Saturday, November 29, 2008

Don't Hate Us, Bro!

In the early wake of the Mumbai massacre, many are trying to make sense of the horrible offense. Many of us have already come to terms with the unconscionable acts of the terrorist few while others continue in their ambivalence, cowering before both evil and righteousness.

I know the terrorists and their actions as evil. So does Scott Simon of NPR Weekend Edition Saturday, November 29, 2008.

Evil In Mumbai
by Scott Simon

I get increasingly uncomfortable with the convention of journalism that requires us to say that so far, we don't know the motives of the people who carried out this week's attacks in Mumbai.

A word like "motive" seems to imply there was reason or purpose. It suggests that, however profane their actions, the terrorists had the incentive of some goal in mind.

But after covering too many killings, as a reporter or host, in Bosnia, Kosovo, Oklahoma City or Somalia, I've come to the conclusion that the perpetrators of such crimes might just be ... evil.

Evil is a word that many people of my generation shrink from using. It seems so imprecise and uneducated — biblical, rather than cerebral and informed.

But there are times and crimes that remind me how often the Bible gets it right.

At some point, someone might record a statement, credited to some group, claiming responsibility for the killings in Mumbai, and send it out to the world. At some point, someone might write some kind of screed, display his education by calling it a manifesto that gets quoted by the best news organizations, including our own.

Terrorists may rationalize their actions with political rhetoric. They may band together, train together, and, ultimately, die together, and thereby give each other the strength and reassurance to believe that they are not alone. Other people share their convictions and help shoulder their actions. So how can they be crazy, much less evil?

But Romeo Dallaire, the courageous Canadian general who tried to stop massacres in Rwanda, once told us that evil men and women see no innocents in the world. They will slaughter mothers without conscience and their children, too, because mothers give birth to children who can grow up to be their opponents.

Evil people are not dumb, he said. They simply use the power of their mind to cut off their conscience.

The people killed this week in Mumbai were not collateral damage, which has become an ugly enough term, but the very objects of damage: human beings who became the targets of a murder spree, however terrorists and apologists may ultimately embroider the assault with supposed political significance. Americans, Britons, Israelis, Indians and Jews seemed to be the particular targets. But those who died were from all over the world and at all stages of life: married couples, religious pilgrims, old people and young people, a father and his young daughter who were learning about meditation.

As investigations and analysis continue over the next few weeks, it may be good to refresh ourselves with the memory of their worthy lives.
Simon speculates that someone at some time will release a statement claiming responsibility and rationalizing their barbarous acts. That has already happened. The script is well known to terrorist and terrorized alike.

During the massacre of innocents, one of the gangsters telephoned the India TV channel from the Trident Hotel Thursday. He said the Deccan Mujahedeen was responsible for the attacks and wanted the persecution of Indian Muslims to end.

Holed up inside the hotel, surrounded by Indian Commandos, and after killing scores of innocent people indiscriminately because discrimination is wrong, he told ITV,

"Muslims in India should not be persecuted. We love this as our country but when our mothers and sisters were being killed, where was everybody?"
(His accusation is not without merit. Google search: hindus rape muslim women india. The facts of the recent historical past in no way justifies the wanton killing in Mumbai or absolve Islam and Muslims from the ten centuries of abuse of Hindus by Muslims.)

Gateway Pundit puts it simply -

Mumbai Muslim Terrorists Tell Media: "Stop Hating Us"
Excuse me?
You just shot up the train station, drove through town and shot up people at bus stops, blew up bombs in hotels and restaurants, took hostages and killed 150 innocent people and you are asking people to "stop hating us?"
That's insane.
It is insane. It is not one world and some parts are less sane than others.

The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.


dcat said...

Security system must have been lax! Let us hope this won't happen here!!!

F-up religion of THUGS!!!

dcat said...

I also forgot to mention I do work with Indians from there and they are Hindu, and Sikh I have been at my job for 30 years and back in the “80’s” they had trouble with the Muslims! “They are always causing trouble!” Is what they would say!

