regime" Abu Bilal said to VOI, confirming, "the main source of the military operations against U.S. occupation in Iraq is the real Iraqi Resistance, not al-Qaeda."

Journalist Saleem Shatee (41 years) believes that hate-tone against al-Qaeda increasingly ranked higher in the public-agenda of Anbar province, due to media effects on both levels of salience and attributes. "Sometimes media influence had side-effects on the Iraqi Resistance," Shatee told VOI, adding "the average Iraqis in Anbar started condemning any military operation against American troops, both inside and outside of Anbar province."

According to Shatee, "Al-Qaeda even killed Iraqi Resistance fighters that didn't believe in Qaida patronage in Iraq," proceeding "Al-Qaeda elements slaughtered innocent people in public, in Anbar province, before women and kids," asserting "Al-Qaeda fighters made the scene of blood a normal daily issue in the cities of Anbar, when they dominated that Iraqi province, as they were ready to kill anyone for a very simple reason, just for criticizing al-Qaeda’s criminal acts."

"This province became stable after defeating al-Qaeda." I call that progress.

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Friday, February 15, 2008

Part of Our World World - Ajo, Arizona

Most of our world exists far from the news centers. Terror and politics are far, far away. The news from that part of our world will probably never change the course of history or be of much interest outside of a small circle. Nevertheless, whatever happens there is big news to those who live in those small places.

Since 1916, the Ajo Copper News has been the weekly newspaper serving Ajo, Why, & Lukeville in Southwestern Arizona and will for many more years. And we all wish the Ajo Copper News webmaster all the best and get well soon.

February 13, 2008

• The Ajo Historical Society has had a new security system installed at the museum.

• The Pima County Sheriff's Department is advising residents to make sure they lock their doors before retiring for the night following multiple reports of a prowler.

• The Western Pima County Community Council met last Thursday. Topics included Pima Community College educational opportunities; a letter from Judge Kearney about court in Ajo; the community garden consortium, updates about law enforcement, Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, skatepark status, and a report from county supervisor Sharon Bronson's office.

• Activities for the week include a Valentine's dance, rummage and food sales, Cabeza Prieta Natural History Association field trips, and lectures and storytime at the library.

• Oscar Perez, 49, died February 4, 2008, in a Phoenix hospital. The family is asking for donations to pay for funeral arrangements through Douglass Funeral Home.

• Happy Birthday Hoppy & Moppy David!

• Carmen Maya is celebrating her 85th birthday on Valentine's Day.

(The webmaster is recovering from surgery and will be undergoing chemotherapy. Web news may be delayed.)

Ajo Copper News

About Hop

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Superdelegates and the Buying of the Democrat Nomination

Bribing voters with cash during political campaigns is generally illegal, immoral, and just plain wrong. Even the possibility of bribery with booze has been sufficent to close bars, pubs, and taverns on voting day. However, outright cash bribery of superdelegates is totally permissable within the Democrat Party.

Superdelegate is not a term used in the Democrat Party rule book. Under Rule 9A, they are called "unpledged party leader and elected official delegates" comprised of:

1. The individuals recognized as members of the DNC (as set forth in Article Three, Sections 2 and 3 of the Charter of the Democratic Party of the United States); and,

2. The Democratic President and the Democratic Vice President of the United States, if applicable; and,

3. All Democratic members of the United States House of Representatives and all Democratic members of the United States Senate; and,

4. The Democratic Governor, if applicable; and,

5. All former Democratic Presidents, all former Democratic Vice Presidents, all former Democratic Leaders of the U.S. Senate, all former Democratic Speakers of the U.S. House of Representatives and Democratic Minority Leaders, as applicable, and all former Chairs of the Democratic National Committee.
There are about 800 superdelegates, about 20% of the 4ooo total, that will be at the Democrat Party convention and they are not bound by the wishes of the voters, they can do as they damned well please. The superdelegates are there just in case the the democrat masses fail to elect the 'right' candidate. If the party officials dissapprove of the popular choice, the superdelegates can overrule the people by electing the choice of the party bosses.

A very democratic rule and practice, to be sure. But not to fear, each superdelegate has pledged to follow the will of the voters and not be swayed by big bucks. We have their word of sacred honor on that.

