Saturday, January 19, 2008

Zoo Babies

Zoos and babies went together very nicely in January, 2008. No teasing, no killing.

Kibo, a reticulated giraffe, enjoys her first week of life at the Cologne Zoo in Germany, Thursday, Jan. 17, 2008.

Mother Zazie cradles her new born baby boy at the Hanover Zoo in Germany.

The little gorilla was born Friday, Jan. 11, 2008. He is the 5th child of Buzandi, a male gorilla.

Tamo lives at the Wuppertal Zoo. The little elephant is one month old having come into this world Dec 13, 2007.

Lion cubs, Aketi and Aru, make their public debut at the Wuppertal Zoo on Tuesday, Jan 8, 2008. The mother, Malaika gave birth to the cubs on Oct 4, 2007.

The mother of this 2 kg fur ball was thought to be a danger to the cub and the two were separated. The unnamed cub is being bottled fed every three hours at the Nuremberg Zoo, Germany. After a high fat milk meal, nothing is better than a nap.

A two month old orangutan is the very model of innocence. The mother, A-me, cuddles her babe in the Guadalajara Zoo, Mexico on Jan. 11, 2008.

Raz is only the second of his species to be born in Britain. The Aye Aye is a rare species of Lemur from Madagascar where it is thought to be an omen of bad luck. The tiny animal has been hunted to near extinction. Raz was born and currently resides at the Bristol Zoo Gardens, England.

The infant Homo Sapien, Daniel Jimenez, gets up close and personal with a lowland gorilla at the Fort Worth Zoo in Texas, Saturday, Jan. 2008.

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Friday, January 18, 2008

Michelle Obama Screws-up State's Name, Insults South Carolina

Michelle Obama should have read my Wednesday post, "It's Nuh-VAA-duh, Stupid!" Mrs. Obama was is Reno today and committed the ultimate sin in a state celebrated for legal prostitution and gambling. She mispronounced the name of the state.

The Associated Press writes, Michelle Obama

was introducing her husband, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, by saying how happy she was to be in Nuh-VAH-duh. The crowd at the University of Nevada Reno immediately burst into heckles...Michelle Obama immediately realized her mistake. "Nuh-VAD-uh! Oh, no," she said, putting her head in her hands in recognition of her blunder.

"I've been in South Carolina too long!" she said, a reference to her campaigning the primary state that comes next after Nevada's caucus Saturday.

"It's nice to be here Nuh-VAD-uh! Nevada, Nevada, Nevada!" she said, making the politically correct pronunciation over and over again to applause from the crowd.
"I know how to bounce back from my mistakes."
And then she insulted South Carolina. Yep, nice bounce back.

Perhaps Michelle Obama did read the post, but chose to ignore it, or just forgot. I don't kknow. All I know is that if only people would read my blog and do what I say, the world would be a much better place.

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Taliban Swatted from Swat Valley by Pak Army

In Pakistan, not all is bad news, doom, and embarrassment for the government and military of President Pervez Musharraf. Some British era forts have been given up in the south, but al-Qaida/Taliban forces have been pushed out of the northern territories.

Militants overran Sararogha Fort, a small roadside garrison manned by 42 soldiers of the Frontier Constabulary. Seven soldiers are known to have been killed before the garrison was overwhelmed by the 200 attackers approaching from four sides, breaching the walls with rocket fire. Fifteen soldiers retreated to another fort 10 miles away and 15 others are missing. The military says the Constabulary killed 50 militants before abandoning the garrison.

Another post was evacuated without a fight after Taliban forces warned them to flee or face attack. These were the same Taliban that attacked Sararogha Fort a day earlier. Having only 35-40 soldiers and being aware of the previous days' action, the Constabulary commander retreated to a nearby town.

Both garrisons are in the Mehsud area of S. Waziristan where the fighters are loyal to Taliban commander Baitullah Mehsud. Mehsud is believed to be the mastermind behind the murder of Benazir Bhutto on Dec 27, 2007 in Rawalpindi and the deaths of more than 450 people in 19 suicide bombings over the past three months.

Farther north, Pakistani troops have pushed Taliban forces from the Swat Valley into mountainous area completely covered in snow. Operation "Rah E Haq" has re-established "the writ of the government and clean[ed] the area [of] miscreants has been successfully accomplished," said General Ahmed Shuja Pasha, Director General Military Operations.