NOW I’m saying IT TOO!!! THE SICK BAY OF PIGS need to be taken out NOW!

dcat said...

Oh I left out Christian too!

Yaser said...

I frankly don't care if someone loves me personally or hate me.

But people of other faith that are shouting their lungs out to hate Muslims don't realize simplest of things, that bullets that came out of these terrorist guns didn't ask question if the person was Hindu or Muslim.

So these are fanatics who are called "Brainless" terrorist, if you hate other Muslims who hasn't done anything wrong, then you're no better than those "Brainless" terrorist.

Millions of Muslims live their normal lives, going to work, try to make ends meet so they could raise a normal family and have a peaceful life. I don't know of any person that wants to live with war going around him, everyone loves peace.

But why would these few young "life loving" guys go out of their way come to India and kill 100s of people without cause, reason or single point?

They didn't prove anything, they just killed people for sake of killing.

Anger? Is it anger against something or someone that drives them?

Anger could be the reason, but there is a problem with this theory. If the person wants to take revenge for Muslims killed around India for some reason and he plans to take revenge he would target Hindu targets, like temples, select Hindu festival times and dates so he could do maximum damage to that particular targeted community, he wouldn't kill randomly on a random day where he can't even make a point as he doesn't know who's he shooting at and there are many Muslim families who are crying their dead, my own sister was on CST 30 minutes before the shooting started, if she was 30 minutes late I would be crying for her now.

She is a Muslim and I'm sure they wouldn't have asked her name and ID before they shoot her.

So this isn't a community targeted attack, because when Hindus did bomb explosions to kill Muslims they did it beside a mosque and I'm sure the people who are claimed to carry out 9/11 and such and organized attack aren't this stupid to hit random target.

It could be attack against India as Indians, possible. But problem is why Al Qaida would want to attack India if they could do same in USA? Maybe they want India to get involved into war on terror? Now as if they don't have their hands full by Americans and Brits raping them in Afghanistan so they'd want to get India involved as well, doesn't compute.

But US would love to get out now that they have a new president who wants to get out of these bad situation, their economy really needs to be fixed and they can't afford paying for war anymore.

But these terrorist "threat" has to be kept alive, they tried with Pakistan, but Pakistan is a weak country and can't do much. It'll be great to get India involved, its 4th Economic Power, its a powerful country with big army.

They'll keep the Terrorist "threat" alive, thus giving America free hand to attack any country as they feel like.

Or maybe not.

Brainwashing, special mind control drugs? How it works and goes about I don't know, but any sane person no matter of what religion will not kill himself and go on a suicide mission with no point to make.

Think over it.

dcat said...




For the record I don't trust any religion right now! MAN has gone NUTS!


Especially Yasar Siad for killing his two beautiful girls in an “HONOR” killing!!!


dcat said...

I know I won’t be the only one trusting muzzies or arabs any time soon!!!

Indigo Red said...

Thank you, Yaser, and I'm glad your sister is safe.

But you are wrong that people of any given religion will not kill themselves and others for no point. Islam gives no assured way to Paradise other than killing. Martyrs (a Christian word) go directly to Paradise, no matter the previous pre-determined destiny set by the moon god.

Islam itself is the problem. With its tenets of lying to infidels, women, and authorities to get out of trouble or to hide one's true motives while knowing the truth in one's heart makes it impossible to trust any Muslim.

I'm sorry, Yaser. Your religion is evil from the very start. It was invented from whole cloth by a man who was a thief, thug, child molester, liar, coward, murderer, and con-man who saw things and heard voices that were not real. It's a religion of lies, science from the lunatic fringe, and anything but peaceful. There is no religion in the entire history of this planet that has and continues to spill as much blood to get to heaven as this religion, Islam - the cult of Mohammad.

Yaser said...

Dcat I don't know your faith, because you're too scared to put your real name, all I see is a hater with no real say.

You wanna know about "Sati"? Or maybe those millions of Indian Hindu girls who were put to death just because they had no options and were born girls? Or put to death in their mothers womb just because they were girls?

