Saturday, November 08, 2008

Diatha Harris Says John McCain at Fault

Mush as Flip Wilson's Geraldine Jones blamed her behavior on the Devil, the Leftist teacher, Diatha D. Harris, is now explaining away her rude, crude, and contemptible behavior toward her McCain supporting fifth grade math students by blaming John McCain and his supporters.

A Swedish documentary film crew caught Harris exclaiming "Ohhh, Jesus" when a few of the fifth graders declared their support for John McCain. In a late Thursday interview, Harris said the clip had been "doctored" and blamed the whole brouhaha on disgruntled McCain supporters unhappy by their loss. She claimed in the interview that somebody had edited out the gestures she made when students expressed Obama support which she claims makes her appear to be an Obama partisan. Harris said, "It has been doctored. They didn’t show anything about Obama." Near the end of the video, Harris is shown at a school rally wearing an Obama button. Nope, not partisan at all.

The Fayetteville Observer reports -

Harris said she received no complaints about the political nature of the classroom dialogue until a reporter called her Thursday night. She blamed the controversy on McCain supporters still smarting from their defeat this week.

"If John McCain had won, nothing would be said about this video, doctored or undoctored," said Harris, who is a registered Democrat.

Harris said said she normally wouldn’t discuss politics in a math class, but the TV crew asked her to engage the children in the political dialogue. The teacher said she knew the crew members from an award-winning documentary that they did on American politics in 1992. In that production, Harris said she is featured because she hosted former President George H.W. Bush and his wife for lunch at her home, which was then in Asheville.
The Finnish blog, Tundra Tabloids, was the first to make the video public and they have much more coverage.


Rebekah Sanderlin, the Fayetteville Observer Operation Marriage blogger has posted today "This is appalling". The comments are overwhelmingly that Harris was very wrong in her actions, that she is a politically aware person having hosted GHW Bush a few years ago, she knew full well what she was saying and the harm it could do to the little girl, and the teacher should be dismissed immediately.

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dcat said...

Hey Indigo,
It is going to be great having the war here! Maybe they can hit that teachers house first to see what she would do!

We would be seeing her liberal ass in a burka!

Mike's America said...

Are there disgruntled McCain supporters in Finland?

Indigo Red said...

Must be, Mike. Maybe we should have opened our membership to foreigners like the Dems did.