According to Political Intellegence of the Boston Globe,

Obama's political action committee has doled out more than $694,000 to superdelegates since 2005, the study found, and of the 81 who had announced their support for Obama, 34 had received donations totaling $228,000.

Clinton's political action committee has distributed about $195,000 to superdelegates, and only 13 of the 109 who had announced for her have received money, totaling about $95,000.
The candidates and the superdelegates say that getting control of the Executive and Legislative branches of government is far more important than from whom the emoluments have been received.

Yet the Center for Responsive Politics has found that campaign contributions have been a generally reliable predictor of whose side a superdelegate will take. In cases where superdelegates had received contributions from both Clinton and Obama, all seven elected officials who received more money from Clinton have committed to her. Thirty-four of the 43 superdelegates who received more money from Obama, or 79 percent, are backing him. In every case the Center found in which superdelegates received money from one candidate but not the other, the superdelegate is backing the candidate who gave them money. Four superdelegates who have already pledged received the same amount of contributions from both Clinton and Obama—and all committed to Clinton.
On the surface, you may think this is not a very democratic way to choose a candidate, and you'd be right. As a matter of fact, the Democratic Party didn't want it to be democratic.

Though it might seem undemocratic to allow elected officials who have received money from the candidates to have such power in picking their party's nominee, the process was not meant to be democratic, Arizona State's Herrera said.

"If anything, it was meant to take it out of the democratic process. In 1982 [the party] said they needed to have some professionals making decisions here to blunt the potential effects of what they perceived as amateur delegates making decisions—those who vote with their heart and not their head."

Ahh, now there, in a nutshell, is the Democrat Party we all have come to know and fear. The party elite never intended for the process to be democratic because they don't trust the masses , the "amateurs", to make grown-up decisions. Only the Democrat Party elite think with their heads. The amateurs, i.e., children, are too emotional to make important adult decisions.

It should be pointed out that in the 2000 presidential election, the Democrat Party, in Bush v. Gore, accused the Republican Party and George Bush of stealing the Florida vote from Al Gore. In the current election process, the Democrats seem to be on the cusp of stealing the election from themselves with nary a Republican in sight. Their crooked ways of practicing democracy and their cock-eyed views on what constitutes free and fair democratic elections is becoming so clear to all that even Democrat Party members are questioning the party rules and elites.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Kurt Westergaard's Life Threatened Again Over Mo'toons

Newspapers in Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Spain have reprinted the Mo'toon from two years ago after the cartoonist Kurt Westergaard was threatened with assassination. Republishing the cartoons is meant to demonstrate the newspapers committment to freedom of speech. (Associated Press)

I originally published the Mo'toons January 30, 2006, Sometimes a Cartoon is Just a Cartoon.

Attack on Muhammad cartoonist prevented

Three people suspected of planning to assassinate the graphic artist Kurt Westergaard were arrested in Denmark on Tuesday. Westergaard's caricature of the prophet Mohammed carrying a bomb in his turban caused a furore when the newspaper Jyllands-Posten published a series of Mohammed caricatures in 2005.

The newspaper is now reprinting this caricature as a symbol of freedom of opinion, and writes: "The positive thing about the story is that the Muhammad crisis and the reactions to current events have shown clearly that freedom of opinion is a fundamental prerequisite for a free society. It has become apparent that encroachments on freedom of opinion will not be tolerated in this country. Taking resolute action serves as an object lesson for anti-democrats in Denmark and elsewhere. Freedom of opinion guarantees us the right to think, say and draw what we want. We are answerable only to the law. No terrorist plan can change that."
Courrier International
The three men were subsequently released for lack of evidence.

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Miserable Life for Berkeley Marines, Council Promises

In a 7-2 vote, the Berkeley City Council chose to ignore the problem they created two weeks ago when they sent a letter to the Marine Corps recruitment office saying the Marines were 'uninvited and unwelcome intruders'. The letter also told the Marines to get out of town.

Now, says the Council, the Marines can stay...sorta.

In a 1 A.M. vote the council

- recognizes "the recruiters' right to locate in our city and the right of others to protest or support their presence,"

- opposes "the recruitment of our young people into this war,"

- encourages "all people to avoid cooperation with the Marine Corps recruiting station."