Difference between you and me is simple, you don't know about your religion or my religion, you are just a pure hater just like those terrorists.

I know Hinduism doesn't call for Sati, its not in any of your books, not the oldest Vedas and Upanishads nor in new ones that includes Ramayan and Bhagavat Gita. These are Hindus who made up a system that forces them to kill their girls so they don't have to pay dawory etc.

Reason being I know what Hinduism is, its not what people follow Hinduism is a true religion not what masses follow and do.

Similarly, Islam is not what Muslims follow especially not some low life cave dwelling people like Ossama Binladin and his gang.

Now for your condition, you do not trust religion because you really don't know about any religion, you only see people, people are not religion.

Religion means rules and guidelines that God sent for people to follow. If people do not follow those and do wrong and still attach themselves to that religion no one in the world could change that. Ossama Binlandin is banned to enter Saudi Arabia, though he was a Saudi Citizen, not because he is a terrorist alone, this is because of his wrong ideology of religion, if you read about him he just doesn't twist words, he make his own words.

These are people who you see as following religion of Islam, you do not see those people of red crescent who go and help people. You do not see 100s of charity organizations who work to save human lives everywhere in the world. You only see fanatics because this is what appeals to you, you're no different from them, hate begets hate.

In early years of Christianity, Christians were seen as threat by Rome who declared them as terrorist and killed and kicked out in millions the follower of Christianity till Constantine.

In Europe Jews were prosecuted because they were richer, they were killed and forced to flee their land in "Inquisition", they were tagged as terrorists.

Tagging a community terrorist is as bad as being terrorists, they spread hate and you're spreading hate, in attack in Mumbai its not Hindus who lost their lives alone, Muslims were killed too, this is an attack on Indians not Hindus and yet if you're stupid enough to break the society then there would never be peace anywhere, you'll kill Muslims, they can't do much in India other than die and terrorist will take advantage and do more damage to Indians.

As for Indigo...

Again you hate a religion for what its "few" followers do. I'm sure you haven't read Quran, you just say because you hate.

First off if only way to go to heaven in Islam was to "kill" either there wouldn't be any Muslim in the world or no other religion, if Islam needed to kill any non Muslim for no reason then don't forget the Moghals were Muslims and they didn't wipe Hindus off the land, they could have to go to heaven.

Let me give you a verse from Quran about going to heaven.

2:277 Those who believe and do deeds of righteousness and establish regular prayers and regular charity will have their reward with their Lord: on them shall be no fear nor shall they grieve.

2:62 Those who believe (in God) and those who follow the Jewish (Scriptures) and the Christians and the Sabians and who believe in God and the last day and work righteousness shall have their reward with their Lord; on them shall be no fear nor shall they grieve.

I do not know of verses that you have that says "Islam gives no assured way to Paradise other than killing" could you post me a verse for this please?

As far as calling my prophet names just because some people who claim to be his followers do wrong its like calling a teachers names just because some bad people claim to be his followers.

I'm not going to go on and defend prophet Mohammad because what you say to him is between you and him nothing to do with me.

Now if you really just want to hate its your choice, no one in the world could change your view, but if you really want to know Pick up each religious book and read it and then you make your decision of what these book says.

And yes I'm Indian Muslim and I'm proud to be India and haters like people in this blog can't change that, I've only done good for India and thus I expect same in return, I do not hate people just because of their faith, I have many friends of lots of different faiths and I love my friends.

My best friend in my school days was a Hindu (Sanjay Ramakrishan), My best friend during College was a christian (Gaven Noven), my best friend today is a Muslim because of those these 2 guys moved to a different location. I disliked lots of people in my life but not because they were of any faith its just because what they do.

Do not hate people just because you assume their religion says certain thing, either read about their religion or don't hate at all. Do you think my blood doesn't boil to see so many Indians dead in Mumbai, Terrorist didn't care who they killed or hurt so this is exactly what you're doing, you don't care who you're hurting.