Of the "miscreants" encountered in the operation, ten were killed and 615 were arrested, 100 of whom were being investigated while the balance were released. Nine civilians were also killed in the fighting and 35 security forces "embraced shahadat" (they're dead.) Many more miscreants fled to join other Taliban forces elsewhere in Pakistan, perhaps even in S. Wazirstan where the Pak Army was so ruefully humiliated, according to the MSM, when they tactically retreated.

The folks living in the area, said the General, were getting aid from the Army under the "Quick Impact Program" and a compensation package was also being discussed. Injured civilians were being provided free medical services and the families of the killed were also given proper care. The locals, in turn, were cooperating with the Army. While the Taliban had been in control of the area, schools for girls had been shut and those for boys were restricted to religious lessons only. They had carried out many beheadings, murders, and burned homes. After the Armies arrival, a dozen FM radio stations had been returned to airwaves providing needed news, information, and entertainment which had been banned under the Taliban.

All in all, the Pak Army has one quite well. They have pushed the Taliban miscreants from N. Pakistan into tight pockets of S. Waziristan along the Afghan border. I suspect the next series of operations will be in that area where Waziri elders ordered thousands of fighters to gather to hunt down al-Qaida linked militants who had slaughtered nine tribal elders.

Tribal chief Malik Ghaffar ordered at a jirga, "One man from each house should come to Wana with a gun at 10am on Thursday to plan our defence and act against those who are responsible for disorder." Residents told the Pak newspaper Dawn that announcements were made over public address systems that all Mehmud tribemen should get out of Wana or be killed.

Maulvi Nazir, who forced out hundreds of Uzbecs last year in bloody clashes, blamed al-Qaida/Taliban commander and leader of the rival Mehmud clan, Baitullah Mehsud, for killing the nine tribal elders.

With the public in the north and Waziri tribesmen in the southern autonomous region backing away from the al-Qaida/Taliban axis and joining the Pakistani Army to rid the country of the miscreants, perhaps some form of victory may be not far off.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It's Nuh-VAA-duh, Stupid!

Nevada is holding state caucuses on Saturday, Jan 19th. The Clinton campaign (or not) is sueing the Culinary Worker's Union because they can vote at work while everyone else has to go their home districts. The court's decision could change the outcome in Nevada and perhaps even change the caucus system.

Be that as it may, there is something of far more import - the name of the state. While "Nuh-VAH-duh" is probably much closer to the Spanish pronunciation, the good folk of the Silver State pronounce the second syllable the same as the "A" in "add, sad, bad, mad" - Nuh-VAA-duh.

It's hard, I know, but please, East Coast talking heads, try pronouncing the State name correctly.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Why Not John McCain

photo: John McCain
and the Gang of 14

John McCain, according to many polls is now the most popular, or second most popular, GOP candidate for presidential nomination. There are many reasons, my friends, to neither support, nor vote for John McCain. Mark Levin has a fine listing at NRO that expands on the following:

McCain-Feingold — the most brazen frontal assault on political speech since Buckley v. Valeo.

McCain-Kennedy — the most far-reaching amnesty program in American history.

McCain-Lieberman — the most onerous and intrusive attack on American industry — through reporting, regulating, and taxing authority of greenhouse gases — in American history.

McCain-Kennedy-Edwards — the biggest boon to the trial bar since the tobacco settlement, under the rubric of a patients’ bill of rights.

McCain-Reimportantion of Drugs — a significant blow to pharmaceutical research and development, not to mention consumer safety (this link is to a Guiliani Partners pdf).

McCain-ACLU — the unprecedented granting of due-process rights to unlawful enemy combatants (terrorists).

John McCain also opposed the Bush tax cuts of 2001 and 2003. McCain currently remembers that he only insisted that spending cuts should accompany the tax cuts. McCain was close to a Luddite in his hostility to American enterprise - media, pharmaceutical, technology, and energy. Senator McCain has a selective memory that is fading with age and length of time in the Senate.

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Monday, January 14, 2008

Civil Rights History Democrats Don't Want You to Know

The wife of the "first black president", Hillary Clinton said, "Dr. King's dream began to be realized when President Lyndon Johnson passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It took a president to get it done." Her opponent for the Democrat Party presidential nomination, Barack Obama, the "not black enough" Black American, said he thought Clinton's comments ill-advised, unfortunate, and diminished the accomplishments of Martin Luther King.

They both got it wrong, or at best partially right. Mrs. Clinton left out most of the truth and Mr. Obama doesn't know enough about the Civil Rights Movement to respond factually.

