Tuesday, December 02, 2008

India Muslims Refuse Burial to Mumbai Killers

The Muslim Council of India has asked that the bodies of the 9 dead Mumbai killers not receive a proper Islamic burial. "Such demons -- they will not find an inch of land in any Muslim cemetery," Maulana Sayed Moinuddin Ahsraf, secretary of the All-India Sunni Jamiat-ulema, told Reuters.

In the past, Muslim terrorists killed in India have been buried in Indian Muslim cemeteries. Not this time. Muslim leader Syed Noori said,
"Just because you call yourself Musa, Azim or Rehman you don't become a Muslim. These people who carried out such attacks cannot be."

"We have even written to the government conveying our decision. Our Muslim brothers across the country are unanimous about it," he told Reuters.

Asked what could be done with the bodies Noori said: "That's the government's headache."
Muslims are 13% of India's 1.1 billion people, so it's hard to know how unanimous they truly are. But, a sampling of the news comments from the Times of India says something:

Vijay,Pune,says:This is the best gesture the muslims of india has shown as their disassociation, disapproval and even disgust against the terrorists.

nikhil sinha,bangalore,says:The decision taken by the muslim organization is very appropriate and a slap on the face of those people who link terrorism with certain religion and community.

Thameez,Dubai,says:As a Muslim I appreciate this decision. Not to do burial service in India later Pakistanis will make a habit that we Indian Muslims will do the burial service for them.

hemanta,dhule,says:Please donot bury these bodies.I pray to god give them punishment in their coming birth.

Desh,Bangalore,says:Dear Sir/ Madam, Such a strong message from the muslim clerics in India is heartening and is a slap on the face of those political parties that avoid taking action against fundamentalists in the name of vote bank polities which is stinging insult to the majority of the muslim community in India who are true patriots. More and more we will see the community coming under the right leadership and discourage the politics of division and vote en masse for progress. I salute the wonderful gesture and the visible resolve to fight terrorism.

srini waran,Ahmednagar,says:They slain terrorists have forfeited the right to be buried as Muslims for the horror they had unleashed. Allah will never forgive them, for they have grossly violated the tenets of the Holy Quraan. Their bodies should not be buried anywhere, so no mis-guided sympathiser can make that place a place to worship the "Martyred Terrorist". They should be cremated without any publicity, with not a trace of ashes for any one to see. May their souls suffer in oblivion.
Finally, a big step in the right direction from a major Muslim population. Animosity agianst the Muslim community has never had anything to do with hate. Rather, it's about the non-Muslim world's revulsion of the morally repugnant and abhorrent acts of religious lunatics who happen to be Muslims. It is heartening to see evidence from the world's largest democracy and its community of Islam condemn the souls of the homicidal demons.

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Anonymous said...

A ray of hope for a little sanity in our world????? Don

Indigo Red said...

I certainly hope so, Don.