I hope that either you understand me or some day God shows you the way, my job as a human being is to show you what's right and whats wrong I can't walk you the path.

Jai Hind

Indigo Red said...


Nice preaching.

What happened to, "I frankly don't care if someone loves me personally or hate me."?

Methinks you were not telling the truth.

As for the preaching from the quran - that rag is only fit for cleaning one's ass.

GreenieMax said...

Again as I see you are full of hate about things you don't even know, then I see you are not even Indian. So it's not your problem to talk about what's going on in India, you don't know the culture or the place or people.

It's best that you don't spread hate, simply because you don't know anything and if you do you are a terrorist yourself.

dcat said...


dcat said...

Indigo it looks like it is doing the same song and dance!



Yaser said...

True Dcat its not my business to know what your religion, problem is you don't have one.

Being a part of religion doesn't mean you carry a name of that religion, you really have to know about it and as its clear you don't know anything about any religion you don't have a religion.

Another thing you're missing like most of Americans is "common sense", you people are seriously blind.

All you're doing most of you is shouting, does shouting prove anything? In logical sense surely not but it does work for United States of America. Before 9/11 Muslims doing suicide attacks were unheard of, all of a sudden Muslims change their attitude and started doing suicide bombing and killing.

When Sadam Husain a dictator was ruling the country of Iraq, people of Iraq never thought about suicide bombing, well what will dictator do, kill them? So they are going to kill themselves who could stop them?

But as soon as good Americans bring message of Peace, freedom and democracy stepped into Iraq, Iraqi people became terrorist Muslims they are suppose to be and started bombing each other, amazing isn't it?

If Muslims want to do a terror attack on Indian (Hindu), I don't think any sane person with motive will go shooting in street, he would target the place where he'll find maximum Hindu, not maximum Muslim like Taj as most of the workers of Taj are (were) Muslims.

I know you people are sitting on the other side of the world barking your minds out, but that's exactly my point, you don't even use common sense.

Your government is fake, no no I don't mean that its lying, Bush never lied and I'm not being sarcastic here, really Bush never lied he just said what CIA told him to say. If you could have people like Sarah Palin and George W. Bush in your administration as your leaders, I'm amazed how stupid your nation could be. Yet with so many stupid people you manage to rule the world thanks to your underground terrorist organization called CIA.

They do everything possible to cause terror around the world and pin it on Muslims, how?

Now this might seem like too much for small brain of your dcat but in 1951 CIA started with operations to produce drugs with which they could control mind of people. We know American economy is dying, you produce nothing that could support your "Way of life" thus you need to make money, No one wants American cars other than stupid Arabs, you don't have single Electronic factory that exports anything, you need to buy huge amount of oil from Middle east thus you're left with Huge amount of dollar out of your country to which country like India or China could demand gold in return, which you do not have as your government (real on) CIA to be exact has printed more paper money then your GDP.

War brings US money, problem is going to war against poor country like Afghanistan and Iraq didn't work out as your losses were hardly any, maximum losses means maximum production in your arms factories, i.e. more jobs for Americans i.e. your way of life. Thus American way of life is based on war, if you don't have war you'll not make money.

Thus CIA used Muslims, drugged them and programmed them to take out twin towers so they could declare war on Afghanistan, they came up with fake concept like Al-Qaida and Ossama Binladin who doesn't even exist anymore because he probably died long a go as he was suffering from high blood sugar problem and needed frequent dialysis to stay alive, in country like India which has much better medical facility compared to a "terrorist camp" in Afghanistan people don't make it as dialysis isn't an easy process.

Yet amazingly this Ossama Binlandin is alive in mountains of Afghanistan hiding from all the American forces with a large dialysis machine attached to him, this guy is either very lucky, dead or God, you choose.

I'm not a genius to figure this out every country in the world knows this, they can't say anything because they can't do anything about it. India knows it wasn't LeT (which doesn't even exist) it was US and their brain programmed killers who carried out these attacks, reason for these attacks is simple, coming from sea? Why from sea?

