Monday, December 01, 2008

Bill Clinton as NY Senator

Senator Hillary Clinton was named the nominee for Secretary of State in the new Obama administration today. If confirmed by the Senate after January 20,2009, the US Senate seat for New York state currently held by Mrs. Clinton will become vacant. NY governor David Patterson must then appoint a successor.

That successor could very well be former President Bill Clinton. It is very common that the spouse is appointed as the replacement for a vacated seat, usually following the death of the elected spouse. If Bill Clinton is appointed, it would the third time in US history that a former President has entered service in the legislature. John Quincy Adams entered the House of Representatives in 1830 following his term as President and served until his death in 1848. Andrew Johnson was elected Tennessee Senator in 1875 only 7 years after acquittal of impeachment charges, but died a few months later.

President William Howard Taft served from 1909-1913. The heaviest president at 300lbs and the last President with facial hair, was appointed to the US Supreme Court in 1921 where he served as Chief Justice until 1930. He remains the only person to head both the Executive and Judicial branches on government.

Bill Clinton has considerable business dealings around the world that have made him a very rich man post-presidency. Those very business interests could pose an impediment to the appointment of his wife, Hillary, to the State Dept post. By taking the Senate seat, Bill would have to either divest himself of the business interests or place them in a blind trust, thus eliminating any objection to the State Dept job.
Bill would then be the second US President in the Legislature to have beaten impeachment proceedings. And Bill would have nubile Senate aides. That's an offer he couldn't refuse.

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Tom C said...

I think he is in favor of the Pole tax......

Indigo Red said...

I believe you are correct, Tom. As long as there's a girl attached to the pole.

dcat said...

Maybe we can strap Yaser to the pole for him!

You never know! Why I bet he may be into experimentation!

I know lets strap Gregoure to the poll! We can make it a threesome!