Wednesday, December 10, 2008

U.N. - 52, Skeptics - 650

United Nations scientists (oxymoron alert!) said today they have proven "beyond a doubt that global warming is real."

Last year, 52 scientists working for the U.N. declared that Global Warming is a clear and present danger to the existence of life on this planet as we know it. This year, over 650 scientists, some of whom once worked on the U.N. climate research project are saying the global warming theory is hogwash.

In the real world, snow is falling in Houston, Texas. Records dating back to when weather record keeping began in the U.S., 1895 show that snow has fallen this early in Houston only once before - Dec. 10, 1944. Six days later in the Ardennes Forest of France, the Battle of the Bulge began.

Next week here in Southern California, weather guys are predicting a once in 50 year event. Currently, there is a cold air mass (-81 degrees) over Siberia. That cold air mass is headed for California. The higher elevations are being advised of heavy snow fall and lower areas of freezing temperatures.

Speaking of Siberia, since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1990, the number of world weather stations was reduced from 15,000 in 1970 to only 5,000 in 2000. Many of the lost weather stations were in Siberia which hosts some of the coldest spots on Earth, thus skewing the equations in favor of the weather stations still operating in some of the hottest places on Earth.

From the December 1-12 the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change is meeting in Poznan, Poland. The estimated 8,000 people expected to participate, and the 10,657 people who had registered as of Sunday, are estimated to spew about 13,000 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the Earth’s atmosphere adding to the so-called greenhouse effect which the conference is hell bent on reducing by taxing the rest of the world's population. ‘Save the planet! Ban warming summits!’13,000 tons of CO2 released for UN Conference - Andrew Bolt Blog - December 02, 2008.

Now, if that doesn't cheer your day, nothing will.

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Mike's America said...

Just as the Greens are going to collect on their long sought environmental goals the people are finally beginning to realize what a scam it all is.

Sadly, I think we are going to get stuck with the $trillions in taxes and spending the greenies want anyway.

Indigo Red said...

Very sadly, Mike. There is no way to slow down the enviro-juggernaut until it hits an iceberg, which, we're told, are all melting away into oblivion, so good luck with that.