But no apology.

And welcome to the bizarre world called Berkeley.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Berkeley - USMC Rumble Tonight

The Berkeley City Council is slated to revisit the Marine recruitment office eviction tonight. Activity began early this morning at 6 A.M. when supporters of Code Pink and supportes of the United States Marine Corp clashed on Martin Luther King Jr. Way. According to the San Jose Mercury, the crowd had begun to gather at 5 A.M. Police were called to keep the two groups separate, but equal.

The resolution passed two weeks ago in a 6-3 vote spark a nation wide campaign that has made Berkeley a bigger laughing stock than they already are. Berkeley is often referred to as "Berzerkely" and "The People's Republic of Berkeley" because of the far left, socialist politiacal social stances the city and residents have taken over the years.

This time it's a little different. A long time ago, when Vietnam veterans were returning from the battle zones of Southest Asia, they would often meet with hostility and violence in Berkeley, the home of the peacenic Univesity of California at Berkeeley. This time around, the City Council and Mayor Bates, a retired Army Captain, bullied by Code Pink, have attacked the Marine Corps by rescinding their license the occupy office space for recruitment within town.

The community has responded in defense of the Marine Corp and that seems to have been a big surprise to the elected officails and the Code Pink bullies. In just the past week, Councilman Gordon Wozniak, who opposed the original eviction action, has received 26,000 emails concerning the Marines. And he is just one of nine council members.

Gordon has logged 24,000 emails supporting the Marines while the Code Pinkos and city council were supported by only 2,000 email senders. He says, "On a hot issue, we sometimes get a couple hundred e-mails. I've never seen anything like this. I'm getting one every five minutes. It's huge."

For the Council meeting tonight, some 500 people are expected for a meeting room that only holds 123. There will be protesters in the streets well into the darkness because the Marine issue is number 25 on an agenda of 28 items. It will be near midnight before any action is taken or possibly even discussed.

Right out of the Lenin playbook, the Code Pink group is already claiming a victory. Said Zanne Joi, a Code Pinko, "We trust the council will not be swayed by this vicious right-wing attack. This violent reaction of the pro-war forces shows how threatened they are by a small group of people working against recruitment. They claim the Marines fought for our freedom of speech, and how dare we use our freedom of speech against them."

A spokesman for Move Americ Forward, Danny Gonzalez, pointed out that only the one item will possibly be rescinded, but no apology will be issued. The City Council is still "attempting to get the Marines to leave. They're just trying to get the heat off, and that's not going to work. It's empty; it's not a genuine apology."

The Council will also vote to request Canada to offer sanctuary to war resisters. Apparently the City Council of Berkeley is stuck on stupid as well as stuck in the 1960's - there is no draft, so there's no reason to run to Canada. The U.S. military is an all volunteer force. Morons.

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Marines Invited to Toledo Zoo

Finkbeiner, mayor of Toledo, has extended an invite to all 200 members of the 1-24 Marine Corps Reserve to spend a day at the Toledo Zoo. How thoughtful.

Lt. Col Francis Piccoli, the director of public affairs for the Marine Forces Reserve, told 24 Hour News 8 no representatives from the Marines are planning to attend the hearing, saying "it's not necessary for us to be there."

Toledo's convention and visitor's bureau says it is offering all the members of Alpha Company a card that gives them free food, lodging, and a trip to their zoo.

Everything's all better now.

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Monday, February 11, 2008

Finkbeiner Invites Marines Back, But...

Carty Finkbeiner, Toledo mayor (DEMOCRAT), had the following e-mail sent to the 1-24 Marines with instrsuctions that it be included in all press releases concerning his moronic decision to boot the Corps from his town. The good mayor begins by counting the ways he loves the Marines, mostly involving parades and pancake breakfasts.

-----Original Message-----
From: Sperr, Barbara
Sent: Monday, February 11, 2008 5:39 PM
To: [a bunch of .mil addresses]
Subject: USMC

February 11, 2008


My respect and admiration for the U.S. Marine Corp., as well as the U.S. Military, is second to no other citizen's. Over the years, I have always been supportive of our military services, including active participation in Memorial Day services, special military events, and a variety of community programs supporting the armed services.

