Saturday, December 13, 2008

Still Life with Modern Icons

David Ligare - Still Life with Burgers, Fries and Apple

I have always admired the still life genre. The form has changed little over the centuries and continues to be a staple in art and remains extraordinarily difficult to construct a really good and memorable image. This is one of those.

h/t orangeguru at Ultraorange

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Gayle said...

It certainly has changed over the years, Indigo. I'm no art critic, but that truly does look real. Where's the soft drink?

Indigo Red said...

It was a hot day. The artist drank it.

There are still lifes from three, four hundred years ago the look absolutey real, too.

Mike's America said...

Q: What's wrong with that picture?
A: There's an apple in it.

How many kids have you seen stopping off at the fruit stand after going through the McDonalds Drive Thru?

Indigo Red said...

Good observation, Mike.