India has 2/3 of its border with sea and very poor defense on it, when it comes to types of systems used. People demanding that we need better protecting means India will have to buy coastal defense system from someone, who will be that someone? Of course US of A, so whatever USD India has in its reserved will be sent back to USA and here come democrats to save the day.

Your democracy is meaningless, you have no government because its puppet of CIA, they tell your government what to do, they make people win or lose as they like, you people are blind and fools who cannot see any reasoning.

If you have a little bit of microscopic amount of brain in your head tell me what Muslims gain out of killing each other in Iraq when they didn't do it before? If everything is peaceful in Iraq, question would be "why Americans are still in Iraq"? They'll have to go out and control of oil has to be given up, which will be so sad as you poor Americans will not get to steal oil anymore, so all you have to do is get these Iraqis to take your drug or whatever new version of Mind control you have go and explode themselves so Americans have to stay to "protect" people.

And of course why stupid Americans have to understand it, its ok if few hundred thousand Muslims die because they are terrorist (when they never had history of being terrorist before), so you could drink their blood.

Get a brain...

dcat said...

I see yaser the wind bag came back!


How dense can one get!

You dumb ass you don't know anything! That is why you try to wiggle in! It WON'T work in our COUNTRY!

dcat said...

I like what you said at my place Indigo :+:

We are so RIGHT!

dcat said...

The dip yaser has no idea!

Indigo Red said...

I'm sure you're right about Yaser having no idea. I started reading the diatribe, but stopped after a sentence or two as it just wasn't worth the brain cell energy to finish.

Yaser said...

"Just wasn't worth the brain cell energy"

Of course if you're short on brain cell energy you shouldn't bother with it, but again so you haven't read anything, you don't know anything, logic is missing, not a single statement in your defense still you yap and cry.

Face it America is the world terrorist, 9/11 didn't help any Muslim, it just hurt the Muslims, do you think Muslims would keep doing things it'll hurt themselves?

I don't know you people with limited amount of brain cell energy but no, it doesn't help Muslims, it just hurt Muslims more and more, over 100,000 dead in Afghanistan, over 250,000 dead in Iraq, yes and we're so stupid that we'll go on doing this?

Its USA, your country is built on millions of Dead Native Americans, your countries establishment was "stealing from others" (Native Americans), every time you go on war with another country you gain.

Now if I am wrong America will not offer India, Naval and Air Defense systems, if I'm right next deal between India and US of A will be for these defense systems.

Who lost? India muslims over 140 killed in attacks on Mumbai and lost their jobs, creditability, who gained? American people, more jobs in defense department, India will be in trade deficit against America, which is currently the other way around.

Or maybe I'm just throwing my big ideas and words at people who have "limited supply of brain energy".

So I guess its not just stupid president and candidate for vice president, its your whole country full of Sarah Palin and George W. Bush.

Best of luck be ruled by CIA, cast your votes which aren't even counted.

dcat said...

I read it all.

Oh and he cares otherwise why would he keep showing his ugly hide here!

You know that this idle minded yaser is really cracking me up!

Looks to me he doesn’t care for our top notch security! Don’t tell him any info!

Talk about a spook and a phiser! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Oh and funny you should mention Koran Toilet Tissue Indigo! I see that they are using Koran toilet Tissue this Christmas for gag gifts in stockings!

Oh and going down south it was in several stalls at the rest stops! Someone is actually making them and putting them in public restrooms! LOL

dcat said...

Oh and they are pissed that Obama won! They love and thrive on turmoil! ;)

He may be pres. however still lim.!


Indigo Red said...

Wow! Koran Toilet Tissue is real? I did not know that.

dcat said...

I'll just have to send you some then!

Merry Christmas Indigo :+:

Indigo Red said...

That would be real handy since Yaser thinks I'm full of s**t.

Merry Christmas DCAT

dcat said...

Yeah well he is the one that took it hook line and sinker! The koran that is BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!