Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Jesse Jackson stood with over 200,000 people in Chicago's Grant Park Tuesday night. He and they were there were gathered to hear the victory speech of President-elect Barack Obama. After a 300 year history of slavery, brutality, dehumanization, discrimination, and bigotry it was a night of well deserved victory. And to my mind, long overdue.

Jackson explained today that his tears were in remembrance of those Black leaders who did not survive to see this momentous day. But given the particular history of Jesse Jackson who has made an industry of race baiting, racial intimidation, corporate shakedowns, and modern industrial highway robbery I am dubious of his explanation.

The Reverend Jesse Jackson could truly be thinking -
"Damn, I'm proud of this young Black man, Barack Obama."
Or, he could be thinking -
"Damn! I can't blame whitey any longer."
Or, maybe -
"Damn! I'm out of a job!"
There is an outside chance Jackson was thinking all three. Perhaps many more Blacks in the Race Industry were thinking the same. It would be a good thing, I think.

The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.


Anonymous said...

Damn that was supposed to be me.

Indigo Red said...

Very good, Don!

Gayle said...

Probably all three and a lot more stuff we can never guess at.

We lost this because we ran a compromise. As you said on the post I wrote yesterday, McCain has never been a true conservative. We are going to have to learn to stick by our core beliefs, period. I thought if I heard him say he would be willing to reach across the Aisle one more time I would scream!

Anonymous said...

That's right. The base, as you are, has always hated McCain.

That's why he picked Palin. Red meat for the basest of the base.

Arthurstone said...

Always a treat to read the "thoughts'" of a mind reader.

You're going to enjoy the next eight years.

'Conservatives' were born to whine.


Tom C said...

Whine my ass, art! We get up and fight on! Geez, eight years my butt!

Tom C said...

Found this interesting.