Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Third Jihad

This morning, I received a blog comment from a Muslim man, Yaser, who lives in Saudi Arabia. He has been busily commenting on various blogs that the Mumbai Massacre was not an attack by Muslims or Islam but rather an attack by "young guys"..."fanatics who are called "Brainless" terrorist..." Islam is a peaceful religion, he intimates. Whoa, didn't see that coming!

Millions of Muslims live their normal lives, going to work, try to make ends meet so they could raise a normal family and have a peaceful life. I don't know of any person that wants to live with war going around him, everyone loves peace.

But why would these few young "life loving" guys go out of their way come to India and kill 100s of people without cause, reason or single point?

They didn't prove anything, they just killed people for sake of killing.
It's true they just killed people for the sake of killing. That's why it's called terrorism. However it is not true that the Muslim killers "didn't ask question if the person was Hindu or Muslim." Specifically, when the killers had the opportunity to ask, they asked if people were Hindu, Jewish, or Christian. Muslim were let alone to freely go about their business unharmed. The sources are freely available, even in Saudi Arabia. I know because Yaser got to Gateway Pundit and here from Arabia and the links are provided.

As for killing for no reason, the Muslim killers always have a reason. Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, a Muslim American and former physician to the US Congress explains the reason in his documentary "The Third Jihad." I originally saw the doc in a movie theater free of charge when it was first released. This is the 30min. version that is every bit as powerful as the extended film.

For you, Yaser:

The Third Jihad
Yaser went on to say,

So this isn't a community targeted attack, because when Hindus did bomb explosions to kill Muslims they did it beside a mosque and I'm sure the people who are claimed to carry out 9/11 and such and organized attack aren't this stupid to hit random target.
Dr. Jasser makes clear in the documentary that any target, as obscure and as far removed from the central arena as it may seem, is a target of the jihadi if it is infidel. That the Mumbai killers seem to have attacked randomly is misleading. Any Muslim killed by the attackers were (1) innocent and will go directly to Paradise as martyrs, or (2) collaborators working with and befriending infidels and will go to the fires of the Islamic Hell, Jahannum, for their apostasy. It's a win-win for the very convenient religion of peace.

Yaser also makes an odd statement about a personal connection to the massacre. He writes,
" own sister was on CST 30 minutes before the shooting started, if she was 30 minutes late I would be crying for her now."
Why would his sister, a good Muslim girl from the Land of the Two Holy Places, be in polytheistic India and riding a train unaccompanied by a male family member? Could this be taqiyya on the part of Yaser? Simply lying to make himself more sympathetic to his audience would be a very Islamic thing to do. It is called taqiyya, the practice of dissimulation, pretense, and obfuscation - in short, lying. The taqiyya doctrine makes it impossible to believe any Muslim anywhere at any time. That includes not only Yaser and the obvious Muslims of whom suspision is recommended, but unfortunatelly of Dr. Zuhdi Jasser as well. Though I tend to believe Dr. Jasser is a good guy and would trust my life to him.

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