Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Obama Gov't Rife and Replete with Antiques

The One Obama was to be the "fresh faced alternative" to the politics of the past. Throughout the two year presidential campaign, Barry decried the divisive politics of the past, promising change, at least the hope of change. Now that he has bought won the office of president, the ossified faces of the fetid Clinton administration are vivified before our very eyes, nevermind Obama's own words in South Carolina a year ago,
"I am in this race because I don't want to see us spend the next year re-fighting the Washington battles of the 1990s. I don't want this election to be about the past, because if it's about the future, we all win."
Apparently Obama's idea of leaving the past behind is taking a spin in The Wayback Machine, but without the charm of Mr. Peabody and Sherman. The Usurper-elect's
government-in-waiting is rife with officials from the Clinton administration. [John] Podesta was a senior Clinton White House aide, as was Obama's choice for chief of staff, Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill.).

Warren Christopher, who served as President Clinton's first secretary of State and is a partner at the law firm of O'Melveny & Myers in Los Angeles, is heading up the transition for the State Department, and former Sen. Sam Nunn (D-Ga.) is preparing things at the Pentagon.
And let's not forget Joe Biden (or do) as Vice-President who's been in Washington for like...forever. Oh, did you know his Dad was not a blue collar working stiff but an upscale condo real estate dealer? Yep, that's the hardscrabble background Joe is fond of reciting along with recent memories of hanging out in Home Depot parking lots, which is really creepy, and chatting up old fiends in restaurants long defunct.

Voters were afraid of a Bush third term. What they think they're getting is something new and different. Too soon the frost is off the pumpkin and the Carter-Clinton administration will be ensconced in the White House with all the accompanying baggage.


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Anonymous said...

It may be worth pointing out that leading a transition team for an administration, or for State, or for Defense, is not the same thing as being President, Secretary of State, or Secretary of Defense.

None of the people you named are "ensconced in the White House." They are all members of the transition team that will help select the eventual members of the Obama Cabinet and other key posts.

Moreover, in a kind of glass houses way, is it not odd for you to be critical of the idea of recycling old hands from previous Administrations? Or of West Wing inhabitants having prominent fathers?

Last, to point out a factual inaccuracy, Secretary Christopher is not leading the State Department transition. More credible news sources, relying on, you know, the actual press release, are reporting that Tom Donilon is in fact the one handling State transition.

Indigo Red said...

And your point is...?

Indigo Red said...

Oh, I'm sorry. Did you mean the LA Times and the AP are not credible sources anymore?

Anonymous said...

My points were threefold -- and I'm not sure I can articulate them more clearly than I have. Perhaps you might try re-reading my comment? =)

Indigo Red said...

When you choose a name that IDs you from all other Anonymous donars, I might consider rereading. Usually, I unceremoniously delete Anonymous comments. Anonymi tend toward the cowardly and drive-by trolling.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why some arbitrarily chosen moniker makes one's post more read-worthy. But I recognize that more often than not Internet anonymity means pointless trolling.

I just didn't bother to register for a name because I had no intention of becoming a regular here. So "drive-by" is correct; hopefully I have not been cowardly or a troll.

Indigo Red said...


So why not supply a unique moniker as a simple courtesy? How would harm anyone?

The benefit is that the commenter, whom I assume wishes to be taken seriously, is not adjudged a loon before ant word is read.