In my recent conversations with Major Jeffrey Brooks, Weapons Company, Perrysburg, Ohio and Lt. Col Francis Piccoli, Director of Public Affairs Marine Force Reserve, New Orleans, I have stated my regret that there was a communication breakdown between the U.S. Marine Corp. and my office. I accept full responsibility for that breakdown. I have further stated my desire to have the U.S. Marine Corp. conduct training exercises in the City of Toledo, wherever appropriate, with the probable exception of the Central Business District.

Please accept this as a formal invitation, on behalf of the City of Toledo, to make arrangements through my office at 419-245-1001. I will then assign the appropriate people on my staff to work with the Marine Corp. staff to accommodate the needs of our community and yet meet any requirements you may have.

I look forward to working with your organization to maintain your status as the nation's premiere force in readiness. If in the interim I can provide any further assistance, please do not hesitate to call me or my Chief of Staff, Mr. Robert R. Reinbolt, for assistance.

From Toledo -
an International Award Winning City!

Carty Finkbeiner
I like the part in which the mayor invites the Marines back to Toledo to train wherever they need, except in the downtown business area buildings where they actually want to train. Just call the mayors office, he says, to set up the place and time for training - oops, when the Marine Major tried to contact the mayor when the unit was kicked out, the mayor was in a meeting of galactic import and couldn't be disturbed/bothered - he will assign people to control everything. Yeah, anything for the Corps - Sempre Fi, Mac.

"I believe I made the right decision. I would do it again this Friday if I had to do that," Finkbeiner said. And Finkbeiner made it clear the anyone who questioned his patriotism is a "baboon". A regular Nathan Hale, Finkbeiner is - 'I only regret that I have but one country to lose in my life.'

Negative reactions to the mayor's decision poured in from all over the country. As with Berkeley, many folks called for withholding Federal funds from Toledo, while some said to recall the mayor. Some went so far as to call for a boycott of Toledo. I'm sorry, but neither Berkeley nor Toledo are real high on my bucket list.

This whole affair will be expensive for Finkbeiner, Toledo, and the Marines. The cost to the mayor and Toledo are yet to be determined. The preliminary loss to the Marine Reserves is aywhere from $10,000 to $16,000.

Thurber's Thoughts

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Pelosi is the Name, Defeat is the Game

The surge is a failure and the war is lost. That is still the position of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi according to Politico when she was interviewed Sunday by Wolf Blitzer, CNN talking head.

"Are you not worried, though," Blitzer asked the Speaker, "that all the gains that have been achieved over the past year might be lost?"

Speaker Pelosi answerd,

There haven't been gains, Wolf. The gains have not produced the desired effect, which is the reconciliation of Iraq. This is a failure. This is a failure."

The troops have succeeded, God bless them. We owe them the greatest debt of gratitude for their sacrifice, their patriotism, and for their courage and to their families as well.

Afghanistan is not settled because the president took his eye off the ball and took the full attention that should have been in Afghanistan, and shifted some of that to Iraq, a war without end, without a plan, without a reason to go in, without a plan to win, without a strategy to leave. This is a disaster ... we cannot perpetuate.
Our adversary, al-Qaida has a different opinion, says the Times Online. Two AQ letters have been released by the Pentagon, each demonstrating Coalition actions have put a severe crimp in al-Qaida's style.

An unnamed emir, writting in a 39 page letter found in Anbar province, referring to Sunnis who had joined with the American forces, admitted that

we helped them to unite against us ... The Americans and the apostates launched their campaigns against us and we found ourselves in a circle not being able to move, organise or conduct our operations... This created weakness and psychological defeat. This also created panic, fear and the unwillingness to fight. The morale of the fighters went down ... There was a total collapse in the security structure of the organisation.

The Islamic State of Iraq [al-Qaeda] is faced with an extraordinary crisis, especially in al-Anbar province. Al-Qaeda’s expulsion from Anbar created weakness and psychological defeat. This also created panic, fear and the unwillingness to fight.

The morale of the fighters went down and they wanted to be transferred to administrative positions rather than be fighters. There was a total collapse in the security structure of the organisation.
The pool of foreign fighters had dried up making it harder to conduct operations inside Iraq with crews that could blend in. Foreign suicide bombers, unable to get assignments that would kill "not less than 20 or 30 infidels" were kept just hanging around and became so disillusioned, they gave up, took their toys, and went home.