In Washington, D.C., it was southern white Democrats who stood in the way of civil rights legislation. Had it not been for the GOP, LBJ could not possibly have got the Civil Rights Act passed. The popular support that Martin Luther King, a Republican, was able to organize was the absolute key to the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. He and his supporters were harassed, arrested, surveilled, beaten, shot, and killed. King himself was in jail many times. He was ultimately assassinated for his beliefs, teachings, and leadership.

(Can you spot the Republican in the photo?
Hint: the Democrats are wearing uniforms.)

Only 61% of Democrats in the House supported the measure, while 80% of Republicans did. In the Senate, 82% of Republicans voted in favor vs. only 69% of Democrats. Just six GOP senators voted against the act, compared with 21 Democrats.

Democrat Robert Byrd of West Virginia, former "Grand Kleagle" with the Ku Klux Klan and the only senator to have opposed the only two black nominees to the Supreme Court, led a 52-day filibuster against this legislation.

Democratic Sen. Al Gore, father of the former vice president, voted against the act, as did Democratic Sen. J. William Fulbright of Arkansas. Also opposed were Ernest Hollings of South Carolina, Richard Russell of Georgia and, of course, Strom Thurmond of South Carolina, who was a Democrat at the time.

William Jefferson Clinton, as governor of Arkansas, was once sued by the local NAACP for failing to enforce the Voting Rights Act, and issued a proclamation for Confederate Day in Arkansas.

In 2002, Bill Clinton traveled to Fayetteville, Ark., to honor the life of Sen. Fulbright by dedicating a seven-foot-tall bronze statue of the man. In 1956, Fulbright was one of 19 senators who issued a statement entitled the "Southern Manifesto." This document
condemned the 1954 U.S. Supreme Court decision in Brown v. Board of Education.
Throughout the Civil Rights Movement, it was southern white Democrats who beat the Negroes (as they were then known), released attack dogs on the crowds, and held the fire hoses. It was southern white Democrats who raped black women and little girls; it was southern white Democrats who murdered little black boys and lynched black men. It was southern white Democrats who threw bombs into black churches setting them on fire and shooting the survivors as they staggered out. It was southern white Democrats who killed northern voting rights workers and buried them in earthen dams. It was southern white Democrats who blocked the entrances of schools, lunch counters, theaters, and forced blacks to the back of the bus.

It was Democrats, from the end of the Civil War in 1865 to the signing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, who kept Black Americans in less than second class status and kept them from the vote for nearly one hundred years. It was Blacks who won their own freedom. It was Republicans who put up legal barriers to bar Democrats from re-establishing their American apartheid.

Investor's Business Daily
and my own experience of living through the period of the Civil Rights Movement.

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Clinton Machine Sues Las Vegas Culinary Worker's Union

Before the caucuses are caucused, before the votes are voted the Clinton Machine, in the guise of the Nevada state teachers union and six Las Vegas area residents, is suing to stop the at-large caucus voting that will take place in nine LV strip hotels. Ben Smith at Politico has some good links for this story including one to the actual complaint papers.

Last year, the Nevada Democratic Committee voted to establish special voting districts within the hotels because many of the 60,000 strong Culinary Union workers would not be able to take the time off to go to their home districts to caucus. The decision to sue may have nothing to do with the fact that the Culinary Workers Union is the largest union in Nevada and has endorsed Obama while the smaller Teachers Union endorsed Clinton.

Caucusing requires that people stand up in public and cast their vote. In a group dynamic, such as a union, those with weak constitutions, a desire to please, a herd mentality, and simply a need to keep one's union job may cause many members to publicly endorse a candidate they may not otherwise support in private. If all 60,000 CWU members vote as the union has "recommended" Obama automatically gets the lion's share of the Nevada count.

The suit doesn't mention the a priori unfairness of the caucus system, or the intimidation factor when caucuses are orchestrated by large unions with possible ties to organized crime. Nor does the suit say anything about the concepts of "one person, one vote" and secret ballots which many people still hold sacred. Apparently, judging by the number of Democrat caucuses popping up around the country, the Democrat Party does not hold these concepts with anything but disdain.

The lawsuit does not even mention that the at-large caucus districts are really just Union meetings to rubber stamp the leadership, probably because that is also what the teachers union is doing. Rather, it seems to be about sheer numbers. The Culinary Union is bigger than the Teachers Union and a pre-emptive strike might even things out if the hotel workers can't vote. Maybe the suit will even toss the win to Clinton. Nah, that's not it.

It's important to point out and for all to remember, the Clinton campaign has nothing, nothing at all, to do with this lawsuit and denies any knowledge of it nor of the Clinton supporters who have brought suit. Doesn't really matter, though; the Clintonistas would deny everything anyway.

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