Tuesday, December 16, 2008

U.S. Death Map

Of earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, heat, wildfires, or thunderstorms which kills more Americans? Is there a place to live in America that is safer than the rest of the country?

Surprise! There's been a study that now has all the answers.

WASHINGTON, Dec 16 (Reuters) - Heat is more likely to kill an American than an earthquake, and thunderstorms kill more people than hurricanes do, according to a U.S. "death map" published on Tuesday.

Researchers who compiled the county-by-county look at what natural disasters kill Americans said they hope their study will help emergency preparedness officials plan better.

Heat and drought caused 19.6 percent of total deaths from natural hazards, with summer thunderstorms causing 18.8 percent and winter weather causing 18.1 percent, the team at the University of South Carolina found.

Earthquakes, wildfires and hurricanes combined were responsible for fewer than 5 percent of all hazard deaths.

Writing in BioMed Central's International Journal of Health Geographics, they said they hoped to dispel some myths about what the biggest threats to life and limb are.

"According to our results, the answer is heat," Susan Cutter and Kevin Borden of the University of South Carolina wrote in their report, which gathered data from 1970 to 2004.

"I think what most people would think, if you say what is the major cause of death and destruction, they would say hurricanes and earthquakes and flooding," Cutter said in a telephone interview. "They wouldn't say heat."

"What is noteworthy here is that over time, highly destructive, highly publicized, often-catastrophic singular events such as hurricanes and earthquakes are responsible for relatively few deaths when compared to the more frequent, less catastrophic such as heat waves and severe weather," they wrote.

The most dangerous places to live are much of the South, because of the heat risk, the hurricane coasts and the Great Plains states with their severe weather, Cutter said.

The south-central United States is also a dangerous area, with floods and tornadoes.

California is relatively safe, they found.
Imagine that. With earthquakes and wildfires, California is a relatively safe place to live. Now, if we can get rid of the gangs, illegal aliens, high taxes, Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein, and the Democrat majority California will once again be Paradise by the Sea.

More Death Maps.

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Gayle said...

LOL! If you could get rid of the gangs, illegal aliens, high taxes, Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein, and the Democrat majority California, it would indeed be a paradise - except for the frequent wildfires.

California is one of the most beautiful states in this country. It's a shame how people have messed it up. Northern California is especially awesome!

Indigo Red said...

It is in Northern California I grew up. I currently live and work in Southern California.

I would rather be North but for the cold.

dcat said...

Washington state is nice too! Woud be better without the liberals though!

Indigo Red said...

Any place is better without liberals...

dcat said...


Mike H. said...

We.we.we.'re nnoott asaas colldd up h.h.h.h.ee.rr.e.e asaass yyyyyoou aarrreee dddownnn tttthere Innnddiggggo! WWhhyyy wwweee hhhaavvven't bbbbbeen bbblow 3° F aaaallll wwwinttter!

Indigo Red said...

Havin' a heat wave are ya, Mike?

The Griper said...

did you notice that those natural conditions that are more predictable are also the ones seen as most dangerous while the unpredictables are least dangerous?

Indigo Red said...

I did notice that, Griper. An oddity of human behavior. Something to do with situational control, I would guess.