In another 16 page document, an al-Qaida commander writes,

I am Abu-Tariq, emir of the al-Layin and al-Mashahdah sector ... We were mistreated, cheated and betrayed by some of our brothers who used to be part of the Jihadi movement, therefore we must not have mercy on those traitors until they come back to the right side or get eliminated completely ... Those people were nothing but hypocrites, liars and traitors and were waiting for the right moment to switch sides with whoever pays them most ... There were almost 600 fighters in our sector before the tribes changed course 360 degrees ... Many of our fighters quit and some of them joined the deserters ... As a result of that the number of fighters dropped down to 20 or less.
Let's see, Nancy Pelosi says we, the U.S., are losing the war, there are no gains, and all is failure versus the enemy saying the surge and Awakening Councils created weakness and psychological defeat among the jihadis, mujahedeen; created panic, fear, and an unwillingness to fight so that many deserted and went home.

Miss Nancy should stop listening to the President whom she does not believe anyway and start listening to her heroes in al-Qaida who believe much as the Speaker does. Except that it is not the U.S. and Coalition forces who are losing, rather it is the bad guys who are losing. And all this is bad news for Miss Nancy, Senators Clinton and Obama, and the whole Liberal/Defeatist Complex.

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Toledo Mayor Tries to Explain Marine Eviction

Carty Finkbeiner, Mayor of Toledo, Ohio, held a press conference last night to explain why he ordered the United States Marine Corps to leave his city. He claimed he didn't know the Marines were coming to town despite the advance planning the Police Dept had done with the Marine unit, the final planning meeting in January, and the notices to be distributed this week. As a kid, he probably didn't know Santa Claus was coming to town, either.

Finkbeiner also said he had seen the looks of "wonderment" and "fear" on the faces of citizens during the last exercise in 2006 that prepped the Marine unit for their assignment to Fallujah, Iraq.

When asked if the mayor had done right, a Toledoan said, "No, I feel we would have welcomed the marines. They're here to protect us." Another said, "I think Carty scares the people more than the Marines scare the people."

Carty Finkbeiner, according to Maggie Thurber, was a Republican, then an Independent, and now has been a Democrat for about ten years. In my opinion, Finkbeiner apparently is not a man of firm convictions.

Toledo television station, WTOL11, reports,

TOLEDO -- Mayor Carty Feinbeiner called a press conference, Saturday night, to explain why he didn't want Marines training in downtown Toledo. Marines from Grand Rapids Michigan say they planned their urban exercises with the police department well in advance.

The Mayor says he and other top city leaders didn't know about it until hours before their arrival, Friday. He says with thousands of business workers leaving downtown on Friday evening that downtown is not a good place for the training.

Back in 2006 the Marines used downtown Toledo for their urban exercises to prepare them for situations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Mayor Finkbeiner says he observed that training and saw citizens walking by. "There was a look of wonderment and some people's faces and a look of fear on other people's faces."

Finkbeiner says in 2006 he met with the Public Safety Director and Chief of Staff. "I said this is not a good idea."

This time he says there was not enough information passed along to city leaders. "Good planning can get a lot accomplished on behalf of the military while protecting the health, welfare and safety and tranquility of the men and women who live there."

However the Marines' Company Commander Dan Whisnant says, "We had press releases going out this week. We had a previous planning meeting a final planning conference essentially in January and everything was good to go.

News 11 asked people if they think Mayor Finkbeiner's decision is right.

One woman we asked says, "No, I feel we would have welcomed the marines."

"They're here to protect us. The mayor has no say in what they can and cannot do and I don't think the citizens have a problem with it," says another woman.

"I think Carty scares the people more than the Marines scare the people," says one man.

Thurber's Thoughts has posted that the Toledo City Council will announce an initiative at 3PM Central Time showing support for the Marines and will demand the mayor apologize.

Good on the Toledo City Council. Maybe this anti-Marine stupidity will be nipped in the bud without any more looney mayors and councils trying to throw Marines out of Dodge. The Toledo Marines threw al-Qaida out of Fallujah and Finkbeiner thinks he can do what AQ couldn't. Moron.

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